Rosa Khutor in winter: rest, entertainment, what to do

Rosa Khutor is a year-round mountain resort, which is the most famous and considered respectable in Russia.

Rosa Khutor is located in the village of Esto-Sadok (Krasnaya Polyana) in the Adler district of Sochi, on the slopes (north and south) of the Aibga ridge.

According to the infrastructure, Rosa Khutor is a separate ski and year-round family resort with everything you need, both for skiing and snowboarding, and for recreation without skiing.

More information about the Rosa Khutor mountain resort in the summer season-recreation, entertainment and what to do can be found here →

In winter, Rosa Khutor offers viewing platforms and observation points, ski slopes and lifts, areas for walking and recreation, various services, as well as entertainment and museums.

Skiing on Rosa Khutor

The most popular entertainment and sport on Rosa Khutor in winter is skiing.

All conditions are provided for skiers and snowboarders at the resort. At various heights there are ticket offices, luggage storage, medical centers, cafes and restaurants, instructor services and ski equipment rental.

The total length of the ski slopes on Rosa Khutor is 102 kilometers, with a height difference of 1569 meters on the slopes.

Rosa Khutor has trails of all levels of difficulty, starting from easy (green) and ending with very difficult (black) trails, including Olympic descents. There are also educational and children's slopes, snow parks and trails with artificial lighting, suitable for evening skiing.

To ensure comfortable access of guests to various heights and routes, Rosa Khutor has 30 lifts: gondola (closed cabins with seats for up to 8 people), high-speed chairlift, chairlift, towbar and conveyor (escalators).

There are ski passes from midday and evening to multi-day and seasonal. Learn more about trails, ski areas, routes, lifts and ski passes on Rosa Khutor…

Winter entertainment and services on Rosa Khutor

You can have a great time on Rosa Khutor in winter, even if you are not a fan of skiing or snowboarding.

For winter holidays, the Rosa Khutor resort can be divided into 6 zones, in which all the amenities are concentrated:

- Rosa Dolina

- Olympic Mountain Village (Rosa Plato)

- Rosa Stadium

- Arbor station

-Roza-1600 transfer station

- the most famous height of the resort is Rosa Peak 2320 meters above sea level.

Rosa Dolina

Rosa Dolina is the lowest level of the Rosa Khutor resort, located in the village of Esto-Sadok at an altitude of 550-560 meters above sea level.

Unlike all other heights of Rosa Khutor, you can easily get to Rosa Dolina by public transport (buses, electric trains) - there are public bus stops and the Rosa Khutor railway station in Rosa Dolina. Also in the Rosa Valley is the lower station of the cable cars of the Rosa Khutor resort, from where the gondola cable cars "Olympia", "Reserved Forest" and "Caucasian Express" can be climbed to various heights located on the Aibga ridge: Rosa Plateau (Mountain Olympic Village), the station "Gazebo", the height of "Rosa-1600" and Rosa Peak.

Rosa Dolina is spread out in a mountain gorge on both banks of the Mzymta River on a plot of just over 2 kilometers: from the lower station of the cable cars of the Gazprom mining and tourist center of the Alpika slope to the My Russia ethnopark.

In the Rosa Valley, along the Mzymta River, there are beautiful and well-equipped embankments of the river, which is crossed by several bridges. Along the banks of the river there are bright buildings that contain: shops and salons, cafes and restaurants, hotels and apartments, there is also a casino, an ice rink, go-karts, playgrounds, a sauna complex, a health trail and museums.

In winter, the following activities are available in Rosa Dolina:

- an indoor cartodrome with a 250-meter-long track with a surface made of polished concrete. Up to 6 cards can be on the track at the same time.

For the convenience of guests, there is a covered parking in the building, and a recreation area with a children's corner, sofas, tables and a minibar (coffee, tea) is located on the cartodrome.

The address of the cartodrome: embankment Polyanka, 3. The cost of 10 minutes of skiing from 800-1200 rubles (1 check-in).

Karting club website: kartingclub;

- Finnish sauna with relaxation area, located on the 2nd floor of the 3-star Azimut Freestyle Rosa KhutorHotel .

From 7:00 to 14:00 hours, access to the Finnish sauna is free for hotel guests. Paid sauna rental is possible from 15: 00 to 23: 00.

Hotel address: embankment Polyanka, 4;

- Boomerang Club-Casino is a modern casino of a democratic format, offering players a complex of 204 slot machines, 20 tables for playing American roulette and card games, a poker club, regular draws and three-level jackpots.

In the evenings, dance shows are held in the casino hall.

Minimum bets in Boomerang: from 20 kopecks on slot machines, from 0.5 USD on roulette, from 5 USD at card tables.

Casino address: 1 Lavanda Embankment.

Casino website: casinoboomerang;

- indoor skating rink "Penguin" with an arena for figure skating, playing hockey and just having fun skating on ice.

There are instructors working on Katya. The skating rink is equipped with heated dryers.

Skates from the 25th size are available at the rental.

The cost of going to the ice rink and renting skates for 2 hours starts from 650 rubles.

The address of the skating rink: Lavanda embankment, 2;

- crossbow and archer shootingrange, where you can shoot with a real bow or crossbow. In the arsenal of the shooting range there is a choice of shells for children, women and men. Those guests who are confident in their abilities, if they wish, can take part in the prize shooting.

The cost starts from 400 rubles.

Shooting gallery address: Lavender Embankment 2, second floor;

- Wellness center of the 4-star Mercure Rosa Khutor hotel is available for everyone.

In the Wellness center: swimming pool, fitness center, hammam, steam bath;

- Rosa Square is the main square of the Rosa Khutor mountain resort.

Holidays, festivals and other mass events are held on the square, and a Christmas tree is installed on the eve of the New Year and Christmas.

Rosa Square is sometimes called the Town Hall Square, because the central place on the square is occupied by the Town hall, which is known as the Rosa Khutor Town Hall and is one of the symbols not only of the Rosa Khutor resort, but also of the Esto-Sadka.

The town hall building is decorated with a high clock tower, which is known as the "Town Hall" tower and is stylized as the tower of the Sochi railway station.

The address of the town Hall: Rosa Square, 2, Esto-Sadok. More about Rosa Square…

- Romanov Bridge over the Mzymta River, located near Rosa Square.

A walking "steam-stove" runs from the bridge, which takes guests along the Rosa Dolina embankment (a circle of about 2 kilometers). Cost: 200 rubles per person per circle;

- on the west side of the town hall, in a bright building with a stage, there are: the Museum of Archeology on Rosa Khutor, a restaurant and the art studio "Tsvetnye Gory", where master classes in painting are held.

The Museum of Archeology on Rosa Khutor is an interactive archaeological museum, the exposition of which includes materials collected during archaeological surveys in the area of construction of Olympic facilities on the territory of Rosa Khutor in 2010-2014.

The address of the museum: 1 Rosa Square, Esto-Sadok. More about the Museum of Archeology…

-on Rosa Square, 1 (4th floor) there is a yoga center "GARUDA YOGA", dedicated to yoga, the art of movement, physical and mental health, as well as integral (complex) improvement of the spirit, personality and body. Classes are held daily-both in the studio and on the outdoor areas of the Rosa Khutor resort;

- the panoramic terrace of the 5-star Radisson Rosa KhutorHotel, located on the roof and divided into two zones: a SPA with two warm Jacuzzis and an outdoor bar serving author's snacks, a variety of seasonal offers and author's cocktails. The terrace is available to everyone. Admission starts from 4,000 rubles.

The hotel also has a spa center "Pyramid Health Club & Spa". Entrance from 4,000 rubles;

- The "Health Trail", which originates behind the Radisson Hotel and runs along a mountainous slope. The trail has three rings of different levels of difficulty and length with a climb from 580 to 732 meters above sea level.

The route has 919 steps, crosses 13 mountain streams, 2 waterfalls.

The total length of the route is 4.4 kilometers (small ring - 490 meters, medium - 1,700 meters, large-2,200 meters).

The average duration of the route is 2 hours. Admission is free( free of charge); with a tour guide-from 450 rubles;

- Rosa Hall (RosaHall) is a multifunctional concert complex, which is a modern venue equipped with advanced equipment and meets international standards.

Every year, Rosa Hall hosts more than two hundred different events, including concerts and shows, dance festivals, exhibitions, theater productions, as well as film screenings, gala dinners, seminars and conferences.

Address Rose Hall: Lavender embankment, 6 p. 1. More about Rose Hall…

- SPA-bath complex "ESPAS", combining the bath traditions of the peoples of the world and where various bath programs are provided.

Address: Lavanda embankment, 9. The cost starts from 3,000 rubles.

Website of the bath complex: espaspolyana;

- ethnopark "My Russia", which is an entertaining and informative space where various regions of Russia are represented in miniature: the Caucasus, Suzdal-Central Russia, Krasnodar Krai, Moscow, the Russian North, St. Petersburg, Kazan, the Urals, Siberia and Buryatia.

Inside the buildings of the park there are compositions and exhibitions, some of which are replaced from time to time.

Also on the territory of the ethnopark there are cafes and restaurants, there are souvenir shops, a shopping gallery, some attractions and hotels.

The address of the ethnoparkis: Lavanda Embankment, 9. Learn more about the "My Russia"Ethnopark…

A special place in the Rosa Valley is occupied by the lower station of the Rosa Khutor cable cars, located on Mzymta Square.

From the station, ascents to the slopes of the Rosa Khutor resort begin.

Ascents from the station are possible on the gondola cable cars "Olympia" and "Strela".

The Olympia cable car lifts guests to the "Rosa Plato" (Mountain Olympic Village) at an altitude of 1170 meters above sea level and is accessible by ski passes and year-round by walking tickets.

The Strela cable car lifts guests to the Rosa-1600 mark at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. This cable car is available to guests via a ski pass. Learn more about the lower station of the Rosa Khutor cable cars…

From the lower station of the cable cars, guests can climb to Rosa Peak using walking tickets (visiting the resort without riding). Variations of walking tickets may vary. For example, the route "Way to the Peaks" is an ascent to Rosa Peak, which includes an ascent on three cable cars: Olympia, the Reserved Forest and the Caucasian Express, with access at the stations Mountain Olympic Village, Gazebo, Rosa-1600 and Rosa Peak. More about Rosa Dolina…

Olympic Mountain Village (Rosa Plato)

Gorna Olympic Village (abbreviated YEAR) is the most extensive, visited and one of the most interesting stations for walking and recreation in the Rosa Khutor resort.

It is located on the plateau of the Aibga ridge, at an altitude of 1100 - 1170 meters above sea level.

There are many restaurants and cafes, there are pubs, a residential area, ski areas and places for walking, children's playgrounds, as well as observation decks, entertainment and various services are provided. There is an information center, ticket offices, toilets and a medical center.

Observation deck

There are many observation points on the Rosa Plateau, the most popular of which and with voluminous picturesque views of mountain peaks is the observation deck located near the Rosa Shelter building.

Alpine sledge (Toboggan)

In the winter season, when there is enough snow, you can take a Toboggan ride on Rosa Khutor in the evening - this is the oldest type of sleigh that became widespread at the end of the 19th century. The Canadian Indians once used a toboggan to transport goods and people, and today you can have fun on this sledge down the slope of the Rosa Khutor resort.

The sled rental point is located in the Mountain Olympic Village in the building "Rosa Priyut". To rent a sleigh, you must pay for the service at the ticket office of the Rosa Shelter building, fill out an application and present an identity document (passport, driver's license). Then take a sled and a protective helmet.

The start of the toboggan run is located at the "Gazebo" mark at an altitude of 1350 meters above sea level, a few minutes ' walk from the Reserved Forest cable car station, next to the Yeti cafe. The length of the route is 2 kilometers, and the height difference is 180 meters.

Alpine sledding is available for adults and children over 10 years old on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 17: 45 to 19: 30 hours.

The tariff for using the sled and helmet includes 45 minutes of skiing, during which you can have time to make two descents on the sled. An additional fee is charged for each subsequent 15 minutes.

At the end of the ride, you must return the sled and helmet to the rental point in the Rosa Shelter building.

We recommend checking all the rates for the use of sledges and, if necessary, the cable cars "Reserved Forest" and "Olympia", as well as the days and times of skiing, before visiting the Rosa Khutor resort website, since prices and hours of skiing often change (the site is listed at the end of this article).

Winter tubing

In the Mountain Olympic Village, near the children's educational slope and the Grusha restaurant, there is a winter tubing, which has a specially prepared track with a length of 300 meters, along which you can roll on a "cheesecake".

The tubing track is equipped with a rope lift.

Adults and children with a height of 1 meter and a weight of up to 80 kilograms are allowed to descend (the weight limit depends on the weather conditions and the condition of the track on the day of the visit). Children under the age of 14 are allowed to tubing only accompanied by their parents (parents may not ride themselves, but they must be present).

Cost: 4 descents - 900 rubles. It includes the use of a lift, rental of tubes and a helmet. Children under the age of 18 can only be on the tubing track wearing a helmet. The deposit for the helmet for the time of riding is 1000 rubles. Tickets can be purchased directly at the ticket office of the tubing.

The tubing is open daily from 10: 00 to 22: 00 during the winter season.


Rodelban is a year-round entertainment (open in summer and winter), during which you can enjoy panoramic views.

The two-seat rodelban sled (you can ride both together and one at a time) is equipped with a manual brake, speed and approach control, and automatic lifting to the starting point. The rail track has 3 rings-turns, and the sled slides along the rails at a speed of up to 40 km / h.

Guests are allowed on the rodelban: height from 135 centimeters, the weight of both passengers on the same sleigh is not more than 150 kilograms, older than 5 years (from 5 to 18 years only in the same sleigh with an adult).

Rodelban is located behind the building "Shelter of the Winds".

Tickets can be purchased both on the spot - at the ticket office directly near the rodelban, and in advance online on the official website of the Rosa Khutor resort. Tickets online are cheaper (they were 200 rubles).

Husky Farm

The main park "Husky Farm" is located near the Upper lake "Rosa Stadium", at an altitude of 1050 meters above sea level. Also on the territory of the stadium are: A deer farm and an ethno-farm "Shishin Dvor".

In the Mountain Olympic Village, near the building "Shelter of the Winds", there is a guest location of Husky Farm, where several Siberian huskies and Alaskan malamutes live and you can go to them for 20 minutes for a fee: 500 rubles for an adult ticket, 300 rubles for children, children under 5 years old - free of charge accompanied by an adult. Tickets are purchased here.

Helicopter rides

Helicopter rides are available from the Mountain Olympic Village on the Bell-407 helicopter-one of the most modern aircraft of this class, combining the latest technologies, safety and comfort. The Bell-407 helicopter can accommodate up to five passengers.

There are several sightseeing routes available for helicopter rides.

The departure and landing place is located in Gornaya The Olympic village, near the rodelban.

The helicopter ride takes place according to the schedule and only if a group of 5 people is recruited or if the entire helicopter is purchased by one guest (family/company).

In case of deterioration of weather conditions, the flight may be postponed to another date and time.

Price: from 15,000 rubles per person. Learn more about the Mountain Olympic Village - all services and entertainment…

At the Mountain Olympic Village, it is possible to transfer to the gondola cable car "Zapovedniy les" (using ski passes and walking tickets), which will take guests to the "Besedka" station.

Rosa Stadium

Rosa Stadium is located at a level of 940 meters above sea level, in the north-eastern part of the Rosa Khutor resort.

At the Rosa Stadium there are: parking, ticket offices, cafes, toilets, two lakes and three themed year-round parks:

- the main park of Husky Farm, where excursions are conducted around the park, in the winter season, sledding in a dog sled is possible;

- A deer farm, where adults and calves live, there is also a rabbit house on the territory. There are guided tours at the Deer Farm;

- ethno-farm "Shishin Dvor", where you can chat with domestic goats and goats, taste and buy farm cheeses, honey and pastries, and visit a cozy mini-village with a recreated life of Russian immigrants of the 19th century.

There are guided tours in the ethno-farm, you can ride a pony (500 rubles per lap, the weight of the rider is up to 45 kilograms).

Entrance to each of the parks is paid.

You can get from the Mountain Olympic Village to Husky Farm, Deer Farm and Shishin Yard by shuttle, which runs daily every even hour from 10: 00 to 16: 00 hours. The bus stop is located near the Rosa Priyut building. It is possible to land at the lower station of the Dryada cable car (subject to availability). The transfer is included in the price of the visit; - if you visit one of the two parks or both at once when you arrive at the parks, the round-trip transfer will be free, - if you do not use the services of the parks on the spot, the transfer will cost 200 rubles per person in one direction.

We recommend checking the exact information about the transfer, the opening hours of the parks and the cost before visiting the Rosa Khutor resort website.

Besedka Station

The Besedka station is located at an altitude of 1350 meters above sea level.

At the station there are: observation points, places for walking and recreation, ski slopes and lifts, an information center, cafes, toilets, a medical center. Learn more about the Besedka station...

At the station "Besedka" it is possible to transfer to the gondola cable car "Kavkazskiy express", leading to Rosa Peak.

While driving, the Kavkazskiy express cable car passes the Rosa-1600 landing station, located at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level.

Landing on the Rosa-1600 is possible only when climbing up. When descending, there is no landing-the cabins of the Kavkazskiy express lift go directly to the Arbor station.

You can get off at the transfer station. There are: observation points, places for walking and recreation, ski slopes and lifts, an instructor service, a first aid station, a restaurant and toilets.

Every year, somewhere in late March-early April, a large-scale spring camp Quiksilver New Star Camp is held at the Rosa Khutor mountain resort. Especially for the camp at the Rosa-1600 mark, a large snowpark is being built with a lot of figures arranged in several lines, starting from the simplest, where beginners can try themselves in freestyle, and ending with a pro-line and a giant springboard for competitions and filming professional athletes. The snowpark can be opened as early as February.

Rose of the Peak

Rosa Peak is the most visited, accessible all year round and easy to reach high point of the Rosa Khutor resort, located at an altitude of 2320 meters above sea level.

At the Rose Peak mark there are: an observation deck and observation points, a high-altitude restaurant, ski slopes and lifts, toilets, a first aid station, as well as some entertainment.

"Swing over the Clouds" is a high-altitude swing located on the edge of a picturesque gorge, swinging on which you can experience the feeling of weightlessness and flying over the abyss, as well as enjoy the opening panorama of the Caucasus mountains.

The swing above the clouds is open all year round, but depending on weather conditions.

Restrictions: from 4 years, up to 120 kg. Entertainment is paid.

"Suspension bridge". During the entertainment, you can walk over the abyss on a wooden suspension bridge.

Before visiting the attraction, an instruction is given, insurance, a helmet and gloves are issued.

The suspension bridge is available in the summer season. But the Small Bridge is also available in the winter season.

Restrictions: from 140 cm. Entertainment is paid, payment is made on the spot.

"Dawn on the highway", which includes a sunrise meeting at the top of Rosa Peak, during which you can see how the tracks are preparing for the opening.

The service "Dawn on the highway" is available on certain days in mini-groups of up to 5 people and in favorable weather.

The offer includes: cable car ascent to Rosa Peak from 6: 45 am; escort by a representative of the resort; breakfast at the restaurant "Height".

Restrictions: 16+. Entertainment is paid. Available by appointment.

Paragliding flights in the appropriate suitable weather.

In the winter season, Rosa Peak is the end point of walking routes around the resort, but in the summer-from Rosa Peak you can go hiking, walk to the highest point of Mount Aibga - "Stone Pillar" (height 2509 meters above sea level) or go down to the southern slope of the ridge and walk through the park of waterfalls"Mendelikha". Learn more about Rose Peak and all the possible entertainment and routes on the top…

How to get to Rosa Khutor

The nearest airport to the Rosa Khutor resort and, accordingly, to all the ski resorts of Esto-Sadok (Krasnaya Polyana) is located in the city of Sochi (Adler), 43 kilometers from Estosadka. Flights to Sochi (Adler) →

The fastest and most convenient way to get from Sochi airport to Rosa Khutor is by taxi. You can order a taxi / transfer in advance, even from home. At any time of the day, at the airport, a driver will be waiting for you with a sign where your first and last name will be written. To order a taxi, it is enough to provide your flight data.

If you come by car, you can leave it at the lower station of the Rosa Khutor cable cars. There are also parking spaces throughout the Rosa Dolina and the Mountain Olympic Village (parking is paid).

In winter, there is a large outdoor parking at the Rosa Stadion mark of 940 meters, from where you can also start climbing the mountains on the lifts. Parking on it is free.

More information about how to get to all the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadok), including Rosa Khutor, can be found here →

Where to stay on Rosa Khutor

You can stay at Rosa Khutor in two places:

1. In the lower reaches of the cable cars - in the Rosa Valley.

From hotels:

- 5-star Radisson Rosa Khutor Hotel with a 24-hour fitness center, restaurants, a grill bar, free Wi-Fi, a children's club, 12 meeting rooms and room service.

The Pyramid Wellness and Spa center features a sauna, a Turkish hammam and an ice fountain. It features a rooftop terrace with a hot tub and a bar;

- 4-star MERCURE Rosa Khutor hotel with an indoor pool, hammam, steam bath, restaurant, lobby bar, summer terrace, fitness center, children's club and free Wi-Fi;

- The 4-star Park Inn Hotel from Radisson Rosa Khutor features a restaurant, a lobby bar, a lounge bar, free Wi-Fi, a fitness center, a children's club, a ski storage room and a 24-hour front desk;

- 3-star Tulip Inn Rosa Khutor Hotel with a lobby bar, a restaurant, a fitness center, a sauna, a ski storage room and free Wi-Fi;

- Apart-Hotel VALSET by AZIMUT Rosa Khutor with free Wi-Fi, parking and a 24-hour front desk.

2. In the Mountain Olympic Village (Rosa Plato), at an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level.

It is better to stay in the Mountain Olympic Village for those guests of the resort who want to immediately plunge into the epicenter of "mountain life" after leaving the hotel, and skiers and snowboarders get the opportunity, after leaving the hotel, to be directly at the ski slopes and lifts (ski-in / ski-out).

For the convenience of resort guests, a free shuttle runs from the Rosa Priyut building to all hotels and back: daily, every 15 minutes from 08: 00 to 20: 00 hours. For everyone who stays in the accommodation facilities on the Rosa Plateau, unlimited free access to the Olympia cable car and a transfer to the Rosa Valley is provided. Attention! These conditions may change.

From the placement funds:

- complex "Chalet Rosa Khutor" with spacious chalets with fireplaces, a ski storage room, free Wi-Fi, private parking, a restaurant and a bar;

- Big Family Chalet with Jacuzzi Rosa Khutor with a shared lounge, 5 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, a terrace and free Wi-Fi;

- 4-star Green Flow Rosa Khutor Hotel with free Wi-Fi, a bar, a fitness center and a spa center with a sauna, hammam and an outdoor pool;

- 4-star Medical Spa Hotel Rosa Springs with a restaurant, a herbal bar, a 24-hour front desk, free Wi-Fi, a spa center with a swimming pool, a sauna and a fitness center;

- Rosa Ski Inn Apartments Rosa Khutor offers a restaurant and free Wi-Fi;

- BoogelWoogel Bar&Hotel Rosa Khutor features a bar, a terrace and free Wi-Fi;

- 2-star Rosa Village Hotel Rosa Khutor offers cottages with standard and family rooms, a shared living area, a ski storage room, a children's corner, free Wi-Fi and a shared kitchen with a kettle, a microwave, a slow cooker and kitchenware.

All accommodation facilities at the Rosa Khutor resort (in the Mountain Olympic Village and Rosa Valley) can be viewed and booked here

Practical information

The Rosa Khutor resort is constantly developing, new trails, lifts, entertainment and tourist routes are appearing on its territory.

The best time to visit the Rosa Khutor mountain resort as a ski resort is from December to March. Sometimes the season starts in November and ends at the end of April (May). But there are also rains at the height of the season, then the snow lies only on the upper marks of the slopes.

The opening and closing dates of the ski season are determined by the administration of the Rosa Khutor resort, depending on weather conditions and snow cover. The administration can also determine the dates and deadlines for routine maintenance. Information about determining the start and end dates of the ski season is posted on the official website of the resort (the website is listed below).

Ascents to the resort, including the Rosa Peak, are available in winter by ski passes and year-round by walking tickets, besides, depending on the season and at the discretion of the administration of the Rosa Khutor resort, different combinations of walking tickets and ski passes may be valid.

Attention! Lifts and trails (one or the other, or all) may be closed due to weather conditions. We recommend that you check the information before visiting the official website in real time (you can download the mobile application).

Ski passes and walking tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices or terminals of the lower stations "Rosa Dolina" and "Rosa Stadium" , as well as online in advance on the website. !!! On the website, the price of walking tickets and ski passes is lower than when purchased at the ticket offices.

We recommend checking all possible combinations of walking tickets and their cost, as well as the cost of ski passes and other information about the resort, on the official website of the Rosa Khutor mountain resort.

Website of the Rosa Khutor mountain resort: rosakhutor.

Map of winter Rosa Khutor

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