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Es Baluard Museum of Modern Art - Bastio de Sant Pere in Palma de Mallorca

The San Pedro Bastion (San Pere Bastion) or St. Peter's Bastion (Bastio de Sant Pere) is a bastion, which in turn is part of the old Renaissance wall and now houses the Es Baluard Museum of Modern Art.

The Bastion Of Sant Pere

Initially, Bastion was built between 1575 and 1578 years to strengthen the old defensive walls of the city and was a walled enclosure protection and monitoring.

Bastion was developed by engineer Giacomo Paleari Pratunam in 1574. Then the building was called the Bastion of Santa Caterina, or Santa Catalina Bastion and cross (bastio de Santa Catalina / bastio de la Creu).

For centuries, the Bastion was subjected to various modifications. Since 1952, the Bastion was not used for its intended purpose, was sold to private individuals. The special use, the Bastion was in a state of neglect until 1997 when the land was transferred to the city Council of Palm trees for the construction of the Museum of contemporary art es Baluard. Thus arose a new modern Museum building, which fully traces the ancient heritage and the historic environment of Palm trees, and fits the profile of the Renaissance Bastion of the former. The Museum was opened on 30 January 2004.

On the West side, the walls of the Bastion are two historical bridges designed since the late 19th century and being an integral part of the Bastion and the Museum is a bridge Riera (Pont de la Riera), and the St. Catherine's bridge (Pont de la Porta de Santa Caterina). For bridges there is a small green area with Playground Fahina (Parc de Sa Feixina), located in the district of Santa Catalina.

Photos of bridges

Photos of the Park

From the South-Eastern side near the Bastion is an old tower, the base of which had origins in 1105 stone and Sandstone.

However, the structure which is being saved, with a maximum height of 8.39 meters and 100 meters around the perimeter, was built in the Renaissance in connection with the reconstruction of the walls of the Palm trees and the erection of the Bastion.

Museum of contemporary art es Baluard

Museum of contemporary art es Baluard (Es Baluard Museu d'art Modern i Contemporani de Palma) is a cultural center with an area of 5027 m2, of which almost half are used for exhibitions.

The Mall has three floors, part of the premises used for exhibitions, including temporary, as well as for cultural events and educational and training cycles.

Also in the Museum complex enteringt: Central outdoor courtyard, alub, observation deck and terrace, the archaeological site and a café-restaurant.

Alub - old cistern for fresh water, the construction of which was completed in 1640-ies. The room has a classic rectangular shape with an area of 353 m2. When Bastion came out of the operation, the tank has become a garbage dump. However, during the construction of the Museum, the former reservoir was restored and re-opened with a view to universal space usage: exhibitions, different events and the possibility of renting a room, given the size and good acoustics.

A Central outdoor courtyard located in the centre of the Museum complex and used as a space for events, recreation and walks.

Open terraces complex, located on the top floor near the South side of the walls of the Museum, designed for relaxation and walks along the perimeter of the old, now restored, walls. On the South terrace is a restaurant with tables under the open sky.

The terraces offer views of the city of Palma de Mallorca, including the port of Palma and to the Cathedral.

Archaeological excavations - small remnants (ruins) of the former buildings once located on the site of the present Museum. Excavations located on the outside East wall of the Museum, closer to the North-West corner of the property.

Practical information

The complex of the Museum of modern art "es Baluard" is located along the seafront Paseo Maritimo, at the address: Plaza Porta de Santa Catalina 10.

The terrace and outdoor areas, as well as the Museum's premises some days, you can see for free.

Museum website: esbaluard.

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