City Hall of Palma de Mallorca (Ajuntament de Palma)

City hall of Palma de Mallorca or Palma city hall (city hall of Palma Ayuntamiento de Palma de Mallorca is the Catalan name: Ajuntament de Palma), located on one of the Central and busiest squares of the city - Cort square (Plaça de Cort) and is also known as the building of the Court, which has received the name of the whole area. The court in Catalan means "court".

The three-storey building of the town hall has a facade in Baroque style with elements of Gothic and mannerism - a traditional Majorcan style. It was built between 1649 and 1680 by architects years Re Bauca, Miquel Oliver and Bartomeu Calafat.

On the main facade of the town hall overlooking the square Court, highlights some significant elements, such as:

is a gigantic wooden roof that overhang the building. The cornice protrudes over the main façade of more than three meters;

- long balcony with six Windows and a Central glass door;

watch Figuera (Figuera d'en Rellotge), originally installed in the clock tower, but in 1848 moved to the building of the Court for the reason that the tower was damaged by a tornado and dismantled. In 1863, the watch was replaced with a new one. Then the clock function was not only to notify time, but their ringing was also used to report hazards, events or celebrations. In the 19th century they were used to declare a curfew. The clock was restored in 1964 and subsequently electrified Fernando Fernandez Andres, municipal watchmaker of the city Council of Palma.

The building is the city Council of Palma.

In the building there is a collection of giant mannequins of kings and other important characters which are used for festivals in the city. And in the main hall of the town hall are portraits of notable residents and famous figures of Mallorca.

Address town hall: Plaça de Cort, 1.

Visit the town hall of Palma:

Open days to the building of the city Council of Palma is held every Sunday at 11: 00 o'clock in the Catalan language, 12:00 PM in Spanish.

Every first Sunday of the month the visit is in the afternoon in English.

Attention! Visit the town hall require pre-registration or reservation (group limited). To know the exact time of the tours and booking terms and conditions visit here.

The town hall, with the Royal Palace (Carrer del Palau Reial) is another significant building is the Palace of the Council of Mallorca (Palau del Consell), which attracts the attention of a neo-Gothic façade and a spacious lobby that you can visit. Read more about the building of the Council of Mallorca...

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