Can Balaguer, Palma (Cal Marques del Reguer / Can Blanes) - historical house-museum

Can Balaguer or the house of the Marquis Reguera (Cal Marques del Regue) is a historical building (house) located in the center of Palma de Mallorca, at the address: Carrer de la Unio, 3.

The building is also known as Can Blanes (Blanes Can La casa Possible).

In the 16th century the house belonged to the family of Sanpada, which in the 18th century entered into a relationship with Amar de Montaner (the Marquis Reguera).

The restoration was carried out in 1730 and 1775, as a result a new building was constructed in the Baroque style around a large courtyard.

In the mid-19th century Jordi de San Simon I Montaner, the owner of the house at the time, sold the building to Anthony Blanes, the merchant of Art, who made a large fortune in America. Blanes reformed building.

In the twentieth century the house became a haven of musician Josep Balaguer, and after his death in 1951, doing his will, his sisters made a donation to the city, with the condition that the building will host the Circle of fine arts of Mallorca.

On the first floor of the house is a courtyard with columns, connected by arched doorways. The courtyard was restored after a complete renovation of the building completed in 2016.

In the courtyard café. On the ground floor nahoditsya store.

Climbed to the second floor, get in the inside of a house, which consist of interlocking rooms and hallway, including the hallway, bedroom, fireplace and dining area, decorated in the style of 19th and early 20th centuries, including furniture and household items.

In the house there are three rooms (spaces) that are of direct relevance to Josep Balaguer: art gallery, music room and a room "Louis XV".

The lobby

It was the first room from the stairs and the place where the whole family gathered and also took food.

In the room there is furniture, large clock and paintings.

Gallery of a collector

Being the protector of the fine arts, Josep Balaguer gathered a small collection of paintings.

During the family of Balagurov this space was divided into two rooms, which served as a link between the input area and the main room, where flowed the everyday life of the owners. It was in one of those rooms, and got all those who came to visit and where Josep Balaguer hung paintings by Antonio Gelabert (1877-1932 gg.).

The artist's works are represented in the room along with paintings from the municipal collections, corresponding to the period when Gelabert was an active Creator.

The room also includes furniture and Antiques.

Room before sleeping

This small room was used for sleeping, but rather was a zone of relaxation and privacy and, in particular, was available for guests. Therefore, these rooms in wealthy homes of the time also richly decorated, with their help it was possible to demonstrate the wealth and power of the family.

The room is located directly in front of the bedroom. It is the furniture, the tapestries, the massive curtains with elegant cornices and other decorative elements.


In the bedroom, massive bed made of wood, that surrounded the so-called textile wall (curtain, curtain), which were usually of damask, velvet or plush.

All bedrooms typical houses of Mallorca has some of the characteristic and important for those times items: small paintings, religious pool of Holy water and a chair.

Music room

This room was one of the main one by reception, so she was also richly trimmed and decorated.

For furniture used more expensive wood and finishing fabrics of exceptional quality.

Around 1930, Josep Balaguer has acquired a modern organ for the music room.

Room "Louis XV"

The current decoration of the room is the work of the Balaguer era Josepe. The furniture and fabrics is a new interpretation of the Louis XV style of the last third of the XIX century.

During the construction of the building it was Executive room.

In the room: the mirrors, the ornate furnishings, paintings, tapestry and various decorative objects from the collection of Domenech-vázquez, located in a glass case.

Dining room

Dining room as a special room is the room that began to get involved in planning the house, starting with the end of the first third of the seventeenth century. Then the use of the dining room was exclusively for family and, for this reason, the room was part of the personal space.

Later in the morning began to receive visitors, she became more significant place and has been updated with more luxurious decoration, including a good table, rich dishes and Cutlery made of silver.

Dining room is directly connected to the previous room (room "Louis XV"), so you can easily move from one room to another - from eating to rest, when the family was visited by a representative visit.

Fireplace room

Fireplace room was designed for public events in a more informal setting, for example, during meetings with relatives, friends and close acquaintances. So she had to be more modern, welcoming, cozy and comfortable, that can be seen in low ceilings compared to other rooms in the house, the dark curtains and large comfortable chairs.

In this room spent a lot of time for spiritual conversations and rest, often in the evening, so it was necessary not only to the furniture, allowing a more natural posture, but maintaining a comfortable temperature in the room. For this reason, in such rooms often present a fireplace.

In the room there are tables, paintings, gramophone, mirror and small decorative items.

In a separate small room you can see a documentary about the history and decoration of the house of Can Balaguer.

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