BMW Museum in Munich + BMW Welt

The BMW Museum in Munich is an automobile museum dedicated to the history of the BMW brand and products.

The Museum was founded in 1973. From 2004 to 2008, the Museum was renovated in connection with the construction of nearby buildings, BMW Welt (BMW Welt). The Museum reopened its doors on 21 June 2008.

Unusual building of the Museum, in the form of large bowls or salad bowls were designed by the architect of the headquarters of BMW, the Vienna Professor Karl Schwanzer.

Today the BMW-Museum in Munich is one of the most famous and visited museums not only in Munich but in the whole of Bavaria and even Germany.

The Museum is located near the Olympic Park, next to the tallest building - the headquarters of BMW, together with which represents a conspicuous advance.

View of the Museum, the building is the headquarters of BMW and the BMW Welt from the observation deck of the Olympic tower

In the exhibition space of the Museum, a total of approximately 5 000 m2, are the original and the most interesting exhibits of cars and motorcycles of different years, engines and aircraft turbines. Some of the areas of the Museum dedicated to advertising, design and development of the brand BMW. The Museum has permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The entrance to the Museum is on the first floor, where reception and cash Desk, where you can buy tickets to the Museum. On the floor below located closet.

The interior of the Museum leads its guests in a spiral from the top down and then bottom-up - allowing visitors to move from room to room, thus acquainting with the most important coins in the history of BMW and giving the opportunity to explore the exhibits, including vintage cars and motorcycles, sports cars, aviation and automotive engines.

The exhibition space and the objects in the Museum BMW

Exhibition area with motorcycles. The bikes are behind glass, in a multilevel display.

BMW 3/15 PS Limousine

BMW 328 Touring Coupe

Race cars and racing suits

Room with cars engines and turbines aircraft

Cars 3 and 5 series in different years create

BMW 700, 1964


The site, which presents the model of the car, created in different years

BMW 3/15 PS, 1930

BMW 315/1, in 1934

BMW 328, 1936

BMW 507, 1956

BMW Z1, 1988

BMW Z3, 1995

BMW Z8, 1999

Small double Isetta, which, because of its unusual shape, was nicknamed the "car bubble".

Landing in this little micro-car carried out through the only door that opened in front, the wheel moves together with the door.

Due to the low price and efficiency of fuel burned and, consequently, increased demand, sales of cars Isetta was originally an Italian production, the rights to which were purchased by BMW that have improved the engine power "Isetta" from 9.5 HP to 13 HP, helped to get the concern of the post-war crisis.

Converted car "Isetta" was used, including, for the secret transport of people across the border between the GDR and the FRG. In a small and hidden from the eyes vacated after the alteration of the machine, the engine compartment was secretly transported one person.

First cab in the legendary car was made a few minutes before midnight on may 23, 1963. "The fugitive" was Manfred Koster, assistant which this difficult matter was the childhood friend of Klaus günther Jacoby, who at that time lived in West Berlin, and whose revamped small car, Manfred, and made his escape from the GDR. After a successful escape, the machine was dismantled to hide evidence from the host to the memory only remained a coveted key to the car. And hired the students that made the first carriage as the drivers continued the work on the same principle. They were taken from East Berlin about a dozen people until one of the students did not sleep at the moment of passing the border hidden in the car woman.

In the reproduced area of the former engine compartment in the BMW-Museum, you can personally to test fit if you would in the secret compartment and could be there illegally cross the Berlin wall.

BMW 2002 TI 1968

The hall in which the cars of the BMW M series, including the car James bond.

The engines of cars from M series where you can listen to the sound of the engines.

Video sound of car engines M series

BMW 730i, 1990

On the top floor of the Museum (across the hall of the first floor) are changing exhibitions which presents the latest technical and prototypes of future cars.

BMW Welt (BMW Welt)

BMW Welt - a multifunctional exhibition center, which is used for the presentation of the BMW production and distribution of BMW cars, conference and forums.

BMW Welt is located across the street from the Museum of BMW and is connected to the area near the Museum's elevated pedestrian walkway.

In the motor show of BMW cars. If the shop of the accompanying goods (clothes, accessories, electric scooters, etc.) and cafés.

In some cars you can sit and feel such or, riding the iron horse (motorcycle), make a few shots, while presenting yourself driving on the roads of Germany.

Practical information

The BMW Museum is located at the address: Am Olympiapark 2.

BMW Welt located at the address: Am Olympiapark 1.

Entrance to BMW Welt is free (free).

The entrance to the BMW Museum:

- full ticket - € 10;

- pensioners, disabled persons, students up to 27 years, children and adolescents up to 18 years old (upon presentation of supporting documents) - 7 Euro;

- group (minimum 5 people) - 9 Euro;

- family (maximum 2 adults and 3 children under the age of 18 years) - 24 euros.

Attention! Ticket prices are subject to change. All the necessary information: working hours, cost of tickets, tours and other conditions we recommend to check before you visit on our site: bmw-welt.

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