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The ruin bar of Szimpla Kert, Budapest (Szimpla Kertmozi) - legendary pub

Ruin bars or ruin pubs firmly came in the evening culture of Budapest and has already become a symbol and tourist attraction of the city.

In the capital of Hungary the city of Budapest, the ruin bars are concentrated on the pest side, for the most part, in the historical Jewish quarter, in the heart of Erzsébetváros district (Erzsebetvaros).

One of the most visited, most recognizable and interesting of the existing in-kind (note, those left a bit) is a ruin bar Szimpla Kert (Szimpla Kert), full name Simple Kertmesi (Szimpla Kertmozi) can also be known as Simply curt.

This legendary pub exists since 2002 and was the founder of such institutions. It all started with a simple, young and creative guys without big financial possibilities, pouring beer at festivals, decided to open his establishment. To this end, they purchased the old building in the European quarter and began to create, as they say, "what was as they could".

Brought old furniture, some accessories for decoration, old car Trabant, sawed bath, which did a the interior of the bar and began to pour beer. By the way, the car body and sawn bath are still in the bar.

As time went on, people went to an establishment and, not surprisingly, the decor and atmosphere attracted more and more visitors. The case gained momentum, the pub has flourished and expanded.

Currently, ruin bar, Szimpla is a legendary pub with an eclectic interior, painted the walls, where you can drink beer or smoke hookah sitting in the bathroom, where from the ceiling hangs the bikes or TVs, old cabinets, tables, garden benches, chairs, pianos, mannequins, toys, mirrors, old signs, magazines, lamps, pictures, clothes, potted plants and lots of stuff.

The pub occupies two floors and includes several halls, both open (for fresh air) and located in the premises.

On site, in General complicated, there are 9 shelves (bars), which sells more than 400 different beverages from spirits, cocktails, wine, beer and ending with coffee and water. There is a hookah.

The pub not only to drink but also to eat or snack.

Beer prices start from 900 - 1 000 HUF, alcoholic cocktails - from 2 000 HUF, hookahs, all on the water (choose only tobacco) - 5,000 HUF.

The pub also offers various themed evenings, for example: folk music, performances of groups of singers, etc. Every Friday - "open sphene", where anyone can perform anything (in a one guitar, one bass and one Cajon).

Day the pub is crowded and in the evening - not crowded. However, although it is said that there is no free space to find, such is always somewhere Yes will show up, the guests are replaced fairly quickly. In a pinch, you can sit on the steps of one of the staircases that such a school is also a great option.

If the bar is full, then the input is going to the queue, which moves quite quickly.

Today the pub Simple, it's not just a bar-a drinking establishment, but also in the back yard, organize a Sunday Breakfast and a Sunday farmer's market.

Address ruin bar Simpla: Kazinczy u. 14, Budapest.

The website ruin bar Simpla: szimpla.

Photo ruin bar Szimpla Kert

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