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Surfing in Munich: Eisbach waves and "Raft of the Earth" (Eisbach-Welle, Floßlände)

Do surfboards mean a lot to you?!

In Munich, there are several places for surfing that will not only make the hearts of experienced surfers beat faster, but also suitable for beginners.

Two surf spots are located in the heart of the city.

Surfing in the center of Munich (English Garden)

The Eisbach Wave

The most famous wave is located in the center of Munich - the Eisbach wave or standing wave on the Eisbach River ( Eisbach-Welle) - the famous part of the most full-flowing stream in the English park-the Eisbach stream (a tributary of the Isar River).

The "Eisbach" wave is a standing wave with a height of about a meter.

This wave attracts river surfers almost all year round.

The water here is quite cold and shallow, sometimes only 40 cm deep, which makes it suitable only for experienced surfers, as well as sometimes kayaking enthusiasts.

There are even surfing competitions on the wave.

The Eisbach wave is located under the bridge, at the southern end of English Garden, near the House of Art (Haus der Kunst) / Prinzregentenstrasse (Prinzregentenstraße).

Video "catch the Eisbach wave"

Small Eisbach wave

On the Eisbach in the English Garden, there is a second wave located 700 meters downstream of the stream-further north, which is called the "Small Eisbach Wave" (kleine Eisbachwelle).

At this point, the Eisbach is wider, so the water flows more slowly, and the wave is less "demanding", as a result of which it is used by less experienced surfers to develop their skills.

But for very inexperienced surfers on the "small wave" there can still be dangers due to the concrete borders on both sides and sometimes a strong undercurrent.

Wave landmark: E2 Kleine Eisbachwelle / River Surfing.

Swimming in Eisbach

In addition to surfing and kayaking, bathers can be found in Eisbach on warm summer days.

Although the authorities do not strictly enforce the swimming ban, they warn against dangers even for experienced swimmers, as the Eisbach has a strong current and there are no established exit points from the water. In addition, the Eisbach is shallow, which can lead to injuries not only when jumping into the water, but also during swimming, as well as due to the fact that there may be rocks, broken glass and even discarded bicycles found in the water. And finally, even in summer, the water does not warm up above 15°C, which is fraught with hypothermia.

Wave "Raft of the Earth"

The wave "Raft of the Earth" (Floßlände) is a place where the overflow of the water is quite soft and suitable for novice surfers, including children.

Attention! You can only surf on the wave at certain times during the rafting season: from May 1 to mid-September, from 14: 00 to 19:00. We recommend that you check this information before visiting the wave.

The wave is located near the southern outskirts of Munich (metro station "Thalkirchen"), on the canal, near the bridge, in the city campsite Thalkirchen.

Wave at the Wittelsbach Bridge

On the Isar River itself, at the Wittelsbach Bridge (Wittelsbacherbrücke), when there is enough water in the river (floods), a wave is formed, which is also used by surfers.

Because of the mud and branches that can be found in drifting floodwaters, this wave is used by surfers only a few days after the water level has risen.

Swimming in the Izar River

On warm summer days, parts of the Isar coast in Munich become a popular destination for swimming, picnicking and sunbathing.

On the coast and in the river, official safe places for beach recreation and swimming are allocated. There are also dedicated barbecue areas on the coast. Read more about holidays on the Isar River in Munich: swimming, barbecue, walking…

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