Bellavista, Mallorca: photos, beaches, hotels, description

Bellavista is a locality (urbanization) located in the southwestern part of the island of Mallorca and part of the municipality of Llucmajor.

Bellavista is located 17 kilometers from the center of the island's capital - the city of Palma and 3.5 kilometers from the resort town of El Arenal.

On the north side of the coast Bellavista borders with the urbanization Cala Blava (Cala Blava), and on the south - with Cape Enderrocat (Cabo Enderrocat), on which, by the sea waters in a restored former military fortress in the rock is a luxury 5-star hotel Cap Rocat, a Small Luxury Hotel of the World booking

Bellavista is not a common tourist destination in Majorca and is used mainly by locals.

The coast of Bellavista is characterized by a wild rocky coastline, there are also picturesque small rocky-sandy beaches-coves and exits to the sea with a gentle stone coast.

From the north of the urbanization is the beach of Calo Fort or Calo Mercadal (Calo Fort or Calo de Can Mercadal).

This is a small semi-urban beach-bay, located between low rocky slopes, which offer beautiful views of the Bay of Palm Trees, which makes this beach and the surrounding area very picturesque.

The length of the beach is about 20 meters, and its average width is 5 meters.

On the beach there is light sand, pebbles, algae and stones. The sea water is clean, the bottom is mostly sandy, the slope into the sea is gentle, the depth comes gradually.

Anchoring of vessels is possible in the bay and it is recommended to do this only in good weather.

From the road (Passatge de les Dames Street), a staircase with a railing leads to the beach.

Coordinates of the beach: 39°28'56" N 2°44'01" E.

The rocky shores near Kalo Fort Beach are also used for sunbathing.

Further along the coast is the beach of Salonet de S'Almadrava (Calonet de S'Almadrava).

It is a rocky gently sloping beach without vegetation and services, and with a steep entrance from the sea.

It is possible to anchor vessels in the bay in good weather.

The beach has a length of 90 meters and an average width of 10 meters.

Coordinates of the beach: 39°28' 55"N 2°43’55"E.

This is followed by a rocky beach-Cove Mollet de Can Tem d'es Cafe.

The beach is divided into two parts by a rocky ledge going into the sea. Both parts of the beach are characterized by both a rocky shore and a lack of sand.

The sea water is crystal clear.

The length of the beach is 20 meters, and the width is 10 meters.

Setting up ships in the bay is recommended only in good weather, since the bay is open and there is a strong wind blowing.

Stairs lead from the road to the beach.

Coordinates of the beach: 39°28'53" N 2°43’53" E.

Further (to the south) along the coast lies a rather flat rocky coast, where I also rest and swim.

At the address: Passatge de les Dames 29, there is a restaurant "PANORAMICA PLAYA" with a panoramic terrace and a beach club with sun loungers and a swimming pool.

Next is Cap Alt beach or Calo Fred (Calonet des Cap Alt), which is a small rocky bay with cliffs and crystal clear sea water.

The length of the beach is 35 meters with an average width of 3 meters.

The Torrent de Cap Alt mountain stream flows into the sea through the beach, from which the territory of the Area Natural d'Especial Interès des Cap Enderrocat begins.

In the bay it is possible to anchor ships only in the presence of good weather; it is possible to approach close to the shore.

Stairs and a path lead from the road to the bay.

Coordinates of the beach: 39°28'48" N 2°43’42" E.

Further south along the coast there is a nature reserve and Cape Enderrocat (Cabo Enderrocat) on which there was a fort dating back to 1889 and being built right in the rocky formations of the cape. It was the largest of the Majorcan forts.

Today, the cape is accessible for walking and offers wonderful panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, the urbanization of Bellavista and the surrounding area.

The coast under the cape is rocky and flat. You can go down the stairs that run along the slope of the cape.

On the Cape there is a restaurant and a beach club with sun loungers and areas from the sun "Sea Club, Cap Rocat", and a luxurious 5-star hotel Cap Rocat, a Small Luxury Hotel of the World with a swimming pool and a sun terrace, a Spa area with a Hammam, a fitness centre, restaurants, bars, tennis courts, free Wi-Fi and rooms with a balcony, a Minibar and a swimming pool. Link to the hotel booking

Along the entire urbanization of Bellavista, above the sea line and beyond the rocky coast, there is a driveway with sidewalks, and residential buildings are located. Also in the urbanization there are shops, several cafes and accommodation facilities.

How to get to Bellavista: taxi; car; buses:

- from Palma: №№ 22 and 504; to C'Arenal: №№ 23, 25, 31, 501 and 502;

- from the airport: №№ A2 and A51 to S'Arenal, or through the center of Palma - first by bus number A1, and then to Son Veri.

Bellavista on the map

Where to stay in Bellavista

Holidays in Bellavista are preferred by those guests of the island of Mallorca who appreciate silence and privacy, as well as crystal clear sea waters.

Of the accommodation facilities in Bellavista and the surrounding area, these are mainly detached villas with gardens, terraces, swimming pools and all amenities. Some villas offer views of the coast and the sea.

From accommodation: Villa Bellavista with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, Villa Bellavista with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, Villa Lirica with 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, Villa Ecoll 4 bedroom, Villa Son Granada 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, Villa Can Minu with 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, holiday home Es Pí with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

All accommodation facilities on the island of Majorca, including in the urbanization of Bellavista and the surrounding area, can be view and book here booking

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