Shelter Vetrov - upper station «Alpika» MTZ Gazprom, Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadok)

Shelter Vetrov is one of the stations of the Gazprom mountain and tourist center of the Alpika slope in Krasnaya Polyana (Esto-Sadok).

The mountain shelter "Shelter Vetrov" is located on the Aibga Mountain at an altitude of 2256 meters above sea level and is the highest (upper) station of the Alpika slope, which is accessible to everyone, both in winter and in summer.

At the station there are: ski slopes, an observation deck, a restaurant and a high-altitude sauna.

From the Shelter Vetrov, difficult (red) and very difficult (black) ski slopes begin.

There are viewing platforms and observation points from which, even in good weather, beautiful panoramic views can be seen: on the one hand, the peaks of Aishkho, Chugush, Assara, Dzhemarku, Vorobyov Mountain and the Dzitaku ridge are visible; and on the other, the Gagrin Ridge, beyond which Abkhazia is located. In clear weather, the Black Sea is visible from.

During our ascents to the upper station "Alpika", the weather did not "smile" and, as a result, we could not admire the gorgeous views.

At the station "Shelter Vetrov" there are: a two-level restaurant "Reach for the sky" with tables on the outdoor terrace, toilets and a high-altitude bath with panoramic windows- # Neoban, which is officially registered in the Russian Book of Records. The steam room has large panoramic windows that do not fog up during vaping.

For the guests of the bathhouse, the services of a bath attendant are available: classic, women's, men's, children's or aroma-vaping. After soaring, you can swim in barrels-fonts with water of different temperatures. The total area of the bath complex is 110 square meters.

Tourists who come to the sauna after skiing are offered a special Apres Ski massage.

When booking the bath complex #Neoban, the rental price includes a lift on the Alpika cable car to the upper station "Shelter of the Winds". And for those staying in the Grand Hotel Polyana hotels and "Polyana 1389 Hotel and Spa", located on the slope "Laura", a free shuttle to the Alpika cable car is available.

At the Shelter Vetrov, paragliding and paratrake flights are possible for those who wish.

Paragliding flights are made depending on weather conditions.

Practical information

You can get to the Shelter of the Winds by climbing the cable car K1-K5 with gondola (closed) and chair cabins. The start of the cable car starts from the lower station "Alpika".

The cable car K1-K5 works all year round. Ascent and descent is possible with ski passes and walking tickets.

In winter, there are ski passes from midday and evening to multi-day ones.

In winter and summer, you can buy sightseeing tours (walking tickets) on the Alpika cable cars (K1-K5), Laura (A/A1, A2 and A3) or Laura + Alpika.

Ski passes and walking tickets to the Gazprom Alpika and Laura ski resorts can be purchased at the ticket offices or terminals of the lower stations, as well as online in advance on the website. !!! In the terminals, walking tickets and ski passes were cheaper than when purchased at the box office or online (for 2021).

The cost of ski passes and walking tours varies from season to season. Therefore, we recommend that you check all the information about the current ski passes and sightseeing tours, as well as the exact conditions for using tickets and their cost, on the official website of the Gazprom mining and Tourism Center.

The website of the Gazprom mining and tourist Center: polyanaski.

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