Barceloneta, Barcelona (La Barceloneta)

Barceloneta or little Barcelona (La Barceloneta) is a popular beach area, part of Barcelona's Old town.

The Barceloneta district has a substantially triangular shape, is a coastal district stretching along the coastline, bordered by the port Vell (Port Vell), the historic quarter of La Ribera, also a member of the Old city of Barcelona and the Olympic port (Port Olímpic).

Until the mid-18th century, La Barceloneta was virtually uninhabited area. Local fishermen were the first who frequently visited this part of Barcelona, although the marine conditions and was very unreliable. In 1754, construction began on the first houses on the alluvial lands for the residents of Ribera who were resettled by the construction of the citadel of Barcelona.

Currently, Barcelona is a busy tourist and residential area, without which it is impossible to imagine the modern image of the city of Barcelona.

Modern Barceloneta is a popular coastal town with a developed infrastructure, beaches and hotels, plenty of cafes and restaurants as well as Park area, market, Museum and a few sights.

The Beaches At Barceloneta

Within the area of Barceloneta is 4 beach, which stretches a single beach strip and smoothly changing from one to another.

All the beaches are fairly wide and sandy, have excellent infrastructure. The sand is fine and pleasant to the touch. Its color is from light gray to pale Golden. The beaches are regularly cleaned, sand dub.

Along the beach runs a beautiful promenade, well-equipped and suitable for recreation, walking and practicing certain sports. Along the beaches, cafes and restaurants.

The beach of Sant Sebastia (Platja de Sant Sebastià / Sant Sebastia beach) - the most Western beach of Barceloneta and Barcelona in General.

The highlight and hallmark of the beach of Sant Sebastia stands glass sail - the famous 5-star hotel W Barcelona.

Near the hotel is a viewing platform (Mirador Mediterráneo W), with views of the coast of Barcelona. Also there is a small Park (Little Park) and Marina Marina Vela Barcelona.

The beach of Sant Miquel (Miquel, Platja de Sant / Sant Miquel beach) - sand, well-equipped and convenient.

The beach promenade is one of the busiest among the quays of Barcelona.

Barceloneta beach (Platja de la Barceloneta / Barceloneta beach), the length of which is 422 meters and the average width is equal to 79 meters. This beach is very popular among guests of the city.

Somorrostro beach (Platja de Somorrostro / Somorrostro beach) - completes the chain of beaches of Barceloneta.

Somorrostro along the beach, above the sea, an abundance of cafes and restaurants, also night clubs, entertainment, and casino Barcelona. Distinguishes this beach and it is a major tourist attraction and one of the attractions of Barceloneta, is a modern sculpture of Frank Gehry's "Golden fish" (Peix d'or) is a symbol of the Olympic games of 1992.

Close to the beach are two modern hotel: 5-star Sofitel Barcelona Skipper is located just 100 metres from the beach and a 5-star design hotel Arts Barcelona, whose Windows overlook the beach and the Olympic port. Read more about all the beaches of Barcelona...

Port Vell Barceloneta

Within Barceloneta includes a large part of Barcelona port with a Marina, along which runs Boulevard de Borbo Joan (Passeig de Joan de Bordó).

Today it is a place for walking and relaxing.

Museums and attractions Barceloneta

The Museum of the History of Catalonia, created in 1996 by the Catalan government and located in the building of the former port warehouses - the only building of the Old Port of Barcelona, built in 1881, which has survived to this day.

The Museum contains a permanent exhibition telling about the history of Catalonia from ancient times to the present, including the era of the dictatorship and of modern democracy. In addition, café terrace of the Museum overlooking the port and the surrounding area.

The lighthouse tower or Clock tower (Torre del Rellotge Barcelona), located at the Fishermen pier (Moll de Pescadors).

The lighthouse was built in 1772 by the fishing pier and worked until the mid-19th century. When the port was upgraded, the use of the lighthouse obsolete. To save the base, the tower was converted to hours in the mid-19th century.

The tower of San Sebastian (San Sebastian), a height of 78.4 meters - tower of the funicular (cable car) connecting Barceloneta with montjuïc (montjuïc fortress).

A good option to visit the sights of Montjuic and explore the port and surroundings from a height.

The Church Sant Miquel del Port (Esglesia de Sant Miquel del Port), located on the square in Barceloneta (Plaça de la Barceloneta) in the center of which is a lamp with a drinking fountain.

The Catholic Church was conceived as a new arrival to Barceloneta and built between 1753 and 1755 years Juan Martin Cermeno, in the Baroque style.

Barceloneta market (Mercat de la Barceloneta) is a small market located at Plaça Poeta Bosca, 1.

Mercat de La Barceloneta, due to its location, from the very beginning was exclusively marine, and fisheries nature, and represented the open-air market.

A new, reformed market, rebuilt in 2005 - 2007, was a commercial, architectural and gastronomic landmark of Barceloneta. Modern design, retains the original structure of the building, which was erected in 1884 (the architect Antoni Rovira and Trias).

In the market there are two bars, restaurant and supermarket.

Barceloneta Park (Parque de la Barceloneta) is a vast Park of the same name district, opened in 1996 on the draft Jordi Henrich and Olga Tarraso.

The Park is located near the sea, in the place where once was the factory of the company Catalana de Gas, who worked until 1989.

Currently, the North-Eastern side of the Park you can see the water tower plant (Torre de les Aigües), which is a work of modernism in 1905.

Also in Barceloneta notably the Casa de la Barceloneta 1761, with brick and stone facade.

Where to stay in Barceloneta

All accommodation (hotels, apartments, guest houses, hostels etc.) in Barceloneta and surrounding area to see and book here booking

How to get to Barceloneta

The metro line L4 - Barceloneta station.

Buses: 47, 59, D20, N0, N6, N8, N28, V15, V19.

From Montjuic to port Vell can be reached by a cable car montjuïc (montjuïc cable car / funicular de Montjuïc).

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