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Illetes, Mallorca (ses Illetes)

SES Illetas Illetas or just may be known as SES Illetes - a small resort (city), located in the municipality of Calvia in the southwestern part of the island of Mallorca, 8-9 miles from the centre of the island's capital - Palma.

From the North-East coast of Illetas is bordered by city and area of CAS Catala (Cas Catala), and from the South-West area of Bendinat.

Illetas (Illetes) is the Catalan translates as "Islands". Near the South-Western tip of the coast of the area located a group of three small Islands, by which the resort was named Illetas or SES Illetas.

Illetas is different from other nearby resort areas that is quiet, calm place to relax in the lap of nature in marine waters. This resort is chosen by those people who want to relax from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the tranquility.

The Beaches Of Illetas. The Coast Of Illetas

The coast of Illetas mainly rocky and indented by small bays. However, within the resort there are several sandy beaches, beach clubs and 4-and 5-star hotels located directly near the sea, and having areas with direct exits to the sea waters.

Although Illetas and can not boast an abundance of well-equipped beaches, however, the coast area has a gently sloping rock formations, which also sunbathe and relax resort guests and local residents.

The beaches and coastline of Illetas in the direction from North-East to South-West (as distance from the Palma de Mallorca)

The Beach Of Bougainville

Bougainvillea beach (Platja Buguenvil·lia / Bougainvillie), also called caló dels Mal's (Calo dels Malls or Calo dels Mais) is located in a Cove, flanked by rocky formations.

At the Western end of the beach goes invisible border areas of Illetas and CAS Catala, for this reason, many sources say that the beach as Illetas and CAS Catala.

Beach area is divided into zones: the Western and Eastern part of the Bay is gently sloping rock formations, while the Central part of the beach - unextended strip of sand with an average width of 20 meters.

Sea water is clean and clear, the bottom is mostly sandy with depth is gradual.

In high season the beach offers sun loungers and parasols (sun lounger or umbrella 4,50 Euro), there is a shower, booths and cafe-bar, located on a sloping rocky ledge near sea waters.

Beach coordinates: 39° 32’ 45” N - 2° 35’ 44” E.

Close to the beach of Bougainville to stay in 5-star hotel Hospes Maricel y Spa with infinity pool with sea views, a terrace, a Spa center, a restaurant, a bar and a private dock.

Room rates can be inclusive: Breakfast or Breakfast and dinner. Link to the hotel booking

Coast further

For the beach Bougainville coast of Illetas has a gentle rock formations and concrete platforms, which are equipped with ramps into the sea.

Bay Harris

Kahlo de forest Gerres or Cherries (Calo de les Gerres) is a small Bay surrounded by shallow rock formations.

In the centre of the Bay is a narrow beach and rocky strip of sand with no amenities. On the beach there are boxes. In the marine waters of the Bay, perhaps setting small boats at anchor.

From the South-West side of the Bay, near the sea is a 5 stars hotel Gran Melia De Mar, surrounded by gardens and has a small beach and 3 swimming pools and a Spa.

Room rates can be inclusive: Breakfast or Breakfast and dinner. Link to the hotel booking

Coast further

The coastline then is concrete and rocky coast, parts of which are equipped with ramps into the sea. Here are: the beach club "zodiac" with garden, swimming pool, terrace and restaurant; dive center.

In this part of the city SES Illetas, elevated position, directly off the coast, is located 4-star Barcelo Illetas Albatros adults only.

The hotel has direct access to a natural Cove, as well as a Spa, outdoor pool, rooftop terrace and hot tub.

The room price includes: Breakfast or Breakfast and dinner. Link to the hotel booking

The Cape de Sa Cova

Punta de Sa Cova (Punta de Sa Cova) is a small rocky and sloping promontory projecting into the sea water.

On the promontory itself, and near is a 4-star hotel Palace Bonanza Playa & SPA. Directly on the Cape is the hotel garden - outdoor area with swimming pool, sun loungers, sun umbrellas and is equipped with slopes into the sea.

The room price includes: Breakfast or Breakfast and dinner. Link to the hotel booking

Cala Brochet

Brochet Cala or Cala Broget (Cala Brogit) - a tiny rocky Bay, flanked by high rocky formations extending into the sea water.

Near the Bay, on the hills, are hotels:

- 4 star hotel Europe Playa Marina, located on the East side of the Bay.

The hotelhas an outdoor pool, sun terrace, pool bar and free Wi-Fi.

The room price includes: Breakfast or Breakfast and dinner. Link to the hotel booking

- The 4-star Roc Illetas, located on the West side of the Bay, consisting of 4 buildings and having direct exit to marine waters.

In hotel: 2 outdoor pools, a terrace with sea views, a Spa and a fitness centre, a bar and free Wi-Fi.

The room price includes: Breakfast or Breakfast and dinner. Link to the hotel booking

Reef Alates

Reef Alates or Ascoli den Kaga Laces (Escull d'en Caga Alathes) is characterized by a gently sloping rocky beach with a concrete surface, which is the beach club "Purobeach Illetas" (Purobeach Illetas - Beach Club).

The beach clubhas a restaurant and a bar, sun loungers and sun umbrellas, swimming pool, terrace, equipped with slopes into the sea, free Wi-Fi and SPA treatments.

The website of beach club "Purobeach Illetas": purobeach.

Access to the beach club, is either by steps from the street Passeig Illetes (there is also Parking for cars) or along the coast from the nearby beach of Illetas.

Beach Illetas

The eponymous Illetas attractive beach (Playa de Illetas) is a small sandy beach Cove with all facilities accessible as the road and through the beach club "Purobeach Illetas", and also on the rocky coast from the South-West of the coast of Illetas.

This beach is one of the largest in Illetas. It is surrounded by rock formations.

On the beach of fine pale sand. The beach is about 200 meters and its average width is 50 meters. Sea water is clean, the bottom is mostly sandy, depth comes rather abruptly.

In the high beach season on the beach provided with all necessary infrastructure beach: sun loungers and parasols, and there are urns and a shower, toilet and a café-restaurant, Wellness facilities. On the beach, a dedicated area for water activities.

Beach coordinates: 39° 32’ 12” N - 2° 35’ 26 E.

In the Bay near the beach, the possibility of setting the ships at anchor. The bottom depth ranges from 3 to 5 meters.

With the beach and the surrounding area is clearly visible a small rocky island beach (Illa de la Caleta), one of the Islands near the coast of the district. The island has an area of 5625 m2, a perimeter of 400 meters and a maximum level of 3 meters.

Near the beach of Illetas, you can get in Illetes apartment, with a balcony, free Wi-Fi, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and a flat-screen TV. The link apartments booking

Coast further

Further up the coast of Illetas, in a southwest direction, is characterized by the unextended rocky stretch of coast. This area is highly sloping, it is equipped with descent to the sea, relax and sunbathe guests and residents of the area.

Beach Comtessa

Rocky coast leads to beach-Bay Comtessa or Cala Comtessa (Comtessa Playa / Cala Comtessa).

It is a sandy beach surrounded by low slope on which grow pine trees.

The length of the beach is around 100 meters, its average width is 15 meters. Sea water is clean, the bottom is mostly sandy, depth comes sharply.

In the high beach season on the beach provided with all necessary infrastructure beach: sun loungers and parasols (cost of loungers and(or) umbrella - 4,50 Euro), there are urns and showers, toilets (EUR 0.50) and first aid. There are a cafe restaurant and car Parking.

In the Bay near the beach there are good conditions for the production of small craft and boats at anchor. Depth to bottom of sand and algae ranges from 2 to 3 meters.

Beach coordinates: 39° 32’ 04” N 2° 35’ 21” E.

Coast further

A small stretch of coastline next to the isthmus connecting the main part of the area with island L Extendor (Illa de l Estenedor), represents concrete pavement and rocky-a rocky stretch of coastline. Nearby is the beach club.

The island of L Extendor or Affairs of Pas (Pas del) the ball is connected to the main island of Majorca (area of Illetas) small isthmus, and converted into Parking. However, on the wild coast of the island near the isthmus, also have a place to stay in order a beach holiday.

On the West side of the isthmus located Bay Hinkel (Cala Xinxell), which is on the isthmus has a small sandy strip suitable for recreation and swimming. Here there are sun loungers and parasols, bins, equipped place for water sports.

Pictures of isthmus

Further small segment of the coast to merge with the area of Bendinat, rocky-stony, where you can also swim and sunbathe.

Isle de La Torre

Isla de La Torre (L'illa de la Torre), universal name - Isla de sa Torre (de sa Torre), is clearly visible from the coast of the South-Western tip of the district of Illetas.

The island has an area of 41 250 m2, a perimeter of 1200 metres and maximum 12 metres.

A remarkable island and the old signal tower, called the tower Illetas (Torre de Illetas / Illetes Torre de). The tower is located in the South-Eastern part of the island. Was built in the second half of the 16th century, about 1577. Has a round shape, inside there are the remains of a cistern which served to supply the tower with water, although, perhaps, this tank was never used for its intended purpose. The tower was a cannon.

Embankments SES Illetas

Along the shoreline of the city SES Illetas do not pass the embankments. The beaches and all the coast as a whole, separated from the road by the hotels and residential buildings, which is passing by the road, along with sidewalks and there are few shops, cafes and restaurants.

Sights and activities in SES Illetas

Important and interesting sights as well as entertainment, beyond the sea, nature and beaches in SES Illetas no.

Close to SES Illetas, you can visit:

area of Bendinat, within which there are: a children's amusement Park "Jungle Parc Junior", the Golf club Bendinat (Real Golf de Bendinat) and the Bendinat castle (Castell de Bendinat);

- the resort town of Portals nous, famous yacht Marina Puerto Portals, several beaches and an observation deck that are the best in the area;

- Park "Marineland" (Marineland Mallorca), which is a Dolphinarium and a zoo with an aquarium, tropical house and Park birds.

The Park is located around the border areas of Costa den Blanes and Portals nous, at the address: Carrer Garcilaso de la Vega 9, 07181 Costa d'en Blanes.The website of the Park: marineland;

the Sant Agustí and Cala Major, already relating to the municipality of Palma de Mallorca. Following through the areas along the coast, then along the beautiful promenade Paseo Maritimo you can walk or drive to centre of Palma with its many attractions.

Where to stay in SES Illetas: all accommodation in Illetas, you can view and book here booking

How to get to SES Illetas: taxi; car; bus:

- from Palma: No. 3 runs along Paseo Illetas, near the beaches and the sea; No. 104 and 107 passing on the road Ma-1C;

- from the airport № A11 - stop Portals nous. Or with transfers through the centre of Palma: the first bus 1 and 1R to the center or to Porthope later in Illetas.

SES Illetas on the map

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