St. Jacobs Square in Munich (Sankt-Jakobs-Platz)

St. James ' Square or St. Jacob's Square (Sankt-Jakobs-Platz ) is one of the most popular public squares in Munich, located in the south-eastern part of the historic old town, close to the Sendling City Gate and the central square of the city - Marienplatz.

The square dates back to the 13th century when the Franciscans operated the chapel of Jacob and looked after the pilgrims.

Until the 19th century St.-Jacobs-Platz was an important public space and the market.

The area was largely destroyed during the Second world war. Subsequently was restored only partially and temporarily served as a Parking lot. In 2003, a competition was announced to redesign the square. After construction works in March 2007, the square was created by the Jewish center.

Today, the area restricted from vehicle traffic. The square is lined with places to stay, the fountain, two museums, a synagogue and a Catholic Church.

The objects in the area of St. James

Complex Jewish center

The complex of the Jewish center located on the South side of the square and is an architectural ensemble consisting of: synagogue Ohel Jakob, which opened in 2006, the community center, the Jewish cultural community of Munich and Upper Bavaria and Munich's Jewish Museum, which opened in March 2007.

The complex consists of three independent buildings located in close proximity to each other. Three building architecturally unified, primarily through the forms and use of the travertine stone of the Swabian ALB as a binder material. Read more about the complex of the Jewish center in Munich...

The Munich city Museum

The Munich city Museum (Münchner Stadtmuseum) is located opposite the Jewish centre and the architectural differs from the last.

The Museum was founded on July 29, 1888 on the initiative of the city archivist Ernst von Destula.

Today, the Museum occupies an entire block. Consists of two courtyards that are framed by four completely different buildings.

In the walls of the Museum has permanent and temporary exhibitions that tell the history and the fate of the city, national socialism in Munich, migration, the history of cinema and puppet theatre from the 19th century, fashion, music, advertising art, urban culture, etc.

Part of the Munich city Museum is the Museum of the history of cinema (Filmmuseum), which exists since 1963 and has a theater for 165 people. Read more on the Munich city Museum...

Historic buildings

In the Western part of St.-Jacobs-Platz there are two striking historical buildings:

- house ORAG (ORAG-Haus / ORIG house), which is a historical building with Bay Windows, paintings and stucco work on the walls.

The house was built in 1897 as a business building.

In 1929, the building became the property of Atelier tailoring "ORAG", which still is within itself.

Home address: Oberanger, 9. Read more about home Org...

- the house of Ignaz Günther (Ignaz-Günther-Haus/ Ignaz-günther-Haus), which is a four-storey building with gabled mansard roof, which adjoins the house ORAG on the South side of the latter.

From 1761 to 1775 the house was residential and workplace of a German sculptor and Woodcarver working in the Bavarian Rococo technique of Ignaz günther.

The house has two visible facade: the East overlooks the square of St. James 20, West - street Oberanger 11 (Oberanger). Read more about the house of Ignaz günther...

The Church of St. Jacob on the Anger

The Church of St. Jacob on the Anger or Saint James / Jacob (Kath. Kirche St. Jakob am Anger) is located at the southern boundary. The area was named in honor of the Church.

St. James's Church is a monastery and Institute Church, which dates back to the 13th century when the Franciscans operated the chapel of Jacob and looked after the pilgrims.

The oldest part of the original Church dates from the late 12th century. The Church was converted into the first Church of the Franciscan monastery in 1250.

During the history the Shrine was rebuilt several times. The latest destruction occurred during the war, when the Church was demolished down to the exterior walls. In the years 1955-1957 was built a new red brick building that you see today.

Currently, the Church is part of the women's monastery complex of the sisters of Notre Dame who lead a traditional school for girls.

The facade is decorated with clock, bell tower and curved glass Windows.

The Church interior is made in bright colors. Above the altar is the crucifixion. The Church hall is decorated with several important art works, including medieval sculpture of St. James, the works of Erasmus Grasser. The flat ceiling is decorated with colorful modern frescoes.

Address of Church: Unterer Anger 2 / Sankt-Jakobs-Platz 1.

From the North-West side of St. James blends in with the area Sebastian (Sebastiansplatz / Sebastiansplatz), North side which is characterized by 3-and 4-storey buildings - former houses (structure in neo-Renaissance style), some of which have survived to the present day and mostly date from 1761-1890 years.

It is the oldest complete row of houses in Munich. Some of the houses are architectural monuments. Read more about square Sebastian...

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