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Manezhnaya Square in Moscow

Manezhnaya Square is one of the main and main squares in the Central Administrative District of Moscow. In importance, it is inferior only to Red Square with all its historical and architectural monuments. The no less significant Revolution Square adjoins Manezhnaya Square.

To get to Manezhnaya Square from almost anywhere in Moscow, quickly and without traffic jams is easiest by metro. To do this, you should get off at the Okhotny Ryad, Revolution Square or Teatralnaya metro stations. All three metro stations are located within walking distance from Manezhnaya Square, as well as from Red Square with all its famous sights, the Eternal Flame and the Alexander Garden. However, if you want to get to the very center of Manezhnaya Square, it is best to get off at the Okhotny Ryad metro station. The Teatralnaya metro station is the green branch of the metro, Okhotny Ryad with the shopping center of the same name is the red branch, and the Revolution Square station is the blue branch of the Moscow metro.

Manezhnaya Square is located in the heart of the Russian capital. The size of the parade ground is not very large, the Alexander Garden and the Moscow Kremlin with the Mausoleum originate from the square. So, if you decide to visit Manezhnaya Square, then be sure to look at Red Square, as well as take a walk through the Alexander Garden, where you can watch the Honorary changing of the Guard at the Eternal Flame and the Grave of the Unknown Soldier.

Mokhovaya, Tverskaya, eponymous - Manezhnaya Streets and the eponymous street of the central shopping complex of the square - Okhotny Ryad depart from Manezhnaya Square.

Celebrations and concerts with performances by world pop stars are often held on Manezhnaya Square. In addition, Manezhnaya Square has repeatedly been the epicenter of mass rallies, including unauthorized ones. For example, during perestroika 1990-1991, in support of Boris Yeltsin and against the power of the CPSU, including during the August 1991 coup. Of modern, on December 30, 2014, an unauthorized protest action was held on the square related to the sentencing in the case of oppositionist Alexei Navalny and his brother, Oleg Navalny.

Several significant places and monuments of Moscow are located on Manezhnaya Square. One of the main sculptures of Manezhnaya Square is a monument to the Soviet commander Marshal Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, proudly sitting on a dashing steed.

Behind the monument to Zhukov you can see The State Historical Museum, and on the left The Iver Chapel (or as it is also called the chapel of the Iver Icon of the Mother of God) at The Resurrection Gate leading to Red Square. Thanks to the chapel, the Resurrection Gate is also called the Iver Gate of Kitay-Gorod, it is a double travel gate of the Kitay-Gorod Wall between the City Duma building and the Historical Museum.

Here on Manezhnaya Square at the Resurrection Gate of Red Square, on the paving stones, there is a sign "Zero kilometer of highways of the Russian Federation". It is from this point that the mileage of all roads in Russia has been counted since ancient times.

There is such a sign that standing in the center of the zero kilometer, with your back to the Resurrection Gate, making a wish, and at the same time throwing a coin over your left shoulder, the wish will definitely come true.

Also, if you believe the legends, there is such a place in Moscow, a walk through which contributes to a significant improvement in the material condition!!! This place is Manezhnaya Square!!! It is for this reason, because of the magic inspired by centuries, not counting, of course, the fact of the place of interest, all tourists coming to Moscow are so eager to get to Manezhnaya Square. Apparently, it is not for nothing that in the past centuries the townspeople called this corner the "navel of the earth". Whether this is true or not, we don't know for sure, but after visiting Manezhnaya Square, our material affairs ran uphill-:) Or maybe it's just a coincidence… who knows…

The Museum of Archeology of Moscow is located near the monument to Zhukov and the Iverskaya Chapel. Adjacent to the museum is the majestic building of the luxury hotel - Four Seasons Hotel Moscow, previously in this building was the legendary hotel "Moscow", which probably every second Soviet citizen dreamed of staying in.

One of the main shopping centers of the city has so harmoniously fit into the architecture of Manezhnaya Square in Moscow - Okhotny Ryad.

More precisely, the Okhotny Ryad shopping center is located not on Manezhnaya Square, but under the square. A huge shopping center is located underground and has three minus floors. From this location, the townspeople call Okhotny Ryad an underground store.

Above the ground, on Manezhnaya Square itself, only glass domes can be seen from Okhotny Ryad. On one of the domes there is an architectural ensemble of St. George the Victorious, who strikes a snake with his spear. The statue is located on the central and largest dome of Okhotny Ryad, next to the world map and models of the Kremlin towers. It is this sculpture that is the symbol of the Russian capital.

The Okhotny Ryad shopping complex has a fountain complex. And on the artificial Neglinka River there are sculptures by Zurab Tsereteli based on Russian folk tales - a frog Princess, a Fox and a crane, Geese-swans.

Inside the Okhotny Ryad shopping complex there are shops of both famous European brands of clothing, shoes and accessories, as well as lesser-known Russian and foreign ones.

There are catering areas where cafes and restaurants are located.

If you are in Moscow, at least passing through, plan your time so as to see the main significant places of the capital, and, of course, do not bypass Manezhnaya Square with all its embellishments, shrouding legends and a long history.

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