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Meat Bridge, Nuremberg (Fleischbrücke)

The Meat Bridge (Fleischbrücke) is one of the bridges over the Pegnitz River in the historical center of Nuremberg.

This small bridge, which, because of its appearance, is also called the "Humpback Bridge", lies at the narrowest point of the Pegnitz River.

It is assumed that the very first bridge at this place dates back to 1200, while the first documented mention of the Meat Bridge dates back to 1335.

The name of the bridge "Meat" comes from the Meat House/shop (Fleischhaus) located near the bridge, built in 1570-1571. Before that, there were wooden rows of a meat market near the bridge.

Initially, the bridge was wooden. It was destroyed several times by floods and fires, until in 1487 the wooden structure was replaced by a stone-wooden bridge with a central column and two arches.

In 1595, the bridge was severely damaged by a flood and it was decided to demolish it, and in its place to erect a new, more durable structure in sandstone masonry, in which there should not have been a central pillar, and the structure itself should have been more level. On March 1, 1596, the construction of a flat one-arch stone bridge began.

The construction of the new bridge was completed at the end of 1598. At the time of construction, it was the largest single-span stone arch bridge in Germany. Since then, the bridge has hardly changed and has not been destroyed, and it was not seriously damaged during the Second World War.

Today the bridge is a historical monument and an example of Renaissance architecture in Nuremberg.

The bridge has one flat arch 27 meters long, and the height of the bridge pillars is 4.2 meters. In the center, on both sides (east and west), the bridge is decorated with two small projecting balconies. On the outside of the western balcony are the stone coats of arms of seven members of the city government of that time.

View of the Meat Bridge from the east side of the river

View of the Meat Bridge from the west side of the river

At the north-western end of the bridge is the portal "Bull"(Das Ochsenportal), which rests on one side on the former Meat House, and the other side is adjacent to the Meat Bridge.

The portal is decorated with carvings and a stone figure of a reclining bull in the upper part. The portal was built in 1599 as the entrance gate to the Meat House building.

The portal was damaged during the Second World War. In 1950, the ox on the portal was replaced by a slightly modified copy.

The Latin inscription on the portal reads: "Omnia habent ortus suaque incrementa sed ecce quem cernis nunquam bos fuit hic vitulus", which translates roughly as: "All things have their origin (beginning) and growth, but look: the bull you see here has never been a calf."

Views from the Meat Bridge

From the Meat Bridge, on both sides (east and west), there are views of the Pegnitz River and rows of buildings that come close to the waters of the river.

In the eastern direction is visible The Museum Bridge (Museumsbrücke), and in the west - the Island of Love (Liebesinsel), which is also known as the island of Tredelmarkt (Trödelmarkt), which translates as "Flea Market". The bridges leading to the island of love from the banks of the Pegnitz River are also visible: the Karlsbücke Bridge - on the left in the photo and the Schleifersteg Bridge - on the right in the photo. More about Flea Market Island and bridges...

Practical information

The Meat Bridge is located in the old city of Nuremberg and connects two Nuremberg districts that are sides of the old city: Sebald and Lorenz, including An der Fleischbrücke lane and the central Market square (Hauptmarkt).

Address of the Meat Bridge: Fleischbrücke, 35.

Near the Meat Bridge, and therefore in the very center of Nuremberg, you can stop:

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