Jewish Center in Munich (Jüdisches Zentrum München): synagogue, Jewish museum, community center

Jewish center in Munich (Jüdisches Zentrum München) is a complex of buildings of the Jewish cultural community of Munich and Upper Bavaria.

The complex of the Jewish center is located in the southeastern part of the historic old town of Munich, on the South side of St. James (Sankt-Jakobs-Platz) and represents the architectural ensemble, consisting of a new synagogue, Ohel Jakob, which opened in 2006, the community center, the Jewish cultural community of Munich and Upper Bavaria and Munich's Jewish Museum, which opened in March 2007.

The complex consists of three independent buildings cubic shape, are located close to each other. Three building architecturally unified, primarily through the forms and use of the travertine stone of the Swabian ALB as a binder material.

Jewish Museum of Munich

Jewish Museum Munich (Judisches Museum Munchen) is an integral part of the Jewish center.

The concept of the Museum provides for the transfer of the diversity of Jewish history, art and culture to the present day.

Important exhibits of the permanent exhibition of the Museum thematisiert Jewish history of Munich. The installation visually and acoustically tell about Jewish life. Special attention is paid to the Jewish religion with its annual festivals (Yom Kippur, Hanukkah or Passover) and transitional rituals (circumcision, bat mitzvah, wedding and death).

The Museum also hosts temporary (changing) exhibitions, which tell about certain aspects of life, for example, exhibitions of Jewish artists, places of exile, or the history of the Jews in Munich after 1945.

On the first floor of the Museum are Jewish bookstore and a coffee shop.

Address of the Jewish MuseumSt.-Jakobs-Platz 16. The website of the Museum: juedisches-museum-muenchen.

Jewish center

Jewish community center cultural community of Munich and Upper Bavaria (Jüdisches Zentrum) offers a variety of services: courses of Hebrew language, Jewish history, religion and culture. There is a kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. There is a reference library and archive, who offer Newspapers, magazines and documents on Jewish life.

On the ground floor is a kosher restaurant "Einstein".

The centre also provides facilities for various events as private individuals and organizations.

The Jewish center address: Sankt-Jakobs-Platz 18. Website:

New main synagogue Ohel Jakob

New main synagogue Ohel Jakob (Synagoge Ohel Jakob) is a cubic free-standing building in the center of the square of St. James.

The synagogue was opened in the year 5767 on the Jewish calendar - in the year 2006 in the Gregorian calendar.

The name "New main synagogue" received in memory of the previous synagogue, which existed in Munich and were destroyed by the Nazis in 1938. The synagogue was located at: Herzog-Max-Straße 7, and is today the place is a Memorial stone of the former main synagogue in Munich.

The architecture of the New synagogue is characterized by two cubes, placed one over the other. The base of the synagogue is paved with stones brought from Israel, and, as they say, which marks the Western Wall. The upper part of the synagogue is made of metal and glass.

Glass structure of the upper part of the synagogue is in a cubic clearance nested stars of David made of steel - they are glazed and covered with metal mesh.

Inside the synagogue you can visit "Path of remembrance", which has a length of 32 meters and leads underground from the Jewish community center to the prayer room of the synagogue, which is lined with cedar wood from Lebanon and bright Jerusalem stone.

Glass plates with backlit display the names of the 4,500 Munich Jews who were deported and killed in Nazi era.

The Jewish community of Munich and Upper Bavaria organizes regular tours of the synagogue.

Synagogue address: Sankt-Jakobs-Platz 18. Website: synagogenfuhrungen/neue-hauptsynagoge.

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