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Istanbul with children: where to go, what to see, where to walk and have fun with a child

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, which has a rich history and is famous for its sights.

Istanbul has a sufficient number of parks, including amusement and walking parks, there are also water parks, aquariums, dolphinarium, zoos, interesting museums and beaches that are suitable for families with children.

In the most diverse city of Turkey - Istanbul, without a doubt, everyone will find something to their liking, including families with children (families with a child). All hotels in Istanbul, including family hotels

All children are different, however, in Istanbul, each family will be able to choose what to do and what to see by building a route around the city according to their tastes and preferences.

You can visit the sights and interesting places of Istanbul both independently and with city tours, there are also several excursions suitable for people with children.

All excursions in Istanbul and outside the city

To Istanbul with children

What to see, where to go and what to do in Istanbul with a child (with children)

Walking on the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus

The curved Golden Horn Bay and the Bosphorus Strait can be a good solution for a family pastime.

On the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus, you can take a walk on boats, yachts and ferries.

Ferries are public transport in Istanbul (the Istanbul Transport Card is valid), plying from/to the ferry berths of the Golden Horn and the Bosphorus. So, if you do not want to take a water tour, then ferry trips can become an alternative to the full-fledged sightseeing water routes of Istanbul.

On a small natural island in the waters of the Bosphorus is the famous Maiden Tower (Kız Kulesi) - a former lighthouse, which is one of the main pearls and a symbol of Istanbul.

Over the course of history, the tower has been a lighthouse, a prison, and a quarantine facility.

Today, the Maiden's Tower can be visited, from here you can see the views of the Bosphorus and its banks. Read more about the Maiden Tower...

Pierre Loti Cable Car

Another family entertainment can be the gondola cable car "Eyüp-Piyer Loti Teleferik Hatt (TF2)", which is public transport (Istanbul transport cards are valid).

The cable car lifts/descends guests to the 53-meter Pierre Loti hill, where there is an observation deck with beautiful panoramic views. There is also a panoramic cafe of the same name on the hill. More about Pierre Loti - observation and cable car...

Amusement park "Vialand"

Vialand Theme Park (formerly known as Isfanbul Park) is the largest and main entertainment venue in Istanbul for people of all ages.

This park is called Istanbul Disneyland.

The park consists of three thematic zones: the world of antiquity, the world of adventure and the children's world.

There is also a cafe, a shopping center and other entertainment in the park.

On the territory of the park there is 4-star Vialand Palace Hotel with garden, terrace, free Wi-Fi, free private parking and a 24-hour front desk. Breakfast may be included in the room rate. Link to the hotel

Park address: Yeşilpınar, Şht. Metin Kaya Sk. No: 11/1, 34065 Eyüpsultan/Istanbul, Turkey.

The park's website:

Recreation and entertainment center "Viaport Marina"

In the recreation and entertainment center Viaport Marina, which is located on the outskirts of Istanbul, you can walk, relax, buy things, have fun and eat.

The complex includes: shopping areas, cafes and restaurants, an amusement park with American (Russian) slides, a water park, an aquarium, a small zoo, a bowling alley, a game center, a cinema and a marina.

The Crowne Plaza - Istanbul Tuzla Viaport Marina, an IHG Hotel with a restaurant, bar, fitness center, lounge and 24-hour front desk is located on the territory of Viaport Marina. The room rate can include: breakfast or breakfast + dinner. Link to the hotel

Viaport Marina address: Cami Mh Balıkçılar Sokak U Blok 20 U, D:226, 34940 Tuzla, Turkey.

Viaport Marina website:

Istanbul Aquarium (Oceanarium)

Istanbul Aquarium (Istanbul Akvaryum) is the largest in Istanbul, which contains more than 1,500 species of animals (sharks, piranhas, rays, penguins, etc.), as well as a souvenir shop and cafe.

The aquarium consists of 17 themed zones, including rainforest and underwater world zones.

In the aquarium, you can dive with sharks and rays in the main tank.

Aquarium address: Şenlikköy, Yeşilköy Halkalı Cd. No:93, 34153 Florya/Istanbul, Turkey.

Aquarium website: .

Near the aquarium there are: a small amusement park "Florya lunapark", an aviation museum, a sandy beach and 5-star Crowne Plaza Hotel with indoor and outdoor seasonal swimming pool, garden, terrace, restaurant, spa and fitness centers, free parking and Wi-Fi. The room rate may include: breakfast or breakfast + dinner. Hotel link

There is another aquarium in Istanbul, but a smaller one, it is calledSea Life and has several themed areas and an underwater tunnel. The aquarium's website: .

There is also an oceanarium in the Emaar Shopping Center (Emaar Akvaryum). Website:

Istanbul Dolphinarium

Istanbul Dolphinarium, where shows with bottlenose dolphins, walruses, seals, belugas are held and you can swim with dolphins.

Dolphinarium Address: Silahtarağa Mh, Silahtarağa Cd. No:20, 34050 Eyüpsultan/Istanbul, Turkey.

Dolphinarium website:

Miniaturk Park

Miniaturk Park (Miniatürk) is a theme park created under the slogan "A small model of a big country" in which there are miniature copies of Turkish attractions, from the Blue Mosque and Topkapi Palace to the white terraces of Pamukkale, the temple of Armetida and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

In the park there are miniature models of 136 architectural works, including 60 works from Istanbul, 63 works from Anatolia and 13 works from Ottoman geography outside Turkey, reduced to a factor of 1:25.

The address of the Miniaturized pack: Ernektepe, Imrahor Cd. No:7, 34445 Beyoğlu/Istanbul, Turkey.

Miniaturk Park website: miniaturk-istanbul-muzeleri-bilet.

Extreme Aventures Park

Extreme Aventures Park (Xtrem Aventures Istanbul) is a theme park, which houses suspended rope trails of various levels of complexity and length, for children and adults. The trails are suitable for guests over 8 years old and over 120 centimeters tall.

The park also has network tracks for children from 4 to 8 years and from 3 to 5 years, a zip-ntrack, the possibility of jumping from a 15-meter height, a cafe.

The park's address is: Huzur Mh., Maslak Ayazağa Cd. No:4, 34396 Sarıyer/Istanbul, Turkey.

The park's website:

Ada Park

Ada Park (ParkAda) is a small amusement park (Lunaprak) with a Ferris wheel, a mini zoo, a pond with boats and other attractions.

The park is located on the territory of Bayrampaşa Şehir Parkı Adapark City Park.

The park's website:

The city of professions "Kidzania"

Kidzania is a theme park for children from 1 to 10-14 years old (depending on the interests of the child), where children can step into the "world of adults" and try themselves in different professions.

There are no attractions in Kidzania, but there children can try on the roles of a doctor, a salesman, a fireman, a cook, a policeman, a driver, a postman, a secret agent, a singer, an archaeologist and others.

This is a real mini-town, where there are sidewalks, a roadway, traffic lights, benches, lanterns and a square.

Kidzania is located in the shopping center "Akasya AVM", at the address: Acıbadem, Çeçen Sok. No:25, 34660 Üsküdar/Istanbul, Turkey.

Kidzania website:


Legoland (Legoland Discovery Centre) is an entertainment center decorated in the Lego style and consisting of several zones.

The center also has a laser game, a 4-D cinema where Lego movies are shown, a Lego shop and a cafe.

The Legoland Center is located in the Forum Istanbul Shopping Center, at Kocatepe, Paşa Cd, 34045 Bayrampaşa/Istanbul, Turkey.

Legoland website:

Snowpark Entertainment Center

The Snowpark Entertainment Center is an Istanbul snow city, where even on the hottest days you can have fun with winter fun: ice skating, tubing or downhill, and where the average temperature is -2 °C.

The snowpark is located in the Torium AVM shopping center, at Turgut Özal Mahallesi E-5 Üzeri, Haramidere Yolu, 34903 Esenyurt, Turkey.

There is also a lunapark and a cinema in this shopping center.

Shopping center website:

There are other small lunaparks in Istanbul, as well as entertainment in other shopping centers of the city.

For example, Bostancı Lunapark on the Asian side of Istanbul in the Kadikey district; zipline in the Watergarden shopping center; Moipark in the Mall of Istanbul shopping complex is an indoor entertainment center with roller coasters, attractions, game halls, a race track, music and dance shows.

Rahmi Kocha Museum

Rahmi Kocha Museum (Rahmi M. Koç Müzesi) is a museum dedicated to the history of transport, industry and communications with a collection of cars and interactive exhibits.

During the visit, guests of the museum will learn about its founder - Turkish philanthropist, collector and millionaire Rahmi Mustafa Koc, a representative of one of the richest dynasties in Turkey.

The museum's exposition mainly consists of the personal collection of the creator, from ancient gramophone needles to steam locomotives. There are also vintage cars, motorcycles and an Istanbul tram, scientific instruments, toys, models, communications equipment and even an American submarine. And in the practical gallery, you can sit in the cockpit of an airplane, drive an old car, or conduct scientific experiments.

Museum address: Piri Paşa, Aziz Sk. No: 5, 34445 Beyoğlu/Istanbul, Turkey.

The museum's website:

Classic Car Museum

The Museum of Classic Cars (Ural Ataman Klasik Otomobil Müzesi), where vintage cars are collected and there is a cafe in the spirit of the 1950s in the center of the exposition.

Museum address: Ferahevler, Nuri Paşa Cd. No:107, 34457 Sarıyer/Istanbul, Turkey.

The museum's website:

Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum (Istanbul Hava Kuvvetleri Müzesi) is a family aviation museum with military aircraft and other exhibits, including aircraft models and equipment.

Museum address: Yeşilköy Mahallesi,, Eski Havaalanı Caddesi,, 34149 Bakırköy/Istanbul, Turkey.

The museum's website:

Toy Museum in Balat

The Toy Museum in Balat (Balat Oyuncak Müzesi) contains collections of toys, including rare and unique cast cars, detailed dollhouses, a 50-year-old collection enriched with scenes from popular and classic cartoons.

On the top floor of the museum there are collections decorated with the concept of a giant train. The museum also presents Turkey's largest collection of tin soldiers and dioramas depicting scenes from films of the 80s.

Museum address: Yavuz Sultan Selim, Abdülezelpaşa Cd. No:65, 34087 Fatih/Istanbul, Turkey.

The museum's website:

Madame Tussauds Istanbul Museum

In the Madame Tussauds Istanbul Museum, guests will find wax figures: historical and cultural heroes and about 60 famous personalities from the world of art, sports, cinema and politics from the past to the present, including from Turkey and international stars.

Entrance to the museum is paid.

Museum address: Hüseyinağa, Grand Pera AVM, Istiklal Cd. no: 56 D:58, 34440 Beyoğlu/Istanbul, Turkey.

The museum's website:

Naval Museum

The Naval Museum (Deniz Müzesi) is a museum of the history of Turkish navigation, where ships of the Ottoman era and ancient diving equipment are presented.

The museum is the most outstanding naval museum in Turkey, and by the richness of its collections it is one of the outstanding museums in the world.

Museum address: Sinanpaşa, Beşiktaş Cd. No:6 D:1, 34353 Beşiktaş/Istanbul, Turkey.

The museum's website:

Pelit Chocolate Museum

The Pelit Chocolate Museum, also known as the Pelit Chocolate Museum (Pelit çikolata müzesi) is a museum that began its history in 1957, which contains a collection of figures of famous people, works of art and buildings made of chocolate.

The museum has several halls:

- "Main Hall", which presents: a chocolate waterfall, a life-size chocolate house, Noah's Ark, paintings telling about the history of chocolate, and much more;

- "Istanbul Hall" containing chocolate sculptures - from Galata Tower to The Blue Mosque, from the Maiden Tower to the Bosphorus Bridge and many historical monuments of Istanbul;

- "Hall of Turkish Leaders", which houses chocolate busts of Ataturk, Fatih Sultan Mehmed, Osman Gazi and many other leaders who have left their mark on the history of Turkey;

- The "Hall of Artists", which presents chocolate works by artists who shape world art, including Pablo Picasso and the famous painting by Osman Hamdi Bey "The Turtle Trainer";

- "Hall of Civilizations", in which guests embark on a chocolate journey into the past with paintings depicting civilizations that have left their mark on history, such as the Hittites, Ancient Greece and the Ottoman Empire.

Entrance to the museum is paid.

Museum address: Koza Mahallesi 1678 Sk. No: 19 (Sanayi Mahallesi Evren Sanayi Sitesi Akbatı A.V.M. Arkası) Esenyurt-ISTANBUL.

The museum's website:

Museum of Military History

The Museum of Military History (Hisart Canlı Tarih ve Diorama Müzesi) is a museum of military history and cultural heritage of the Ottoman Empire of 1453-1923.

The museum exhibits military and ethnographic historical artifacts of the Ottoman period of 1453-1923, as well as dioramas and mannequins depicting the corresponding periods of history.

Museum address: Hürriyet Mah. Cemil Bengü Cad. No: 21 34403 Çağlayan / İstanbul / Türkiye.

The museum's website:

Kite Museum

The Kite Museum (Uçurtma Müzesi) was created by Mehmet Aaji Akoz, who dedicated his life to kites and headed the Istanbul Kite Association.

The museum displays kites brought from different countries of the world.

There are small workshops at the museum, where children are helped to construct the simplest kites at master classes.

Museum address: Aziz Mahmut Hudayi Mah. Uncular Cd. Bakıcı Sk. No: 12 USKUDAR – ISTANBUL.

The museum's website:

The Museum of Games in Dastepe

The Museum of Games in Dastepe (Düştepe Oyun Müzesi) is a toy museum in a small one-story wooden building in the park.

The Dustepe Games Museum and Playground contains children's games, including 150-year-old chess, a Victorian-era dice game, the first stone house building game and the first space games collected from more than 20 countries and about 150 collectors.

Museum address: Barbaros, Mimar Sinan Parkı Içi Yolu, 34746 Ataşehir/Istanbul, Turkey.

The museum's website:

Toy Museum

The Toy Museum (Istanbul Oyuncak Müzesi) is a museum in a former mansion with many toys and compositions of toys, including antique sets and figures from 200 years ago.

The museum is based on toys that Sunai Akin (the founder of the museum and collector) bought from antique dealers and auctions in more than 40 countries over 20 years.

There is a cafe at the museum.

Museum address: Göztepe Mah. Ömerpaşa Cad, Dr. Zeki Zeren Sk No:17, 34730 Kadıköy, Turkey.

The museum's website:

Aqua Club Dolphin Water Park

Aqua Club Dolphin Water Park is a large water park in Istanbul with a variety of slides for children and extreme for adults, swimming pools, including children's, adult and wave pools, cafes and places for sunbathing.

Address of the water park: Su Oyunları Merkezi, Esenkent Mahallesi, Onur Güvener Cad, Bahçeşehir Girişi, 34517 Esenyurt/Istanbul, Turkey.

Aquapark website:

Faruk Yalchin Zoo

A small zoo Faruk Yalcin (Faruk Yalçın Hayvanat Bahçesi ve Botanik Parkı) with mammals, birds, reptiles and plants, as well as gazebos for relaxing and snacking is located in Darıca, a suburb of Istanbul.

Zoo address: Piri Reis, Tuzla Cd. No:297, 41700 Darıca/Kocaeli, Turkey.

Zoo website:

!!! In addition to the above, Istanbul has a botanical garden with playgrounds, and in the suburbs there are: Polonezky Zoo - Doğal Yaşam Parkı, Istanbul Butterfly Farm (Istanbul Kelebek Çiftliği) and the large arboretum of Ataturk (Ataturk Arboretumu).

Recreation and walking parks in Istanbul

There are a sufficient number of different public recreation parks in Istanbul, among which there are several particularly noteworthy and located on the main tourist routes around the city.

Gulhane Park

Gulhane Park is a public park, which is the oldest and largest park in the historical center of Istanbul.

Today, Gulkhane Park is a gentrified area with a "forest" area with trees, paths and alleys for walking, places for recreation, cafes, park pools with bridges, fountains (including a light fountain), as well as museums, sculptures and historical objects.

Gulhane Park is located next to the walls of the Topkapi Palace. Entrance to the park is free. More about Gulkhan Park...

Yildiz Park

Yıldız is a large historical palace and park complex of the 19th century, located on the European side of Istanbul, in the Beşiktaş district, near the waters of the Bosphorus Strait.

Today, Yildiz Park is one of the largest public historical parks in Istanbul with lush vegetation, historical pavilions, gazebos, playgrounds and sports grounds, toilets, places for recreation and walking, reservoirs, artificial ponds with fountains, bridges, waterfalls, sculptures and cafes.

Entrance to the park is free. More about Yildiz Park and Palace...

Near Yildiz Park, near the waters of the Bosphorus, you can stay in beautiful complex hotels

5-star Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul Hotel, located in the restored Ottoman Chiragan Palace.

At the hotel: a territory with a garden and a panoramic pool overlooking the waters of the Bosphorus, a spa and wellness center, a fitness center, a restaurant, a bar, a lounge, a gazebo, a Turkish bath, free private parking and Wi-Fi.

The room rate includes: breakfast or breakfast + dinner. Link to the hotel

The 5-star Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus, also located in a restored 19th-century Ottoman mansion by the waters of the Bosphorus Strait and has a garden, a view of the Bosphorus, panoramic outdoor and indoor pools, a bar and a spa center. Link to the hotel

Machka Park

Macca Park (Maçka Park, which means Democracy Park) is a small park on a hill in the European part of Istanbul.

The central part of the park is occupied by a wide staircase, a walk along which is accompanied by a tour of local attractions.

The park also has running tracks, places for walking and walking dogs, children's areas, recreation areas, decorative pools and cafes.

Entrance to the park is free.

A gondola cable car passes over the park.

Ulus Park

Ulus Parkı is a small quiet park on the hill of the European side of Istanbul, from which you can enjoy views of the Bosphorus.

The park has panoramic cafes, places for walking and relaxing.

Entrance to the park is free.

Baltalimana Japanese Garden

Baltalimany Japanese Garden (Baltalimanı Japon Bahçesi) is a small beautiful botanical garden with sakura trees, roses and various types of shrubs.

The garden has a gazebo, a pond, a waterfall, a rock garden and a tea room.

The garden is especially recommended to visit during the cherry blossom season (late April -early May).

Entrance to the garden is free.

Opening hours of the garden: summer schedule from 07:00 to 19:30 hours; winter schedule until 17:00 hours (every day of the week). We recommend checking the opening hours of the garden before visiting, as they may change.

Emirgan Park

Emirgan Park (Emirgân Korusu) is a large green public park with a variety of plants, ponds, a fountain, recreation areas, running tracks, a children's playground, sculptures, cafes, picnic areas, historical pavilions (Yellow, Pink and White), mosques and a tulip museum (Lale Müzesi).

Some points of the park offer views of the Bosphorus and the Asian part of Istanbul.

Emirgan Park becomes especially popular from the end of March to May (the month of April), when the Tulip Festival takes place in the city, the heart of which is this park, where numerous flowers decorate flower beds and form various compositions.

The park is located on the European side of Istanbul, near the waters of the Bosphorus.

Entrance to the park is free.

Otagtepe Fatih Park

Otagtepe Park is located on the Asian side of the city, near the Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge.

Although this park is located far from the main tourist routes and attractions of the city, but it is a very popular place in Istanbul, mainly due to the fact that the park is located on the Otagtepe hill and offers beautiful panoramic views of the Bosphorus Strait and the European side of the city.

In the park: walking paths, lawns, recreation areas, picnic areas and gazebos, observation terraces, a small pond with turtles.

Entrance to the park is free. More about Otagtepe Fatih Park...

Nakkashtepe National Park

Nakkashtepe National Park (Nakkaştepe Millet Bahçesi) is a landscape park on the Asian side of Istanbul, which is a green oasis.

The park has lush vegetation, places for walking and recreation, gazebos, wooden pedestrian zones, a cascading waterfall, a pond, a bridge, picnic areas, a zipline, an adventure trail, playgrounds (open and closed) and sports grounds, a tennis court, cafes, toilets.

The park and its panoramic terraces offer beautiful views of the Bosphorus and the European side of Istanbul.

Entrance to the park is free (free of charge).

Fethi Pasha Park

Fethi Pasha Park (Fethipaşa Korusu) is a large urban park located on the hillside of the Asian side of Istanbul, near the two previous locations.

The park was named after the Turkish governor, Ambassador and Minister Ahmed Fethi Pasha.

In the park: places for walking and recreation, a waterfall, suspension bridges, terraces, playgrounds, cafes, toilets.

The slopes of the park offer views of the Bosphorus and the European side of Istanbul.

Entrance to the park is free (free of charge).

Chamlydzha Hill

The big hill of Chamlıca (Çamlıca Tepesi) is a high hill (288 meters) on the Asian side of Istanbul in the Usküdar district, on top of which the Chalmıca Mosque of the same name (Çamlıca Mosque) is located.

From the open terrace of the mosque and from the hill there are wonderful panoramic views of Istanbul.

In the public park on the hill with trees, flower beds and fountains there are historical teahouses, cafes and a restaurant.

Beaches in and around Istanbul

A summer visit to Istanbul can be varied with a beach holiday.

The beaches in Istanbul are located on the shores of the Marmara Sea.

The best beaches are located on the European coast of Istanbul. For example, the beach of Gunesh in Florya (Florya Guneș Plajı) with all the necessary infrastructure and cafes; beaches on the outskirts of the European side of Istanbul by the Marmara Sea.

There are also public beaches on the Asian coast of Istanbul. For example, in Caddebostan.

Suburban beaches of Istanbul

The best suburban beaches in Istanbul include

Kilyos (Kumköy), which is a coastal resort located on the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

The resort is considered the northern gateway of Istanbul.

The resort has sandy beaches with all the necessary infrastructure. The most popular is the Solar Beach beach club with a swimming pool, a cafe and where various events are held.

Taxi to Quilos →

Accommodation facilities in Quillos

Shile (Şile) and Agva (Ağva) are two small resort villages located not far from each other, on the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

There are beaches, some attractions and museums in Shila, Agva and the surrounding area.

Taxi in Shil →

Taxi to Agva →

Accommodation facilities in Shila

Accommodation facilities in Agva

The Princes' Islands (Kızıl Adalar, "Red Islands"), which can be a great place for a summer visit for walking and recreation.

The Prince Islands are considered a suburb of Istanbul and are a group of islands located near the coast of the city in the Sea of Marmara.

The largest are the four islands of the archipelago: Buyukada (Büyükada), Heybeliada (Heybeliada), Burgazada (Burgazada) and Kınalıada (Kınalıada).

There are attractions and beaches on the islands.

The islands can be reached from Istanbul by ferry.

Accommodation facilities (hotels, apartments, etc.) on the Prince Islands can be viewed and booked here

General sights of Istanbul

Common sights of Istanbul that can be visited by the whole family include:

- palaces, among which stand out especially: Topkapi (Topkapı Sarayı), Dolmabahce Palace (Dolmabahçe Sarayı) and Beylerbeyi Palace (Beylerbeyi Sarayı). Read more about all the palaces of Istanbul with photos...

- fortresses, the most interesting of which are: Rumelikhisar (Rumeli Hisarı) with views of the Bosphorus and Yedikule with the dungeon Museum (Yedikule Hisarı Müzesi). Learn more about the towers, fortresses, castles, walls and gates of Istanbul...

- mosques, among which it is worth highlighting: Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya Camii), Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque, Sultanahmet Camii), New Mosque (Yeni Cami), Fatih Mosque (Fatih camii), mosque Suleymaniye (Süleymaniye Camii) with an observation deck, courtyard and mausoleums and the largest mosque in the city with a panoramic terrace of Chalmidzha (Büyük Çamlıca camii). Read more about mosques, cathedrals and churches in Istanbul with photos and descriptions...

- cisterns (dungeons), among which there are cisterns-museums: Basilica cistern (Yerebatan cistern, Yerebatan Sarnıcı), Feodosiya cistern (Sherefiye cistern, Şerefiye Sarnıcı) and Binbirdirek cistern (Binbirdirek sarnıcı), also known as Philoxena cistern (ΚινστέΡνα ΦιλονΝου). Learn more about the cisterns and dungeons of Istanbul with photos...

- historical bazaars, including, Grand Bazaar (Kapalı çarşı), Egyptian Bazaar (Spice Bazaar, Mısır Çarşısı) and Arasta Bazaar (Arasta Çarşısı). Learn more about the historical bazaars and shopping street in the center of Istanbul with photos and descriptions...

- squares, among which the main squares of the historical part of Istanbul are: Sultanahmet Square (Hippodrome Square, Sultanahmet Meydanı) and Taksim Square (Taksim Meydanı);

- historically districts, including traditional Balat Jewish quarter in Fatih district; one of the most chaotic areas of the city with historical buildings - Karakoy (Karakoy); the area called "local Jerusalem" and surrounded by picturesque landscapes - Ortakoy (Ortakoy); gingerbread Kuzgunchuk district (Kuzguncuk); elite and picturesque Arnavutköy and Bebek districts (Arnavutköy, Bebek);

- observation decks, the best of which are: the observation deck in the Galata Tower (Galata Kulesi Istanbul) and the observation deck "Sapphire", which is located in the skyscraper of the same name (Istanbul Sapphire AVM) and is the highest observation deck of the city. Read more about the observation decks and observation points of Istanbul with photos...

- and also museums and colorful streets, the main pedestrian tourist street of which is Istiklal (Istiklal Caddesi). Running down the street historical red retro tram "Nostalgia" of the T2 line connecting Taksim Square and Tunel, where the station is located Beyoglu underground funicular (Beyoğlu).

Sightseeing buses in Istanbul

In Istanbul, you can take a tour on the Hop-On Hop-Off tour bus, stopping near the main attractions of the city.

There are tickets for 1, 2 or 3 days.

Tickets for the Istanbul sightseeing bus can be purchased here →

Out of town - trips from Istanbul

If your family has already enjoyed Istanbul, then you can make trips from the city to 1- 2- 3- and more days, both in the nearby neighborhoods and places more remote from Istanbul, and throughout the country.

For short trips from Istanbul, places such as,

Yalova and Yalova Termal - two resorts in northwestern Turkey, in Yalova province.

The city of Yalova is located on the shore of the Marmara Sea and is primarily known as the thermal resort of Yalova Thermal, which is located in a mountain gorge and is famous for its springs with outdoor and indoor pools.

The basis of the Yalova Thermal resort is an arboretum park with rare plant species. The resort is also famous for the mansion built in 1929, where the first president of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, lived (now it is a museum).

Taxi to Yalova →

Accommodation facilities in Yalova and Yalova Thermal

Bursa is a picturesque picturesque town located near Yalova, at the foot of Mount Uludag.

Bursa is famous for its mosques, monuments of the early Ottoman Empire, the Koza Khan silk market, parks and picturesque foothill forests.

The mosque of the city of Ulu-Jami (Grand Mosque) of the 14th century attracts attention with 20 domes and arches in the Seljuk style.

There is a small zoo and a water park in Bursa. You can climb the 15-meter clock tower of Nusretie and enjoy panoramic views of the city. It will also bring variety to a walk around the city and a visit to the village of Jumalykyzyk in the Yildirim district in Bursa, where the traditional village lifestyle and authentic architecture have been preserved.

Taxi to Bursa →

Accommodation facilities in Bursa

Uludag (Ulu Dağları) is a mountain range located near Bursa. The maximum height reaches 2,543 meters (Mount Small Olympus or Uludag, also Keshishdag), which makes it the highest in Western Turkey.

In summer, hiking trails run through the mountain range, and in winter it is a major ski resort in Turkey.

Taxi to Uludag →

Accommodation facilities in Uludag

A trip to Yalova Thermal, Bursa and Uludag is good to combine and plan for a few days or even arrange a full-fledged separate vacation, since these places are located nearby and harmoniously complement each other, which will make your vacation more attractive and fulfilling.

So, in winter you can go skiing in the ski resort of Uludag, then stroll through the historical Bursa and finish the trip with a rest in the relaxing thermal resort of Yalova. In summer, - take a walk in the mountain range, then see the sights of Bursa and also complete the rest in the thermal baths.

There is a small airport near Bursa. Flights to Istanbul and Bursa →

Cappadocia (Kapadokya) - the historical name of a locality in the east of Asia Minor in Turkey.

Cappadocia is famous for its bizarre landscape of volcanic origin with rock formations, observation points, rock monasteries and former underground cities (Derinkuyu is the largest cave city, Kaymakly and Ozkonak), created in the I millennium BC.

Cappadocia is also a place where numerous balloons take off into the sky at dawn, creating a unique and charming atmosphere. Anyone can climb over Cappadocia by balloon.

The center of Cappadocia is the town of Goreme, around which the Goreme National Park and the cave settlements of Cappadocia are located, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In addition to Goreme, tourists also stop in small nearby towns, such as Uchkhisar, Avanos, Ortakhisar, Urgup and others.

It is most interesting to live in Cappadocia in cave hotels, which are easy to find - the word "Cave" will be in the name of the hotel (but it is better to check this fact by the description and photos of the rooms).

It is better to visit Cappadocia for a few days.

It is more convenient to get from Istanbul by plane. It is necessary to fly to Kayseri (Kayseri Havalimanı) or Nevşehir (Nevşehir Kapadokya Havalimanı), and from there by taxi or public transport to the hotel. Flights to Cappadocia →

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