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Nunziata Square, Genoa (Piazza della Nunziata)

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Nunziata square or Piazza della Nunziata (Piazza della Nunziata) is one of the Central squares of Genoa, located on the edge of historic city center.

A remarkable area of Nunziata first of all, that is a link (and a guide) between the three most well known streets of Genova: street Garibaldi, street Cairoli and Rue Balbi, is remarkable for its sumptuous Renaissance palaces, including the Red Palace and the Palazzo Reale, in which are museums.

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Square Nunziata was built in 1155 in the case of the construction of the so-called walls of Barbarossa. In the area of Pre new wall was located approximately along the route of the modern street delle Fontane (Via delle Fontane), where and are dei Vacca gate (Porta dei Vacca), and Bence (Via Paolo Emilio Bensa).

In subsequent centuries the area and the surrounding area has been repeatedly changed, and the area itself has increasingly assumed its present form, with the addition of a Basilica and Palace Belimbau.

Attractions square Nunziata

The Holy temple of the Annunciation del Vastato

Or the Basilica of the Santissima Annunziata del Vastato (Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato) located in the Northern side of the square and is its main decoration.

This is one of the most representative churches of the Genoese art of late mannerism and above all, Baroque beginning of the seventeenth century.

The current neoclassical façade of the Church dates back to 1867, is characterized by two towers, bell towers and a large portico with six columns in Ionian style.

Spacious and bright interior of the Church, restored after damage during the Second world war, with three naves, has a Latin cross with a series of chapels in the side naves, enriched with frescoes, paintings, inlaid marble and stucco works of Genoese artists of the seventeenth century.

Palace Belimbau

Belimbau Palazzo (Palazzo Belimbau), located in the southern part of the square, was originally built by the Genoese nobleman of Antoniotto Cattaneo. The building was saersene in 1594.

The name "Belimbau" the building received from the family of bankers of Belimbau who owned it since 1890.

The Palace Of Nicolo Lomellini

Palazzo Niccolo Lomellini is located in the Eastern part of the square.

The building is also known as the Palace of Lauro (Lauro Palazzo), whose name comes from the ship owner Achille Lauro, which after world war II bought the Palace and rebuilt it, repairing the damage caused during the fighting.

On the main facade of the building, above the main entrance is the inscription "Flotta Lauro" ("Fleet Lauro").

On the Western side of the square of Nunziata out of the side facades of the palaces: gio Francesco Balbi and Durazzo Pallavicini, located in the street Balbi.

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