St. Paul's Church, Munich (Kirche St. Paul)

St. Paul's Church (St. Paul's Church, German title: Kirche St. Paul), also called the Church of Paul, or Paulskirche (Paulskirche) Catholic Church, located South-East from the historical centre of Munich, in the heart of Munich-Isarvorstadt (Isarvorstadt-Ludwigsvorstadt), at the address: St.-Pauls-Platz 11.

The city of Munich in the late 19th century quickly developed and grew, which led to the necessity of construction of new parish churches. Among the newly built churches was the Church of St. Paul.

The Shrine was built between 1892 and 1906 in neo-Gothic style according to plans by Georg Ritter von Hauberisser, who is also planning the construction of the New town hall square Marienplatz. The Paulskirche became the first parish Church in the district Ludwigsvorstadt.

Today the Church of Paul stands near the Theresienwiese, which hosts the famous annual autumn Oktoberfest festival and, along with the Frauenkirche, the Shrine is one of the tallest and one of the most powerful of the religious buildings in Munich.

Special attention to the Church are attracted by the high and monumental main Church tower, which soars towards heaven on 97 meters.

In addition to the main tower, the Church also has two Western towers with a height of 76 meters. The outer mantle of the Church consists mainly of limestone of Ansbach. Above the main arched portal (entrance) of the Church is a big window-rose. The facade of the Church decorated with sculptures, carvings and turrets.

The bells of the Church of St. Paul, which is one of the deepest tunes in Munich, comes from the six Church bells.

The original interior of the Church was almost mystical and ornate. One of the main decorations of the Church was the high altar on slender columns with a 11-meter stone canopy. However, a part of the Church was destroyed by air raids during the Second world war.

During the reconstruction of the Church (1950-ies), it was decided to make the interior in a more modern style with simple shapes.

Today the main hall of the Church is quite simple and freely divided by volume columns with an arched ceiling and three naves. The Church has a pulpit and organ, was established in 1977 by William Steberl.

Observation deck in the tower of the Church of St. Paul

In the upper part of the main tower of the Church is a circular observation deck, made in the form of balustrades.

From a viewing platform overlooking the Theresienwiese, Munich and the surrounding area. In good weather you can see the Alps.

The facility is open for visitors during the Oktoberfest.

Attention! Days access to the observation may vary, please specify the information directly in front of visit.

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