Karlstor in Munich (Charles Gate)

Karlovy Gate (Karlstor) is one of the old city gates in Munich, originally part of the city's defensive system, and today it is the western border of the historic old city of Munich.

Many visitors to the city begin, while others finish, their walk through the old town of Munich in this place.

The gate was built during the construction of the second city fortification of the city from 1285 to 1337 and at that time was called the Neuhaus Gate or Neuhauser Tor. The gate served as one of the main defensive fortifications and a checkpoint.

Photo of the medieval Neuhaus Gate, complete with moats, barbican and bridges

Over time the gate has been enlarged and strengthened and rebuilt several times. The gate was redesigned in neo-Gothic style in 1861, the last change was made in 1902.

The current name "Karlstor" has been used since 1791 , when the nearby Karlsplatz square was created on the western side of the gate and the fortress walls and towers were demolished for this purpose, leaving only the gate itself.

After damage caused during the Second world war, the gate was rebuilt in a simplified form.

Today, along with the Sendling Gate and the Isar Gate, which also mark the limits of Munich's old town, the Charles Gate is one of the three remaining gates of the city's former fortifications.

To the East pedestrian gate leads to the pedestrian area of the city to a busy shopping street Neuhauser (Neuhauser Straße) and in the West bring to the area in the heart of Munich (Karlsplatz).

With the southern and Northern sides of the gate adjacent to the two buildings with galleries and commercial premises (shops, cafes).

Themselves on the pedestrian gate is a small two pseudo-Gothic towers connected by a bridge. The tower and the bridge gates framed by decorative prongs. Portals (passageways) in the gate is designed to have three high Lancet arches: the Central one (main) and larger, located under the connecting bridge and two side - smaller in size, located in the towers of the gate.

Photo East side of the gate (from Neuhauser straße)

Photo of the western side of the gate (from Karlsplatz Square). Outside the gate is a view of Neuhauser Strasse in Munich's old town

Area information Karlovy gate

The pedestrian gate located on the Western border of the old town of Munich near Karlsplatz square (Karlsplatz) and, together with the area represent one of the most significant architectural ensembles and is one of the most famous sights of Munich. Read more about Karlsplatz...

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