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Central square of Svetlogorsk

The central square of Svetlogorsk is one of the most beautiful and favorite places for walking and recreation, both among local residents and guests of the city.

This small square is located between Lenin Street and Kurortnaya Street (near Larch Park).

The central square is surrounded by stylized buildings in which shops, souvenir shops and cafes are located.

On the square are notable:

- bench of love;

- a small fountain into which the guests of the city throw coins with the desire to return to Svetlogorsk and just for luck;

- decorative tree - apple tree with amber apples;

- a model of Kneiphof Island, now Kant Island, located in the center of Kaliningrad.

The island is surrounded on all sides by the waters of the Pregolya River and divides it into two branches - the Old Pregolya and the New One. In Prussian, Kneiphof means "a place surrounded by water."

In Prussian times, there was a whole city (locality) on Kneiphof, which had 28 streets, 304 houses, tram tracks, a square, a market and a Cathedral. During the Second World War, the island was almost completely destroyed. The cathedral was restored in the 1990s.

Currently, on the island of Kant in Kaliningrad there are: the Kaliningrad Cathedral, the grave of Kant, a sculpture park, a Honey bridge connecting the island with a Fishing village, as well as a sports ground. Learn more about Kant Island in Kaliningrad...

Photo of the Kneiphof island layout on the central square in Svetlogorsk

Photos of Kant Island and the Cathedral in Kaliningrad

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