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Port de Soller, Mallorca (Puerto de Soller)

Port de Soller or Port Soller (Puerto de Soller) is a port, also a residential and resort area, belonging to the municipality of Soller and located 4 kilometers from the center of Soller and somewhere 34 kilometers from the historical center of the capital - the city Palm trees.

Port de sóller located on the North-West of the island of Mallorca, in the Bay of Soller. On the one hand the city is bordered by marine waters, and on the other by the peaks of the mountain range Sierra de Tramuntana. In the Bay are: a small harbour, two sandy beaches and the pedestrian zone with all tourist infrastructure.

All of this is: a small Bay with a natural exit to the sea, white yachts and boats peacefully swaying on the blue waters, buildings, lined up along the shoreline, behind which rise the Tramuntana mountains, covered with luxuriant vegetation, - create a truly impressive and unforgettable picture. So the Port de sóller is one of the most beautiful and, today, is one of the most visited harbors and resort areas of the island of Mallorca.

Beaches, promenades and the port in Port de Soller. The coast of Port de Soller

Coast and the entire infrastructure of the Port de Soller is concentrated around a natural Harbor (Bay), where the anchor can stand small yachts and boats, and on the capes on either side of the exit of the Gulf of located beacons.

The beaches of Port de sóller. The quays of the Port de sóller

In Port de Soller has two beaches.

On the beaches of light sand, from fine and loose to larger, also with occasional stones and pebbles.

Sea water is clean, the bottom is mostly sandy, slope in a shallow sea, the depth comes gradually, good for families with young children.

In the high beach season on the beaches there is all necessary infrastructure: sunbeds and sun umbrellas (beach chair from 6.50 euros, sunbeds + zones from the sun - 11,50 euros for two sunbeds + umbrella - 18,50 euros), urn, showers and toilets, dedicated places for water activities, there are service monitoring and first aid, equipped with access for people with disabilities.

On the beaches enough space to accommodate personal towel.

The beach of Port de Soller (Platja Port de Soller)

Dresses Port de Soller / Playa Port de Soller (Port de Soller Playa) or just sóller beach is the Central beach of Port Soller.

The locals know this beach as the Port of es or es Traves (Es or Es Traves Port).

The beach is just behind the port South of the main port area. In the sea, and a stone wall.

The length of the beach is around 800 meters, and its average width is 20 meters.

Beach coordinates: 39° 47’ 40” N 2° 41’ 48” E.

Along the beach promenade and the narrow road, on the opposite side where you can find cafes, restaurants, small shops and retail outlets, there are also several hotels, such as: 4-star hotel Eden Soller, the 4 star hotel Esplendido, the 4-star FERGUS Style Soller Beach and apartment ca na JB.

Along the beach, parallel to itself and the promenade, pass the tram tracks, which runs the historic tram without Windows and doors.

The tram connects the inner city of sóller with Port de sóller. From Soller to Palma, the authentic runs tourist train, which, together with the tram, constitute a single transportation network. Thus, of Palma de Mallorca can be reached by train in Soller to explore the city, then visit Port de Soller, having reached from Soller by tram. As a more budget alternative, from Soller to Port Soller can be reached by public bus. Read more about Soller...

The historic tram is one of the attractions and tourist entertainment.

Unextended part of the coast situated between landscaped areas beaches are characterized by sand, pebbles and the lack of beach infrastructure. The beaches are divided between: small pier and estuary.

Beach d'en Repik (Platja d'en Repic)

Platja d'en Repik / Playa d'en Repik (Playa d'en Repic) is the second longest, but not visited the beach in Port de Soller.

This beach is located in the southwestern part of the Bay. Its length is about 250 meters and the average width is 20 meters.

Beach coordinates: 39° 47’ 25” N 2° 41’ 30” E.

Along the beach promenade with cafes and restaurants with outdoor Seating and views of the Bay.

The beachfront and promenade are several hotels, for example: a 4-star boutique hotel Boutique Minister, the 4-star Ona Hotels Soller Bay - Adults Only for adults only and is a 3-star family-run hotel Marina.

The port in Port de Soller

The port (Marina Marina) occupies the North-Eastern part of the Bay.

In the port and such is located near: yacht moorings, diving center (Divers Soller), boat-tour agencies and rental boats, Harbor promenade with places for walking and recreation, tourist information center, cafes and restaurants.

From the port you can take boat trips along the coast of Majorca as part of a group and ordering a private yacht.

Attractions in Port de Soller

Boast attractions of Port de Soller can't. His main places of walks and recreation are the quays, the port itself and the beaches, as well as the surrounding area is mountainous-hilly terrain of the Serra de Tramuntana, where numerous well-developed Hiking trails, ideal for Hiking and Cycling.

Proximity to the Port of Soller:

- Sea Museum / Museo de La Mar (Museu de la Mar), located on the Eastern Cape, in the former oratory of St. Catherine of Alexandria (Oratorium der Heiligen Katharina von Alexandrien), which dates back to 1550 year. From the original building now preserved tower, the Windows and the portal.

With the area of the Museum offers panoramic views of the rocky coast;

- observation deck, located on the slope of the Cape, the honor above the Eastern part of the port.

With platforms offering some of the best views of the harbour of Soller, the port, beaches, mountains and countryside.

Photos of the streets leading from the port to an observation deck and Museum;

- the parish Church of San Ramon de Penyafort or the Church of Port de Soller (Parroquia de Sant Ramon de Penyafort / Iglesia del Puerto de Soller), built between 1938 and 1943, and later extended.

In a Church with wooden altar of the Renaissance of the 17th century, dedicated to Saint Catherine of Alexandria.

The Church is located at the intersection of Carrer de Canonge Oliver and Carrer de l'esglesia;

- lookout and defensive tower Pikada (Torre Pikada / Torre Picada), built in the 16th - early 17th centuries to protect from the invasion of pirates and other enemies, and was part of a defensive belt, consisting of more than 80 towers along the coast of Mallorca;

- beacons. Currently two functioning lighthouse located on the hills on either side of the entrance to the harbour.

On the Eastern Cape is the lighthouse de sa Creu (Far de sa Creu), having a range of 18 nautical miles and was built from 1928 to 1930, the old lighthouse Bufador (Far de Bufador), which was built between 1862 and 1864, and from which to the present day preserved only remnants.

In the Western Cape is the lighthouse of cases of cap Gros (Far del Cap Gros), which is the oldest of the three lighthouses (it was completed in 1859). The lighthouse has a range of 13 nautical miles;

- municipal Park (Parque Municipal) with children's playgrounds.

The Park is located at the intersection of Carrer Poeta Mossen Costa i Llobera and Carrer de Tramuntana.

How to get to Port de Soller

To get to Port de Soller from Mallorca airport only by taxi or car.

Rent a car→

From the center of Palma de Mallorca and other cities and resorts on the island to get to Port de Soller, you can: on taxi, car or public buses. From Palma can also be reached by rail tourist train + tram.

In Port de Soller busses arrive (and depart) at the stop located on the ring, 450 metres from the beach and port. The stop code: 61027.

From the bus stop to the port, promenade and beaches can be reached by the MA-2124, in the center of which passes a pedestrian zone, and on both sides there are low buildings with cafes and shops.

More information about how to get to Soller and Port de Soller can be found here.

Where to stay in Port de Soller

The choice of accommodation in Port de sóller and near the resort are very diverse, ranging from 5 - star and 4-star hotels to apartments located near the beaches and the port, and more remotely from those.

All accommodation in Port de Soller, you can view and book here

Port de sóller on the map

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