Villa Stuck, Munich - Museum of the Stuck Villa

Villa Stuck - historic Villa in Munich, which was originally a private mansion and Studio of the German painter and sculptor Franz von stuck, and today it is a historic house Museum and art exhibitions.

Art Nouveau Villa was built in the years 1897-1898 for Franz von stuck (February 23, 1863, Tettenweis 30 August 1928, Munich). In 1914-1915 Villa was completed, - when it was attached to the workshop building.

Franz von Pieces he planned the Villa in every detail, from architectural shell Villa garden with shapes and finishing with details of internal furnish and furniture. At the world exhibition of 1900 in Paris, the Villa furniture was awarded the gold medal.

Since 1992, the walls of the Villa houses the Museum Villa Stuck (Museum Villa Stuck), which presents stored historical room of the Villa with furniture, the artist's Studio, a collection of the works of Franz von stuck and exhibits of applied art of the 19-20 centuries. The Museum also Thing temporary exhibitions, including contemporary art.

At the main entrance with the columns, located the sculpture "Amazon". The bronze statue depicts a young woman throwing a spear with his right hand and seated on a wild horse.

In the house-Museum of the Villa you can visit the lobby, waiting room, library, boudoir, dining room, Smoking room, music room, the stairwell and the former Studio of the artist.

When visiting the Villa, guests first enter the lobby, which is decorated with antique ornaments, reliefs and sculptures. Black-and-white floor mosaic with the symbols of animals under their feet, and black and ochre-yellow lines slip on the white walls.

Reception room is always noted as the most magnificent room in the house because of its rich decoration and as the most vivid expression of the artistic nature of the Piece.

In the hall are: marble, silk trim, gold mosaics, mahogany furniture, a fireplace, and bronze busts.

Next to reception is the music room, the ceiling of which is made in the form of a starry sky. The room also features animal figures, figures of the Greek sagas, furniture, paintings and sculptures.

The Pieces are not very fond of music, but his wife Maria has performed as a talented singer. Some concerts were held in the music room.

The passage with niches on the side walls, which housed the library Thing, leads from the salon in a former boudoir and dining room. Here, after Executive rooms, started a private residential area Villa owners.

Previously this part of the house was lavishly decorated with tapestries, carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture that were destroyed during the Second world war.

End private residential premises was a Smoking room, which was lined with "red damask" and are luxuriously decorated, including a hand-carved mirror frame from moldings.

This sequence of three rooms is now not preserved due to severe damage caused during the war; and today the premises serve as exhibition rooms for the collections of the Museum of the Villa, which presents paintings and sculptures by Franz von stuck, especially his earlier work.

Staircase in modern style leads to the "Holy of holies" - the Studio Thing on the top floor.

The ceiling above the stairs is made in the form of shells.

Former artist's Studio "workshop Stuff" (Atelier Stucks) was originally a Studio master, but with time acquired increasing importance as the representative of trade and exhibition space, and banqueting facilities. The Studio is constantly have been re-configured by Stucom and, accordingly, changed the furniture in the Studio.

Today's workshop is more like a ceremonial hall, where tapestries, elaborate flooring, and is similar to altar the structure of the controversial masterpiece the Thing "Sin".

From the wide Windows of his Studio overlooking Royal Avenue Prinzregentenstrasse.

The Villa has a garden artist with a cafe. The garden also has a terrace surrounded by an arcade of columns and a gazebo.

Practical information

Villa stuck, located on the East Bank of the ISAR river, in the district of AU-Haidhausen (Au-Haidhausen), close to the angel of the world, at Prinzregentenstrasse, 60 (Prinzregentenstraße 60).

Distance from the Central square of Munich - Marienplatz, is around 2.3 km away.

The entrance to the Museum Villa Thing paid.

Admission fees and days and hours of operation of the Museum of the Villa we recommend you to contact just before visiting on the official website.

The website of the Museum Villa stuck in Munich: villastuck.

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