Church of St. Luke, Munich (Lukaskirche)

The Church of St. Luke (German: St. Lukas), also called the Lukaskirche, is the largest Protestant church in Munich, and is the only almost completely preserved Lutheran church in the historic part of the city.

Often the Church is also called the Cathedral of Munich Protestants or the Protestant Cathedral in Munich (Dom der Münchner Protestanten). However, the Church is not a pulpit of the Bishop.

St. Luke's Church is located on the west bank of the Isar River in the Altstadt-Lehel district.

The Shrine was built in 1893-1896 years by the German architect albert Schmidt. The construction of the Church was due to the fact that the population of Munich quickly grew, including at the expense of immigrants from other regions of Germany, many of whom were Lutherans, and two existing at the time of Evangelichesko-Lutheran churches already don't have enough space for the parishioners.

At the time of the Bavarian Royal family was interested in the protection of the Catholic character of the city, so the Lutherans, for the erection of a modest Church, first gave land in the Northern part of coal island (present - Museum island with the German Museum). But the Church Council was not satisfied with this fact and was able to convince the Prince Regent Luitpold and the government of Upper Bavaria that the project Schmidt demanded more land than allocated to coal island. After construction of the Church was allocated a larger plot on the West Bank of the river.

The first stone of the Church was laid on 29 June 1893. The Church was consecrated in honor of St. Luke's in 1896. The financing of the construction was carried out mainly through donations.

The Church was erected in the parish Church in 1900.

During WWII, oddly enough, this great Church has remained virtually intact. However, the stained glass Windows of the Church did not survive the air RAID. To maintain the original, mystical impression of the premises of the Shrine, colored glazing, which is so important for the Church, was restored immediately after the war.

Today this magnificent and without a doubt, an exquisite architectural building also stands on the shore of the river and attracts the attention of a predominantly Romanesque features two high towers overlooking the river and a large dome, with a height of almost 64 feet.

Church of St. Luke, together with St. Maximilian Church (St. Maximilian) nearby parts of the urban extension of the 19th century on the Eastern (left) Bank of the river ISAR.

Overlooking the river ISAR and St. Maximilian Church

View of the ISAR river and East river Bank - the dome and tower of the Church of St. Luke (left)

The interior of the Church of San Lucas is based on early Gothic.

High main altar of the Church, the works of Gustav Adolf Goldberg depicts the burial of Christ. The altar dates from the period of construction of the Church (between 1895 and 1896 years) and is unique to the Evangelical Lutheran churches in Munich.

In the Church-building Department, there are on.

Lukaskirche is a popular place for concerts of Church music and other cultural events.


The main altar



Practical information

The address of the Church of Saint Luke: Mariannenplatz, 3 (Mariannenplatz).

The website of the Church of Saint Luke: sanktlukas.

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