Grand Hotel in Palma, Mallorca

Grand hotel is a historic building and a beautiful architectural monument located in the center of Palma de Mallorca in the area of Weiler, 3 (plaça de Weyler).

The building of the Grand hotel in Palma, it is one of the most striking and important examples of modernism on the island of Mallorca, which pass by and not notice it is simply impossible.

The hotel was designed by architect Luis Domenech and Montaner in 1903 in the style of modernism. The facade is richly decorated with sculptural elements and pottery.

The building was renovated and today is a cultural center which contains a permanent exhibition of paintings by Spanish artist Jaume Anglada Ermenegildo of Camarasa.

On the ground floor is a restaurant (Restaurante El Cafe Del Grand Hotel) and a bookstore.

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