Maximiliansanlagen Park, Munich

Maximiliansanlagen is one of the public parks in Munich, a popular place for walking, jogging and relaxing in the bosom of nature.

Maximiliansanlagen was created on territory that had previously been used as pasture for sheep, between 1856 and 1861 under the direction of landscape architect Peter Joseph lenné and the Bavarian court gardener Karl von Effner.

The Park is named after king Maximilian II.

The Park is also referred to as "Maximilian Park".

Park Maximiliansanlagen located on the East side of the river ISAR (Isar) - directly on the banks of the river. Most of the Park, with its South side, is part of the Munich district AU-Haidhausen, and the Northern extremity of the Park belongs to the district of Munich (Bogenhausen).

From the Munich city centre, the historic old town, to the Park, across the river ISAR, are several bridges: bridge of Ludwig (Ludwigsbrücke), the Maximilian bridge (Maximiliansbrücke), bridge Luitpold (Luitpoldbrücke) and the bridge of max Joseph (Max-Joseph-Brücke).

A view of the Park and the river ISAR from the bridge of Maximilian

Today, the Park Maximiliansanlagen occupies almost 30 hectares, stretches for 2 kilometers along the East Bank of the ISAR and is one of the favorite places for sports activities (running, Biking, rollerblading, etc.), walks and rest.

In the Park: the abundance of greenery, paths and trails for walking, places for rest and terraces.

In the summer on the river and sunbathing among locals and guests of the city. And in the snowy winter days a small hilly parts of the Park are used for sledding and boats.

The centre of the Park is "angel of peace" (Friedensengel / Friedensengel), which is a memorial to the observation deck.

Angel of peace dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the peace Treaty after the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871 years and consists of an open square temple, built in Greco-Ionian pattern, and high columns in the Corinthian style, which is decorated with a bronze figure of a Golden angel.

Near the column of the "angel of peace" is the open area - terrace Prinzregent-Luitpold (Prinzregent-Luitpold-Terrasse), with a panoramic view to the centre of Munich.

From the centre of Munich to the angel world are: street Prinzregentenstrasse (Prinzregentenstraße) and the Luitpold bridge. Read more about memorial angel of peace and observation...

The second significant object within the Park is the Maximilianeum (Maximilianeum München) - historic luxury building, the residence of the Maximilianeum Foundation for gifted students and the place where the seat of the Bavarian Landtag (Bavarian state Parliament).

The building has features of Gothic and Renaissance. The facade is decorated with sculptures and statues, perfectly matching arches, high arched Windows, recessed in niches, columns, mosaics and niches with busts and also lainnya jewelry.

From the centre of Munich, the Maximilianeum are: Maximilianstrasse street (Maximilianstraße) and the Maximilian bridge. Read more about the Maximilianeum...

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