Budapest ruin bars - and devastation can be attractive (pubs, clubs, street food, cafes and restaurants)

Ruin bars or ruin pubs firmly came in the evening culture of Budapest and has already become a symbol and tourist attraction of the city.

The ruins bars in the literal and figurative sense represent the bars located in old and dilapidated buildings of the Central city, received a new interpretation, while retaining the original "naked" walls, window openings without glass and entrance openings without doors.

The interiors of the ruin bars eclectic, here there are: graffiti, vintage stuff, street art and music. Due to the popularity of these institutions among tourists and some locals in the evenings, the ruins bars reigns the fun and endless parties, and the air smells of alcohol and hookahs. All this creates a unique atmosphere in which guests of the establishments enjoy the evening and nightlife in a relaxed atmosphere.

Although the ruin bars and have common features, but, nevertheless, they are all different. Some are in the truest sense of the ruins-the ruins bars, while others were only distant features and the ruins are more like regular pubs.

In the capital of Hungary the city of Budapest, the ruin bars are concentrated on the pest side, for the most part in the historical Jewish quarter, in the heart of Erzsébetváros district (Erzsebetvaros). The ruins bars are outside of the Jewish quarter. Remark, the true ruin bars were not so much.

In the evening and night in some streets of Erzsébetváros district is full of life pohlesche than in the daytime, such as street, Kazinczy u, Akacfa u and the adjacent streets.

The emergence of a culture of ruin bars

The term "ruins pub" or "ruins bar" was born over 15 years ago, when in 2002 he opened the first of such institutions under the name Simple curt. Over time the bar became so popular that similar institutions began to appear in the streets of Budapest today in Budapest there are various "beer ruins".

The present ruins of the bar - this place is literally located in the ruins. The interiors of these bars usually are simple and uncomplicated. Here old furniture, retro accessories, the walls are painted, as the saying goes: "Who in what is ready". Ruins bars can be decorated in an eclectic and(or) modern style, depending on what kind of owner that makes the atmosphere of this institution is unusual and attractive.

Some ruins bars are not just bars, they also have themed nights, exhibitions, theatre performances and concerts, and even a Sunday Breakfast and a Sunday farmer's market.

Day in most pubs you can eat and(or) drink: beer, cocktails, coffee, tea, etc., and just enjoy the atmosphere, having examined the interior in daylight and a small number of people. But in the evening and night-time bars, usually filled to capacity by visitors.

On the ruins bars culture "the ruins of Budapest" is not stopped now, in addition to the ruin bars, there are also other subjects of the ruins of the establishments of gardens-bars, located outdoors; street foods - places where there are an abundance of booths (tents) with snacks and meals; the ruins restaurants; ruins, cafes and disco-bars (the ruins of the clubs) where you can dance.

Ruin bars, street food restaurants and disco-bars in Budapest

Attention! Ruin bars can close, move or evolve (now the ruins of a small bar, and two months later, café or restaurant). Therefore, to clarify information about a particular bar is recommended directly before visiting.

Ruin bar Simpla (Szimpla Kert)

Simple Szimpla Kert or Kert is the pioneer of the culture ruin bars, the most visited and famous of the ruins pubs.

Simple is truly a ruin bar, with all the consequences like interior and atmosphere inside the pub atmosphere.

This place is worth a visit if you want to soak up the atmosphere of a true ruin bar (with a capital "R" and not "B"). All the other ruin bars, in our opinion (different tastes, needs too), is, above all, bars and pubs, and "ruins" in their interiors is not exactly on one of the first places.

Address ruin bar Simpla: Kazinczy u. 14, Budapest. Read more about the ruins bar Szimpla...

Pub UdvarRom (Füge Udvar)

Small compared to Employ, bar, atmosphere is also not so alive and intense, but the shade of "ruins" priceval.

Pub-address: Klauzal u. 21.

The website of the pub: legjobbkocsma.

Street foods in the Jewish quarter

Street Food Karavan

Great street food, located near the ruins of bar Simple, at the address: Kazinczy u. 18.

The tables are outdoors and in tents and from ft-auto sell snacks and drinks as the Hungarian and national cuisine: hot dogs, burgers, salads, pasta, French fries, chicken in breadcrumbs, sausages, bread langos, etc.

Food court Racskert

In the tables which are also located in the open air and meals are served from kiosks.

Address: Dob u. 40.

The ruins of the clubs (disco) in the Jewish quarter

The ruins of a disco club Fogashaz and Instant

In fact, this is one club with two inputs.

The club's three dance floors with different music and a few bars, between which you can move freely. In the high tourist season is, the club is not overcrowded. Admission is free (complimentary).

Address: Akacfa u. 49-51.

Website: instant-fogas.

Night club Doboz

Small bar-club with indoor and outdoor venues.

Address: Klauzal u. 10.

Site: doboz.

Other ruin bars, ruins-ruins cafe and restaurants

Bar-cafe Kisuzem

This is the bar that is vaguely reminiscent of a ruin pub, but actually is an artificial modern ruin bar.

The bar hosts exhibitions, concerts, jazz performances.

Address bar: Kis at diófa u. 2.

Bar-disco Anker t

Ankert is one of the biggest ruin bars in Budapest with a large beer garden under the open sky, where they conduct parties and other events.

Address bar: Paulay Ede u. 33.

Bar-café L CsendesEtterem

Csendes LEtterem - surreal ruins of the bar, where classic interior diluted with trinkets and everyday objects, the paintings on the walls and typical furnishings.

Address café bar: Ferenczy Istvan u. 5.

The ruins restaurant Pub Kiado Budapest

Restaurant café just with a slightly perceptible echo "ruin".

In this casino you can just eat.

Address: Jokai ter 3.

Red Bar, Ruin Bar

Themed bar "Communism" with an undisputed sense of humor about the political past.

Address: Iranyi u. 25.

Bar-cafe Puder Barszinhaz

Address: Raday u. 8.

Website: puderbar.


bar Fekete Kutya (the address: Dob u. 31),

pub Ellato Kert & Taqueria (address: Kazinczy u. 48),

- bar-garden Kőleves kert (address: Kazinczy u. 37, website:,

- restaurant-ruins Mazel Tov (address: Akacfa u. 47, website: mazeltov), etc.

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