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"Ship of Fools" in Nuremberg (Narrenschiffbrunnen) - dry fountain - sculpture

The fountain "Ship of Fools" (Narrenschiffbrunnen) is a well-known fountain in Nuremberg, which is included in the list of attractions of the city.

The peculiarity of the "Ship of Fools" is that, despite the name - "fountain", it has never been such, in the literal sense of the word and purpose - it has never been fed with water.

"To the Ship of Fools" is a dry installation of a fountain - sculpture.

The sculpture of the fountain was created in 1984-1887 by the sculptor Jurgen Weber and cast in two copies. One copy is located in Hameln (Hameln), Germany. The second one was shown in 1987 at an art exhibition in Nuremberg. Philanthropist Kurt Klutentreter bought the sculpture and presented it to the city of Nuremberg.

In 1988, the fountain sculpture "Ship of Fools" was installed on a small artificial hill in the historical center of Nuremberg.

In 1990, Kurt Klutentreter attempted to complete the sculpture as a fountain - "the ship would be a bowl, and water would flow from the figures of a galleon, a crow and a wine glass." But the water supply system was not properly laid and the idea failed, thereby leaving the fountain "Ship of fools" - like fools, without a single drop of water.

The sculpture of the fountain is a picturesque image of engravings by the German painter Albrecht Durer, which were created based on the famous medieval satirical and didactic poem "The Ship of Fools" ("Das Narrenschiff"), written by Sebastian Brant in 1497.

The bronze sculpture is 3.6 meters high and depicts a boat as a metaphor for an endangered world. The figures depicted in the sculpture and being in a boat - typical of Weber - expressively sculpted and, at first glance, seemingly moving, show the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Paradise, Adam and his murderer Cain in childhood, the allegory of violence and other scenes from Brant's poem collected in "one boat".

Two engravings on the boat, located on both sides of it, refer to the present as a call against environmental destruction, war and violence.

A plaque at the base of the sculpture

Practical information

The fountain "Ship of Fools" is located in the old town of Nuremberg, next to Museum Bridge (Museumsbrücke) and near Market Square (Hauptmarkt), on an unnamed square - where Plobenhofstrasse and Spitalgasse meet.

Addresses landmarks: Plobenhofstraße, 1-9 / Spitalgasse, 2.

Coordinates: 49°27'11"N 11°4'41"E.

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