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Buildings Kahn Forteza Rey and El Aguila, Palma

House Can Forteza-Rey (House Kahn Forteza Rey) and the building of El Aguila (Edificio El Aguila) are among the most beautiful, striking and memorable buildings in the historic centre of Palma de Mallorca.

The buildings are located near each other on the Marques Palmer (Plaça del Marques del Palmer), near the main square of Palma, Mayor square.

Because buildings are close, it is visually perceived as a single architectural ensemble.

The house can Forteza-Rey was built in 1909 in the style of modernism, as the famous work of Antoni gaudí, which are now adorn Barcelona and some other cities of Spain. Author and owner of the project made by Luis Forteza Rei.

Five - and six-storey at its core the building was originally planned as a dwelling house. It gives the impression of a rich sculptural decoration, the Central balconies face flanked by two winged dragons on the level of the 2nd floor and a corner Bay window.

The building of the "Aguila" was built in 1908 by architect Gaspar Bonasera in the art Deco style - an eclectic style which is a synthesis of modernism and Neoclassicism.

The structure of the building consists of 4 floors. On the facade are balconies with wavy iron railings, polychrome ceramics, and an abundance of vegetable items.

On the first floor are located commercial premises.

Side facade of the house Forteza-Rey

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