Olympic mountain in Munich (Olympiaberg) - observation deck and landscape park

The Olympic Mountain or Olympiaberg, may be known as the Olympic Hill, is a hill of artificial origin, about 60 meters high, located in a park area that is part of the Munich Olympic Park.

The history of the current Olympic mountains originated after the Second world war. Until 1938, this place was the airfield Munich oberwiesenfeld underground station.

In the postwar years, relatively flat and desert area behind the centre of Munich, it was not used and, in the process of recovery activity Munich, used to dump the ashes and debris of a bomb damaged city. In this place were brought broken bricks, stone, rubble and other remains of the destroyed buildings of Munich. Process occurred between 1948 and 1957. Resulting in near city rose a mountain of debris with a height of 56 meters.

Ahead of the Olympic games of 1972, the place of the former airfield, including where the debris was taken, was chosen for the construction of Olympic facilities. The mountain with the remnants of "the former Munich" became part of the Olympic Park (Olympiapark).

In the process of creating a landscape design mountain it was decided to fill the earth. After that formed the hill was planted with trees, equipped lawns, paths to travel and places to stay and a mountain of garbage has become one of the venues of the competitions and was named the "Olympic mountain".

Today, the "Olympic mountain" is the highest point of the earth's surface in Munich and is a Park area and observation deck, a Playground, a memorial (monument) to the victims of the Second world war. The mountain used by local residents and visitors for recreation, walking, Jogging and Cycling. In the snowy winter days the slopes of the hill used for sledding.

Views of the Olympic mountain the Olympic Park site (opposite side of the lake)

Views of Olympic mountain and lake Olympia from the observation deck at the Olympic tower, also part of the Olympic Park. Read more about Olympic tower and observation deck...

Photo landscape Park at the Olympic mountain

On top of the mountain is an observation deck with a 360-degree review. There are places to stay.

The mountain offers beautiful views of the Olympic Park, including the lake Olympia, the Olympic stadium and the dome of the roof of the facilities of the Olympic Park.

The mountain also see the silhouette of the city centre.

On the slopes of the Olympic mountains is a cafe - beer garden "Olympiaalm", with tables under the open sky.

Walk in the Park and visit the observation deck of the Olympic mountains can be freely (free).

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