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Lower station «Laura» MTZ Gazprom, Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadok)

The lower station "Laura" is the initial (first) and one of the rope stations of the Gazprom mountain and tourist center of the" Laura " slope in Krasnaya Polyana (Esto - Sadok).

The lower station of the Laura cable cars is located in the valley of the Laura River (a tributary of the Mzymta) at an altitude of 550 meters above sea level.

From the lower station "Laura", ascents to the slopes of the Gazprom mountain and tourist center, located on the Psekhako ridge, begin.

The ascent from the station is possible on gondola (closed cabins) cable cars A/A1, running parallel to each other and connecting the lower station of the cable cars " Laura "with the station "Mountain shelter" Psekhako", located at an altitude of 1440 meters above sea level and is the most extensive, visited and interesting station for walking and recreation of the Gazprom mountain tourist center, both in winter and in summer.

The ascent and descent on the A/A1 lift is available with ski passes and walking tickets. Learn more about the A/A1 cable car…

At the Psekhako stationthere are: a cafe, a restaurant, toilets, a medical center, an information center, ski equipment rental, an instructor service, a children's club "Morozko", parks" Zelenaya Polyana "and" Ice Age", a 4-star hotel and spa" Polyana 1389". In winter, it is also: snow tubing, the "Tubing Cross" attraction, the "Snow Factory" excursion, children's slopes and ski slopes: medium difficulty B and D1 (chairlifts), light C1/E1 (rope lifts). In summer: + horseback riding, hiking trails, quad bikes, bike rental. Learn more about Psekhako station, routes and infrastructure...

In the building of the lower station "Laura" there are: ticket offices and terminals for the sale of ski passes and walking tickets, an information center, luggage storage, rental of ski equipment and sports equipment, a shop, a cafe, toilets and places for recreation.

At the ticket offices and terminals of the station, you can buy ski passes and walking tickets to the Gazprom "Laura" and "Alpika" ski resorts. !!! In the terminals of the station, walking tickets and ski passes were cheaper than when purchased at the ticket offices (for 2021).

Near the lower station "Laura" there are:

- parking and public bus stops;

- the Galaktika entertainment Center, which is a whole complex that contains not only shopping areas, but also entertainment areas, including a water park with a panoramic outdoor pool, an ice rink, a cinema, a bowling alley, museums, catering and outdoor terraces;

- fair and park "Green Planet" with paths, figurines, lawns, a Playground and places to relax. In the center of the park there is a cafe "Loving Kysya" with tables under the open sky;

- Sovarium, which presents about 30 species of birds, among them: owl, marsh and eared owl, barn owl, owl and splyushka, as well as the imperial eagle, kite, etc.

On the territory of the Sovarium there are show programs with demonstration flights and feeding of birds, excursions about the history of interaction between birds and humans, stories about each individual represented in the Sovarium and interactive exercises for birds with the participation of guests;

- 5-star complex "Grand Hotel Polyana".

The complexhas rooms, wooden villas, bars and restaurants with seasonal cuisine, 9 conference halls, children's clubs, 2 indoor and 2 outdoor pools, tennis courts, sports grounds, halls and a fight club.

Link to the villa Grand Polyana

Link to the Grand Hotel Polyana Villas

Link to the rooms of the "Grand Hotel Polyana"

Practical information

The lower Laura station is located at the address: Achipsinskaya Street, 16, Esto-Sadok.

The A/A1 cable cars operate all year round.

In winter, there are ski passes from midday and evening to multi-day ones.

In winter, you can buy sightseeing tours (walking tickets) on the cable cars "Laura" (A/A1, A2 and A3), "Alpika" (K1-K5) or "Laura + Alpika", as well as evening Green Glade (valid on the roads A/A1 to "Psekhako").

In summer, there are sightseeing tours on the cable cars "Laura", "Alpika" or "Laura + Alpika", as well as Green Glade and evening Green Glade.

The cost of ski passes and walking tours varies from season to season. Therefore, we recommend that you check all the information about the current ski passes and sightseeing tours, as well as the exact conditions for using tickets and their cost, on the official website of the Gazprom mining and Tourism Center.

The website of the Gazprom mining and tourist Center: polyanaski.

More information about how to get to all the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadka), including the lower station "Laura", can be found here →

All accommodation facilities in Estosadka (Krasnaya Polyana), including near the slopes of the Gazprom ski resort and more remotely from them, can be viewed and booked here

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