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Otagtepe Park in Istanbul (Otağtepe Fatih Korusu) - park overlooking the Bosphorus

Otagtepe Park is one of the public parks in Istanbul, located on the Asian side of the city, near the Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge.

Now the Fatih Forest Park (Otağtepe Fatih Korusu). Also called Otatepe Park.

Although this park is located far from the main tourist routes and attractions of the city, it is a very popular place in Istanbul, mainly due to the fact that the park is located on the Otagtepe hill and offers beautiful panoramic views of the Bosphorus Strait and the European side of the city.

In the park: walking paths, lawns, recreation areas, picnic areas and gazebos, observation terraces; there is a small pond with turtles.

The most visited and photographed place in Otagtepe Park is the equipped descent, which offers picturesque panoramic views of the Bosphorus Strait, the nearby Sultan Mehmed Fatih Bridge and part of the European side of Istanbul, including the Rumelihisar Fortress.

There is a terrace near the descent in the park, which also offers views of the bridge and the Bosphorus, as well as the Otagtepe Park itself.

You can get to Otagtepe Park by public buses or by ferry to nearby ferry piers, and then on foot.

If you go by bus, it is better to get off at a stop near the upper part of the park, and then walk. If you get out at the bottom of the park (near the Bosphorus), then the hike to the park will be quite steep.

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