Maximilianeum, Munich (Maximilianeum München)

Maximilianeum historical and luxurious building in Munich, which is the seat of the Maximilianeum Foundation for gifted students and the seat of the Bavarian Landtag (Bavarian state Parliament).

The construction of the Maximilianeum started by decree of the Bavarian king Maximilian II in 1857. The building project was carried out by leading architect Friedrich Burklein. Construction was completed in 1874 with some modifications from the original plan.

The maximilianeum was built with the aim of supporting gifted students and placement of fellows.

The building was erected in the Renaissance style. The facade was decorated with arches, columns, mosaics and niches in which were placed the sculptural busts.

The maximilianeum was seriously damaged during the Second world war. Because of the damage Fund was faced with almost insurmountable financial difficulties. Salvation finally came in 1949, when the state Parliament and the Senate (dissolved in 1999) decided to move to the Maximilianeum. For the needs of the Parliament, during the reconstruction, the building was expanded and received several modern wings. Several reconstructions were carried out in 1958 and again in 2000-ies.

Today, the Maximilianeum is one of the most elegant and memorable buildings in Munich, included in the Tops of the sights of the city.

The building has features of Gothic and Renaissance. As before, the facade is decorated with sculptures and statues, perfectly matching arches, high arched Windows, recessed in niches, columns, mosaics and niches with busts and also lainnya jewelry.

In the walls of the building, which in appearance resembles the Palace still hosts the Maximilianeum Foundation for gifted students and the Bavarian Landtag.

To the main entrance of the building, facing the Maximilian bridge (Maximiliansbrücke) and the Maximilianstraße, has a wide monumental stairway.

The stairs of the Maximilianeum offer beautiful views of the bridge, Maximilianstrasse and some of the surrounding area.

Practical information

The entrance to the walls of the Maximilianeum impossible. Inspect the rear only from outside.

Maximilianeum is located close to the Old city of Munich (the distance from the Central square Marienplatzis 1.5 km.), in the district of AU-Haidhausen (Au-Haidhausen) on the East side of the ISAR river and surrounded by Park Maximiliansanlagen (Maximiliansanlagen).

Our ideal location, Maximilianeum gracefully towers over the river and Park, making this building even more beautiful and majestic.

The address of the Maximilianeum: Max-Planck-Strasse, 1 (Max-Planck-Straße 1).

The website of the Maximilianeum: the maximilianeum.

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