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National Theater in Munich - Opera House (Nationaltheater München)

The national theatre of Munich, also known as the Bavarian national Opera house (National Theatre, German title: Nationaltheater München) is an Opera theatre in Munich, which is one of the most famous Opera houses in the world.

The walls of Munich's National theatre are the home of the Bavarian state Opera, the Bavarian State orchestra and Bavarian state ballet.

The national theatre is a major piece of European classicism.

The main appearance of the theatre form a wide staircase, a portico with eight Corinthian columns and a triangular pediment duplex with statues and paintings, which together resemble a Greek temple.

The main facade of the theater opens to the square of max Joseph (Max-Joseph-Platz). South facade overlooks the Maximilianstrasse (Maximilianstraße). And on the North side theater is adjacent to the so-called New theatre Munich residence (Residenz Theatre).

It is from this theatre and the beginning of its history, the area of max Joseph, which in 1802 was demolished Franciscan monastery, to make room for the construction of the National theatre.

The construction of the theater began in 1811 by order of king Maximilian I Joseph, for the reason that in the neighboring theater Coville was too small.

National theatre "Odeon" (Theatre de l Odeon), Paris acted as the mastermind of the idea for the facade of the National theatre building in the classical style.

The theatre was designed by architect Karl von Fischer and opened in 1818.

In 1823 the theatre was destroyed by fire.

In 1825, the theatre was restored by the architect Leo von Klenze, who added to its design the Gothic revival elements. This building was destroyed during the Second world war - the air RAID on the night of 3 October 1943.

New - the third and current theatre was built in 1963, preserving the old elements, though in a more new and enlarged version.

National theatre (right) in the ensemble theatre's residence (left)

The architectural interest in the interior of the National theatre in Munich are the Royal hall, stairs and lobby.

The theatre has a glamorous interior design, which harmoniously combines red, Golden and ivory.

The theatre can accommodate 2 to 100 people. The auditorium was decorated by Jean Baptiste Motive in the late Empire style. The area of a scene is 2,500 m2, which makes the theatre's third largest Opera stage in the world, after the opéra Bastille in Paris and Opera theatre Wielki in Warsaw.

At the national theatre is the portrait gallery (Porträtgalerie), which is part of the (Munich) Opera history and holds portraits of people, including artists associated with the Bavarian state Opera.

Some of the artists date back to the 18th century, and they were depicted posthumously.

Practical information

In addition to regular concerts, several times a week at 14:00 hours at the National theater tours, which last about 60 minutes. The tour includes, among other things, a tour of the Royal hall, the ionic hall, art gallery, theater, auditorium and, if possible, on stage.

There are also regular excursions for children and youth, including thematic tours.

Guided tours for school classes and groups, and private tours which can be arranged separately and in advance.

From time to time held exclusive night tours, during which visitors can even peek behind the scenes.

The National theatre address: Max-Joseph-Platz 2.

The website of the National theatre: the staatsoper.

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