Parks in Budapest

In Budapest, on the pest side (Eastern part of the city on the Danube), there are small public gardens (e.g., Karoyskiy garden / Karolyi Kert), including the square with green areas and places for recreation where you can spend time to relax between sightseeing.

Also on the pest side, near the waterfront and close to Margaret bridge, a remarkable Olympia Park (Olimpia park) - small Park (a public space), which has a good Playground, small fountains and places to stay.

The Buda side (Western part of the city on the Danube), in the broad sense, can be attributed to a single green area, where the slopes of the hills, including mountains and Gellert Janos Hiking trails surrounded by nature.

Also on the Buda side there are: gardens of the Royal Palace, located on the slopes of Castle hill and the large green island of Obuda or Hidari / island-shipyard (Obudai-sziget, Hajogyari-sziget), is known primarily due to the large recreational areas, Playground with slides and high as the venue for the annual music festival "Sziget" (Sziget).

However, in the tourist center of Budapest it is possible to allocate two large parks with all conveniences:

- Margaret island (Margitsziget / Margit-sziget) - literally an island located on the Danube in Budapest.

Currently, the Margaret island is a leisure Park for the whole family, with cafes and restaurants, Seating areas, green areas with paths and alleys for walking, playgrounds and rides, and historical landmarks, a fountain, Japanese garden, water tower and mini zoo. Read more about Margaret island...

- Park Városliget-city Park (Varosliget, which means "city Park", "urban grove"), which is one of the most important, the largest and most visited parks in Budapest.

The Park was created beginning in 1751 and was one of the main places for the celebration of the Millennium of Hungary in 1896.

Park Varosliget is remarkable:

  • an artificial lake, which is spanned by several bridges. Along the lake are equipped with places for rest and walks, and in the lake there are a couple of small fountains. In summer lake can go boating or catamaran, and in winter an outdoor skating rink;

  • Vajdahunyad castle (Vajdahunyad vara), which is called the most romantic and one of the most beautiful castles in Budapest. The castle is a complex consisting of a group of buildings and objects of architectural combines some of the best buildings of the historical Hungary into a single eclectic Palace;

  • the Budapest zoo and Botanical garden (Fővarosi Allat - es Növenykert), which is the oldest zoo in Hungary and one of the oldest in the world. The zoo has over 1,000 animals and 2,000 plants from around the world;

We should also mention the following parks:

- People's Park (People's Park, Hungarian name: népliget / Nepliget), located to the South-East of the centre of the pest side and covering an area of 110 hectares (270 acres). The Park was founded to commemorate the 100 anniversary of the unification of pest, Buda and óbuda.

The Park is a popular and developed, it is rather an area of natural vegetation, a nook, as well as the location of the night club cheap (Liget Club) with 6 dance floors and different styles of music, an outdoor terrace and an exclusive VIP area;

- Museum-Park memento (memorial Park, Memento Park), located on the Buda side, outside of the tourist centre of Budapest, on the southern outskirts of the city.

The Park was established as a Museum under the open sky, project AKOS of Aleida and opened in 1993.

Quote of the architect of the project: "This Park is about dictatorship. And at the same time, because it is possible to speak, describe and build, it's about democracy. In the end, only democracy can give the opportunity to think freely about dictatorship."

In the Park of sculptures (monuments) of the Communist era between 1945 and 1989, including allegorical monuments of "Hungarian-Soviet friendship" and "liberation", as well as statues of famous figures of the labor movement and the soldiers of the red army. There are statues of Lenin, Marx and Engels, and several Hungarian Communist leaders.

Address Park Museum: 22nd district (southern Buda), Balatoni ut Szabadkai ut.

Website Park Museum: mementopark;

- water Park Aquaworld (AquaWorld) is the largest water entertainment area of Hungary, with both indoor (year-round) and outdoor (from may to October) areas, which are: 4-star resort hotel Aquaworld Resort Budapest is a Spa and fitness center, with swimming pool with thermal water, sauna, Hammam and gym.

Address of Park: Ives ut 16 (the Park is located on the Northern outskirts of the pest side).

The website of the Park: aquaworldresort.

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