Rosa Square with the Town Hall Rosa Khutor (clock tower)

Rosa Square with the town hall is one of the most famous squares of Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadka).

Rosa Square with the Town Hall is located at an altitude of 560 meters above sea level in Rose Valley, Esto-Sadok (Krasnaya Polyana) on the right bank of the Mzymta River, opposite the lower station of the cable cars of the mountain resort "Rosa Khutor", located on Mzymta Square.

Rosa Square is the main square of the year-round mountain resort Rosa Khutor.

This square is small, holidays, festivals and other mass events are held on it, and a Christmas tree is installed on the eve of the New Year and Christmas.

There is a stage on the square.

Rosa Square is sometimes called the Town Hall Square, because the central place on the square is occupied by the Town hall, which is known as the Rosa Khutor Town Hall and is one of the symbols of not only the all-season mountain resort Rosa Khutor, but also Esto-Sadka.

The town hall building is decorated with a high clock tower, which is known as the "Town Hall" tower and is stylized as the tower of the Sochi railway station.

Within the walls of the town hall there is a restaurant with tables under the open sky.

The address of the town Hall: Rosa Square, 2, Esto-Sadok.

On the west side of the town hall, in a bright building with a stage, there are: the Museum of Archeology on Rosa Khutor, a restaurant and the art studio "Tsvetnye Gory", where master classes in painting are held.

The Museum of Archeology on Rosa Khutor is an interactive archaeological museum, the exposition of which includes materials collected during archaeological surveys in the area of construction of Olympic facilities on the territory of Rosa Khutor in 2010-2014.

The address of the museum: 1 Rosa Square, Esto-Sadok. More about the Museum of Archeology…

On the eastern side of Rosa Square, on the banks of the Mzymta River, the 5-star Radisson Rosa Khutor Hotel is located with a 24-hour fitness center, restaurants, a bar, free Wi-Fi, a children's club and meeting rooms.

The Pyramid Wellness and Spa center features a sauna, a Turkish hammam and an ice fountain. It features a rooftop terrace with a hot tub and a bar.

Breakfast can be included in the room rate. Link to the hotel

To the Rose Square, on the opposite left side of the Mzymta River (from Mzamta Square) leads Romanov Bridge, which is completely pedestrian.

A walking "steam-stove" runs from the bridge, which takes guests along the Rosa Dolina embankment (a circle of about 2 kilometers). Cost: 200 rubles per person per circle.

Views from the Romanov Bridge to the Mzymta River and the embankments (upstream)

Views from the Romanov Bridge to the Mzymta River and the embankments (downstream)

On Rosa Square, 1 (4th floor) there is a yoga center "GARUDA YOGA", dedicated to yoga, the art of movement, physical and mental health, as well as integral (complex) improvement of the spirit, personality and body. Classes are held daily-both in the studio and on the outdoor areas of the Rosa Khutor resort.

In summer, electric bike tours will start from Rosa Square in the Esto-Sadka (Krasnaya Polyana) mountain ranges. The cost starts from 1 800 rubles per person.

Practical information

GPS coordinates of Rosa Square: 43°40'21.0"N 40°17'47.4" E (43.672500, 40.296500).

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