450-year-old Lipa in Svetlogorsk - a natural monument

There is one interesting monument in the resort town of Svetlogorsk - a monument of wildlife of All-Russian significance - a linden tree, whose age is more than 450 years.

The 450-year-old linden tree has an 8-meter girth, and information about this long-lived tree is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

There is a popular belief that has come down to our days, which says: if you quietly approach the Quiet lake, hug a lime tree and cuddle up to her faces, count to 7 and whisper your cherished wish seven times, then it will definitely come true, provided, of course, no one has seen you.

The 450-year-old Lime tree, together with two other lime trees growing nearby, is located on the territory of the former "Mill Pond" (currently on the eastern shore of Lake Tikhoe), which is the beginning of the Raushen resort (now the city of Svetlogorsk). Learn more about the Lake Silent in Svetlogorsk...

These heart-shaped linden trees (small-leaved linden) belong to the linden family.

A large leafy tree with a height of 15-26 (up to 40) meters, having a slender trunk and a spherical crown.

The leaves are alternate with long, up to 8 centimeters, cuttings and with a heart-shaped plate with a diameter of up to 9 centimeters. The edges of the leaves are finely toothed, with a drawn-pointed tip.

The original yellowish-white flowers with a diameter of up to 1 centimeter have a pleasant delicate smell and are collected in thyroid inflorescences with an oblong light yellow bract leaf 3-7 centimeters long and 1.5 centimeters wide. The lime tree blooms in June-July. The fruits have the shape of rounded felt-lowered nuts with a diameter of 4-8 millimeters.

Active plant growth stops at the age of 130-140 years. Linden is a long-lasting tree that lives up to 500 years, and sometimes more.

Linden trees grow in broad-leaved mixed forests of the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere. In Western Europe, mainly lime trees are planted in parks and they are traditional trees for decorating village squares.

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