Arab Baths, Palma de Mallorca (Banys Arabs de Palma)

Arab baths in Palma (Banys arabs de Palma) are one of the most ancient and symbolic monuments in Mallorca.

Also the Arab baths is one of the few examples of Muslim architecture on the island and the only bath of its kind in Palma, although it is known that initially the baths were more - at least five.

After conducting a number of studies failed to determine the exact date of construction of baths. Nevertheless, most historians come to the conclusion that baths are dated to the 10-11 centuries, when Mallorca was Arabic Madina-Majorkey (Madina Mayurga).

The Arab baths were part of the Alcazar Palace, or famous and rich character.

Baths in Palma are identical to those that existed in many Islamic cities. The structure of the building was copied from the Roman baths that were the precursors of the Muslim baths and used not only as places for bathing, but also as a space for meetings and intimate conversations.

To our days have survived, not the whole complex of baths, but only a part, which is a small building with several entrances and internal spaces.

One of the most interesting aspects of baths is a room meant for taking hot baths, so-called Caldarium (Caldarium) is one of the main areas of the Roman bath - room with hot water.

Square room with twelve columns, which separate the Central part of the hall with a high domed roof from the main walls, which form a gallery with a barrel vault.

The columns are connected with primary parts of the room a horseshoe-shaped arches, which are characterized by capitals with architectural ornaments. These columns are likely to have been borrowed from old buildings, some of which were built in Roman times.

The Central room in the hot baths also has twenty-five holes, including on the ceiling (most of them are still closed). The holes were used for the penetration of natural light and air and steam to escape from the premises.

The floor was formed of a double layer separated by spaces with holes through which circulated the hot air and water for floor heating and facilities. Because of the temperature of the floor covering water quickly evaporated, creating a hot steam atmosphere in the room.

Domed ceiling

Exit from the main room

Also in the complex of baths still preserved a few areas: small long room with a barrel vault, which could serve as a corridor (hallway) with dressing room (apodyterium) and cold room; and a tepidarium - a warm, dry room, designed to warm up the body. There are remains of pipes for hot water and steam.

In a small room you can watch a movie telling the story of the Arab baths.

Directly in front of the bath complex has a small garden with greenery, places for recreation and alleys for walking.

Practical information

Arab baths located in the historic centre of Palma, at the address: Carrer de Can Serra, 7.

Coordinates: 39.56811700, 2.65079500.

The cost of the entrance ticket is 3 euros. Tickets can be purchased at the entrance.

Photo of the entrance to the Arab baths in Palma

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