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Petrovskaya curtain of the Peter and Paul Fortress, Saint Petersburg

Petrovskaya kurtina-part of the fortress wall and the former defensive structure of the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg (Zayachy Island), intended for the defense and defense of the fortress.

In curtin there are the eponymous Peter's Gate, poterna, exhibition rooms and a gift shop.

Initially, the construction of the Peter's Curtain, as well as the entire Peter and Paul Fortress, took place from 1703, and then the fortress structures, including to save time, were built of wood and earth (wood-earth fortifications). The section of the rampart (kurtina) connected and now connects two bastions - Gosudaryov and Menshikov; and to the kurtina (from the eastern side) leads St. John's Ravelin.

The construction of the curtain wall in stone took place in 1717-1719 according to the project of the architect and engineer-fortifier D. Trezzini.

The name "Petrovskaya" comes from the Petrovsky Gate arranged in the curtain.

Initially, the curtain had twenty two-tier casemates. In 1907-1909, they were rebuilt in single-tier with a change in window openings.

At various times, the casemates were adapted for the barracks of the Invalid, Artillery and Engineering companies of the fortress garrison, officers ' quarters, warehouses of food and construction materials. To the right of the gate was a guardhouse-a guardhouse, with two casemates for the general detention of prisoners. At the end of 1825 - the beginning of 1826 there were sailors of the Guards crew-participants of the Decembrists ' speech.

Under the kurtina, near the Menshikov bastion, there was a fortress canal, filled in in 1882, a fragment of which was uncovered and made a museum in 2003.

Today, within the walls of the Petrovskaya Curtin there are exhibition rooms, including a collection of porcelain and glass from the 18th and 21st centuries, as well as a souvenir shop.

Peter's Gate, located in Curtin, is the main front entrance to the fortress and is dedicated to the glorification of Russia's victories over Sweden in the Northern War.

Also, the gate is the only surviving triumphal structure of Peter the Great's time. Learn more about Petrovsky Gate…

Today, in the Petrovskaya Curtin, a poterna (from the French word "poterne" - a closed secret passage in the form of a gallery in the fortress structures) is available for inspection.

Poterna was created in the early 18th century, but since the Peter and Paul Fortress was never used as a defensive fortress, in the 19th century Poterna was covered with earth.

In the 20th century, a heating main was laid in Potern.

For the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg, Poterna was restored and opened to the public. The passage is located in the wall and begins to the left of the Peter's Gate and runs inside the wall of the Sovereign's bastion for a distance of about 150 meters, ending in the casemate.

Various exhibitions and events are held in the tavern and casemate, and the premises are also available for rent.

InThe Tsar's Bastion, which is adjacent to the Petrovskaya Curtin, is the museum of architectural art ceramics, the exposition of which presents the history of the development of decorative ceramics in architecture and interior decoration of the 18th - early 20th centuries.

You can climb to the roof of the Gosudaryov Bastion, where the Nevsky Panorama sightseeing route is laid on wooden bridges, which runs along the roof of the fortress wall from the Gosudaryov to Naryshkin bastions.

The ascent to the roof can be carried out for a fee, from the inner wall of the bastions, where the ticket offices are also located. Learn more about the Nevsky Panorama...

Practical information

Petrovskaya Kurtina is located in the eastern part of the Peter and Paul Fortress.

You can find out about the exhibitions and collections in the Peter and Paul Fortress and on the territory of the entire Peter and Paul Fortress on the website of the State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg: spbmuseum.

The entrance to the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress is free (free of charge).

Nearest metro stations: "Gorkovskaya" and "Sportivnaya".

All accommodation facilities in St. Petersburg, including in the city center and near the Peter and Paul Fortress, can be viewed and booked here

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