Spain how much money to take with you

Spain how much money to take with you

Going on vacation to Spain, many people ask one important question - "How much money to take with you to Spain?". This question arises before every tourist in whatever country of the world he plans his trip.

To begin with, let's determine that the currency of Spain is the Euro. Therefore, we recommend taking only euros with you. Of course, dollars and other currencies are accepted for exchange in the country, but you can lose more on currency conversion during the exchange than you can immediately go with euros, also keep in mind that Spanish banks sometimes take a commission for their services.

The Internet is full of information that you need to take at the rate of 50 to 100 euros per person per day. Quite an impressive amount, especially if you go on vacation with the whole family, it turns out just a shocking figure, reaching up to four hundred euros per day.

I would not be surprised that this scares many people away and people simply do not go to Spain because of embezzlement that is beyond the budget of the average family. To be honest, if we proceed from these predatory calculations, many tourists would bypass Spain by the side.

How many euros should I take with me on vacation to Spain

We are quite enough for 50-60 euros for two people a day, and this is taking into account food, modest shopping, several excursions or even a trip to neighboring cities. 50-60 euros is an average amount that you can safely take with you when going on vacation to many countries of the euro zone.

Naturally , the specified amount does not include round-trip tickets, accommodation, insurance, visas. It is assumed that this is paid in advance.

By the way, the amount of 60 euros per day for two comes from the calculation of self-catering in the city, that is, a hotel without food, but with breakfast.

For example, in Spain, Alicante, 15 days we took 800 EUR (Euro), during this time, seven times we went to dinner at restaurants, buying fruit in the market (mango, papaya), I had to buy beach litter, went shopping, but nothing has chosen, and there would Zatar, drinking Spanish wine, beer, food from supermarkets, too, ate (deliberately not book hotels and guest house with a shared kitchen, well-saving you money), went to the island of Tabarca, only it left a 100 Euro (ate roast lobsters) and a lot more eating and buying small things. 120 euros were brought back home.

What makes up this daily amount, equal to 50-60 euros for two

Of course, everyone has a rest in different ways, if you are going to Spain to update your wardrobe or eat three times a day in restaurants, while skipping a glass or two of wine, then the amount of 60 euros is not for you.

60 euros per day is our average amount, which includes food, modest shopping, several excursions and small entertainment. And you can relax even cheaper, some manage to spend 10 euros a day and have a good rest. Most likely, you will not spend 50-60 euros every day, when more, when less, but as a result, the amount will even out.

Dinner in a middle-class restaurant for two with two glasses of wine or beer costs 30-50 euros, dinner in cafes and establishments of a lower class will cost 15-25 euros, coffee with a bun from 4 to 10 euros.

Buying food or semi-finished products in a supermarket or at the market, and cooking something simple from them (pasta with sauce, salad, steaks, chops), 10-25 euros will be enough for two days.

Note that in Spain the portions are large, because there are restaurants where you can take half a portion for 5-7 euros. Half a portion will include, for example, half or a quarter (depending on the institution) of chicken, French fries and fresh vegetables.

If you want to relax more comfortably, you wanted ice cream - went to the first stall you met and bought it, or if you wanted to drink a refreshing cocktail - went immediately bought and drank it, you wanted shrimp or fish - went and ordered what you want in a nearby cafe or restaurant, without looking for where it's cheaper, then, for such a holiday in Spain, you need about 100 euros per day. If you want to please yourself with a good shopping, then this amount increases based on what to buy (winter or summer things).

Making a conclusion, we can say the following: it is quite possible to relax in Spain comfortably and without a lot of money, but for this you will have to save somewhere, look for inexpensive shops/outlets and catering establishments. If you prefer a vacation without saving, then your amount for the day of your stay in the country should increase depending on your personal requests and preferences. Ideally, it is better to have a Euro bank card with you, on which the money will be located and pay with it or withdraw cash, as needed. After all, today we can spend 200 euros, and tomorrow 40 will be enough for us.

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