Toerring-Jettenbach Palace in Munich (Palais Toerring-Jettenbach)

Palace Tering-Jettenbach (Palais Toerring-Jettenbach) was built in the 18th century in the Rococo style plan Ignatz Anton Ganardinero for the count and field Marshal of Bavaria - Ignatz Felix Count von Terring Jettenbach.

In those days the mansion with courtyards was the most sophisticated aristocratic Palace in Munich.

Today, the former Palace of Turing-Jettenbach, is one of the ornaments of the square of max Joseph (Max-Joseph-Platz) and is located on the South side of this square.

Prior to the construction of the South wing of the Munich residence and the demolition of the Franciscan convent, to accommodate the square of max-Joseph, the Northern facade of the Palace of Turing-Jettenbach, which is now on the Plaza of max Joseph, remained without ornaments, because it was adjacent to the Franciscan monastery.

After the demolition of the monastery and the facade of the Palace was renovated by the architect Leo von Klenze columned portico. A model for the columns of the Palace were the innocents or foundling hospital OSPEDALE degli Innocenti, (Ospedale degli Innocenti) in Florence. Murals tamer of horses in the portico was made by Johann Georg Hiltensperger.

from 1836 to 1839 years, the Palace was handed over to the Central post office and residence.

The Palace was badly damaged during the Second world war. West facade of the building was not restored, instead it was rebuilt in a contemporary way.

After the post office moved out, many parts of the building were removed and(or) renovated in 2009 and fully preserved arcade on the North side were incorporated into the new building. Inside, nothing remains of the original design.

Initial plans called for that building to be used as a luxury hotel. Finally, under the marketing name "Palais an der Oper", it took place the transformation of the building in the commercial and residential centre on Maximilianstrasse.

The walls of the former Palace are located: shops, restaurants, offices, residential apartments on the upper floors and underground Parking. The Louis Vuitton company opened a fashion boutique on the ground floor (the Louis Vuitton Munich Residenzpost).

The courtyard of the former Palace is now the courtyard with commercial premises and the main entrance into the interior of the building.

The building is a monument of architecture of Munich.

Building address: Residenzstraße, 2.

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