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Tunel in Istanbul (Tünel) - historic funicular F2 Karakoy-Beyoglu (Karaköy-Beyoğlu)

Tunel is an underground funicular in Istanbul, which is the city's public transport and one of the oldest currently operating funiculars of its kind.

The underground funicular line is designated as F2 Karaköy - Beyoğlu (Karaköy - Beyoğlu).

The upper station is called Beyoglu (Beyoğlu), and the lower one is Karakoy (Karaköy).

Tunel is located in the historical center of the European part of Istanbul, in the Beyoğlu district.

The lower station of the funicular is located near the two-level pedestrian transport Galata Bridge (Galata Köprüsü) with restaurants and observation decks on the lower tier.

The upper station of the Tunel funicular is located on the square of the same name, which is decorated with the monumental building "IETT'nin Kalbi Metrohan".

Tunel Square is located at the place where the most famous pedestrian shopping street of the city ends Istiklal (Istiklal Caddesi), which runs historical red retro tram "Nostalgia" connecting Tunel Square with Taksim Square (Taksim Meydanı).

The funicular is arranged in an underground inclined tunnel with a length of 573 meters. The width of the tunnel is 6.6 meters, and the height difference between the stations is 61 meters.

Tunnel view

The tunel was built according to the project of the French engineer Eugene Henri Gavan in 1871-1875. The grand opening took place on January 17, 1875. Then it worked on steam traction and was the second underground public transport in the world, after London.

In the 1900s, the Tunel was upgraded and converted to electric traction.

Currently, the Tunel continues to function along with more modern means of public transport in Istanbul, and is also a landmark of the city.

Practical information

The fare in Tunel is integrated into the citywide public transport fare system in Istanbul. Istanbul transport cards are also valid. At the funicular stations there are ticket vending machines and replenishment of transport cards.

The interval of movement of the funicular is 5-7 minutes. Travel time is 90 seconds. The passenger capacity is 80 passengers with 18 seats. There are two cars running.

!!! The cost and conditions of travel in Tunel, as well as the opening hours and intervals of movement of the funicular, we recommend checking on the official website:

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