Orag house, Munich (ORAG-Haus)

The ORAG-Haus is a historic house that is an administrative, business and residential building located in the south-eastern part of Munich's old town.

The house was built in 1896-1897 as the business building by Johann Grassley, the owner of the construction business, and max Krause, on the site of the previous building.

The building was purchased by merchant Arnold Gettem in 1926, and in 1929 became the property of Atelier tailoring "ORAG", which is still located in the building.

The house was badly damaged during the Second world war. Repair work began in 1945. For the reconstruction of the facade in 1976, the city of Munich was awarded the annual award. In 1980 the house was listed in the list of monuments of Bavaria.

Today the house Orah is a magnificent building, with Bay Windows, murals and stucco on the walls.

House Orah is located between the area of St. James (Sankt-Jakobs-Platz) and streets of Oberanger (Oberanger), at the address: Oberanger, 9.

To home Org on the South side is adjacent to another famous building - house of Ignaz Gunther (Ignaz-Günther-Haus), who from 1761 to 1775, was a residential and work location in the Bavarian sculptor Ignaz günther. Read more about the house of Ignaz günther...

View of the house Orah (right) and the narrowest house of Ignaz Gunther (left)

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