Maxburg in Munich - Renaissance tower

Maxburg-Renaissance tower of the former Herzog-Max-Burg building (Renaissanceturm der ehemaligen Herzog-Max-Burg).

The tower is the only surviving part of the former residence of Duke Maximilian Philipp Hieronymus, Prince of Bavaria (17th century).

Originally Macksburg was built in the Renaissance style, by decree of the Bavarian Duke Wilhelm V the Pious in 1593-1597 years on the site of 54 town houses. The building had a chapel and was known as "Vilgelmovna West" (Wilhelminische Veste).

During the history the building was used by other members of the family of Wittelsbach and power.

During the Second world war the building was almost completely destroyed. In its place was built a complex of administrative and commercial buildings. The complex was named "New Maxburg" ("Neue Maxburg") and is considered one of the best buildings in the architecture of the 1950-ies.

The building with the adjoining tower are an ensemble and is located at the address: Pacellistrasse, 5 (Pacellistraße).

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