Hofbräuhaus in Munich - Historic Brasserie

Hofbräuhaus is a famous and one of the oldest beer halls in Munich.

The hofbräuhaus was founded in 1589 and is opened by the Bavarian Duke Wilhelm V as the court brewery. Original Hofbrau brewery stood next to the Old yard (Alter Hof) - the former fortress and castle. When the demand for beer has grown in 1608, the brewery moved to a larger building, the so-called Platzl - today square, which is a restaurant-Hofbrauhaus beer.

Ordinary people were not allowed in the brewery and beer until 1828, when by decree of king Ludwig I in the walls of the Hofbräuhaus has opened a public pub and restaurant.

Over time, due to increased demand and the influx of visitors, the brewery and the beer became crowded in one building. In 1896, the brewery moved to a new building on the Wiener square, (Wiener Platz) at: Innere Wiener Straße 19, which is currently in the historic building that houses the restaurant "Hofbraukeller" (Hofbräukeller) with a beer garden. Today, the brewery Hofbrau (Hofbräu), located in Munich at: Hofbräuallee 1, and in two historic buildings, which previously housed the brewery operated beer restaurants.

In the same year (1896) is a historical building in the center of Munich square Platzl it was decided to rebuild a modern and more great gastronomic institution. In 1897 a new building was constructed beer hall in its current form.

In the early 20th century, Munich became one of the most popular holiday destinations and meetings of citizens.

Currently hofbräuhaus functions as a beer restaurant with beer garden, and is one of the oldest, the biggest and most famous restaurant not only in Munich, but outside of Bavaria.

The hofbräuhaus is located in Munich's old town (Altstadt), close to the Central square of Marienplatz, at the intersection of the square and the streets Platzl Brauhausstrasse (Bräuhausstraße), at the address: Platzl 9. The main entrance of the square Platzl. Read more about square Platzl...

View of the restaurant with square Platzl

View of the restaurant from the street Brauhausstrasse

The atmosphere, the interior and halls of Munich

The three-storey building with attic, several indoor dining rooms and beer garden, located under the open sky.

Some hall (Schwemme, "cellar")

Great and famous hall of the Inn. Photography of this room can, in most cases, to see if we are talking about a restaurant in Munich.

The hall is located on the first floor and at once, as you come to the pub.

In this historic room is always crowded and noisy. It is here that prefer to spend time most of the guests, thereby personally breathing the atmosphere of "Bavarian beer".

In the hall of densely placed large wooden tables, some of which are in the hall since 1897. On some tables you can see the signs - these tables are intended for the regulars of the institution. Immediately to the left of the main entrance, near reception, is one of the prides of the institution - a real rarity: a Deposit of personal beer mugs of the regulars.

This room was previously the place in the court brewery, where beer was brewed, and now, under a painted cross vaults, can accommodate up to 1,300 people.

In the center of the room Some is a stage for musicians, which every day playing local music chapel.

At the entrance to the pub and in the room shops kiosks Hofbräu, where you can buy branded mugs and glasses, Souvenirs, accessories, clothes, etc.

Beer garden (Biergarten)

Under centuries-old chestnut trees is fenced historic walls of the hofbräuhaus tavern, summer place restaurant is a beer garden in Munich.

The beer garden has space for nearly 400 guests.

Rooms on 2nd and 3rd floors of the Inn

On the second and third floors of the restaurant are small halls and small rooms, for those wishing to spend time in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Each room has its own style. So in rooms with partially antique furniture and paintings. The ceilings and walls of some rooms are decorated with paintings.

In the Bay window (closed balcony) is room (Erkerzimmer) and bar (Erkerbar), of which overlook the square Platzl.

The most famous hall and the pearl beer yard is a Ceremonial hall (Festsaal) - historical festive hall, located on the 3rd floor and has a width of 17.5 metres and a length of 42 meters. This hall with a barrel ceiling and a painted wall decorated with pink and blue frescos of Bavarian coats of arms and flags belonging to the territories once ruled Bavaria. There is also a stage for the orchestra.

In the gallery of the Ceremonial hall are functioning in the exhibition hall, where you can get acquainted with the history of the brewery and beer Hofbrau. The exhibition is open daily from 9:00 to 17:00 hours. Admission is free (complimentary).

In these halls it is possible to book seats in advance. While in the hall of Some that on the ground floor and beer garden - reservation of seats is impossible.

Beer and food in the Brasserie-style restaurant in Munich

In the walls of the Inn offer several types of Hofbrau beer (Hofbräu):

- Hofbrau dark beer (Dunkel HB): a refreshing, spicy, traditional Bavarian beer - 1 litre, the cost of 9.20€;

- Beer Hofbrau original (Original HB): with bitterness - the volume of 1liter, the cost of 9.20€;

- Munich wheat beer (Münchner Weisse) - volume 0,5 liter, the cost of 4.90€;

- Radler Helles (Radler): a light beer with lemonade - the volume of 1liter, the cost of 9.20€;

- Radler dark (Dunkles Radler): a dark beer with lemonade - the volume of 1liter, the cost of 9.20€;

- Rus n (Ruß'n): a wheat beer with lemonade - the volume of 1liter, the cost 9,80€;

light non-alcoholic beer (HB Weisse alkoholfrei) - volume 0,5 liter, the cost of 4.90€.

The menu also has wine, spirits, soft and hot drinks.

Food: appetizers, salads, homemade soups, vegetarian dishes, sausages from the private butcher shop in Munich, bread, side dishes, desserts and special dishes of Munich.

The menu is in several languages, including Russian.

To see the menu and prices, location halls, booking tables, as well as to clarify the opening hours of the Brasserie-style restaurant on the official website of Munich: hofbraeuhaus.

The Hofbrau brewery in Munich

Historic brewery Hofbrau (Hofbräu) produces beer since 1589 and, of course, in accordance with the purity Law.

Focuses on natural raw materials, which is sourced mainly from regional producers.

With seasonal Beers, such as a Maypole, the Oktoberfest which is brewed exclusively for the autumn beer festival, the Oktoberfest (Hofbräu has his tent at Theresienwiese during the festival) and non-alcoholic beer, brewery Hofbrau offers a total of 13 grades of foam, some of which are currently exported to 30 countries, including USA and Australia.

Currently in Munich beer is brewed in the brewery "Hofbrau Munich", located in the district of Trudering-Riem (Trudering-Riem), at: Hofbraeuhaus 1, 81829 Munich (Hofbräuallee 1, München).

The tour of the brewery Hofbrau

Exploring the art of brewing "Hofbrau", can enjoy a tour of the brewery "Hofbrau Munich." During the tour participants will learn about beer and its preparation, see with your own eyes what preparing this drink, you will visit the brewhouse and fermentation, as well as get acquainted with the principles of bottling and storage.

Tours are conducted in German, English and Italian. Groups of 10 to 30 people (age 16 years).

Tours are conducted by prior arrangement, Monday to Thursday:

at 10:00 with a meal included the Bavarian sandwiches wheat or white sausage in the hall "Bierstuberl" brewery. The price is 15 EUR per person;

at 13:00 without the meal. Tours cost 10 euros per person. The tour lasts from 60 to 90 minutes.

A week before Oktoberfest and during the festival, tours are not conducted!

The tour of the brewery starts in the hall "Bierstuberl" at: Hofbräuallee 1, München.

Find out all the information about the tour and the beer, as well as apply for a tour on the official website of the Hofbrau brewery: hofbraeu-muenchen.

Personal opinion about a beer restaurant in Munich

Attention! This section is a purely subjective opinion.

Munich - the place is very touristic.

The kitchen at the hofbräuhaus, nothing impressive - below average.

Beer! - beer Hofbrau - who tried, he knows like everything in the world - "the Amateur". For us mediocre.

The waiters begging for tips.

In the hall on the ground floor there is an atmosphere of hustle and bustle, is noise and hum. For lovers of peaceful atmosphere in which with a leisurely pleasure, you can taste the foam - definitely not suitable.

Empty seats in a hall on the first floor (no reservations) can be found even in the evening peak hours. The guests are replaced fairly quickly. The tables are large, for any table let it be some availability. You can sit down on empty seats, even if the table is already sitting a few people, on this principle, and to operate such institution.

Conclusion: look to the pub in Munich with the aim to touch history, to witness one of the oldest, largest and famous restaurants-Breweries in Germany, as well as just being in the atmosphere with a German accent - it might be worth. You can enjoy a glass of beer, and then, if you want to go to a better place.

We drank in the hofbräuhaus beer, tasted sausages (better not tried) and went to the Paulaner im Tal, at the address: Tal 12, which has already been clean, pleasant atmosphere and with great pleasure enjoyed by beer Paulaner.

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