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Fountain «Marriage Carousel», Nuremberg (Ehekarussell)

The fountain "Marriage Carousel", also called "Marriage Fountain" (Ehekarussell / Ehebrunnen) is a large-scale architectural fountain located in the pedestrian zone of the southwestern part of the old city of Nuremberg.

The fountain may be known as the "Marriage Carousel" or the Matrimonial Carousel."

The official name of the fountain: Hans Sachs-Brunnen Fountain.

The fountain was designed by the German sculptor Jürgen Weber on behalf of the city of Nuremberg in the period from 1977 to 1981 and built in 1984.

The reason for the construction of the fountain was the round ventilation shaft of the metro, which had to be covered with something so as not to disturb the overall ensemble of the historical center of Nuremberg.

Today, the Marriage Carousel Fountain is considered one of the most important modern works of art in the city and a tourist attraction. Although initially, due to expressive figurative representations, which some of the population and the press sometimes considered extremely vulgar, the fountain was not accepted by the public.

In the photo below: you can see behind the fountain The White Tower (Weißer Turm) of the penultimate fortifications of the city and the Church of St. Elizabeth (St. Elisabeth Church).

The large sculptural composition of the fountain, made of bronze and marble, which is placed in the marble bowl of the fountain, represents six sculptural groups dedicated to and illustrating the images of the work of the German Meistersinger and playwright Hans Sachs (16th century) - "Bittersweet Family Life", written for his wife.

The sculptural pedestal depicts Hans Sachs himself, in a dancing pose.

The sculptural groups of the fountain are dedicated to the eventful periods of family life - ups and downs, sorrows and joys - from the first passionate love to marital pleasures, the birth of children, disputes and death.

Animals in sculptural groups are allegories of human pleasures, joys, weaknesses and lusts.

Practical information

The fountain "Marriage Carousel" is located at the White Tower, on Ludwigsplatz Square. Landmark address: Breite Gasse 95A.

Coordinates: 49.45054600, 11.07089800.

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