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Main tourist streets of Naples

In the centre of Naples, and beyond, lots of interesting streets and alleyways, which is something to see. In the historical centre of the city weaves tricky one street flows smoothly into another, while outside the "old city" streets are more than wide and long.

However, among this diversity, there are several the most popular and therefore most crowded and exciting streets of Naples.

The main tourist street of Naples

The Promenade Of Naples

More precisely, the quays of Naples - the streets along the coast are not only some of the most beautiful and popular, but also ideal for leisurely walks.

The quays of Naples originate from the small Marina, near Piazza Plebiscito and Park Malocello and stretch along the coast of the hill of Posillipo.

On the hill of Posillipo, along the coast, there are several open sites, situated on a hill which can be clearly seen: the coast, the Vesuvius, Bay of Naples and the surrounding area. In our opinion, the hill of Posillipo is the most green and picturesque place of the city. Read more about coast of Naples...

Street Spaccanapoli (Spaccanapoli) - which is not on the map

Spaccanapoli, a narrow street crossing the historical centre of Naples from the southwest to the northeast.

This street you won't find on the maps, officially it consists of several independent streets, smoothly flowing into one another. The total length of Spaccanapoli, the leaves about 2 kilometers.

The morning today is the invisible vein of the city; - the place where the main tourist routes in Naples and attractions - plenty of shops and souvenir stalls, cafes, small restaurants and taverns serving pasta and glorious. Read more about Spaccanapoli...

Street Duomo (Via Duomo)

Via Duomo also is located in the historical centre of Naples and crosses the street of Capodimonte. In addition to the historical significance of the street attracts attention, primarily because it is the Cathedral of Naples, better known as the Cathedral of St. Januarius (the modern name of the Cathedral of the assumption of St. Mary). Read more about the Cathedral...

Toledo Street (Via Toledo)

Via Toledo, the main artery of Naples, one of the busiest streets in the city. On the street and in close proximity to such, are a tourist route around Naples.

Along the street: the houses, churches, attractions, several small areas, an abundance of cafes, restaurants, eateries, as well as the most famous passage of the Naples - Galleria Umberto I hotels and apartments, shops and boutiques, as the world's most famous brands, and less recognizable.

Length of tour is approximately 1.3 miles. Via Toledo stretches from Piazza Trieste and Trento, near Piazza Plebiscito to Piazza Dante. Part of the street is closed to travel by public transport and is completely pedestrian. Read more about the streets of Toledo...

Street Of Naples (Via Toledo)

Via Chiaia is located in Naples's historic centre, in the district of San Ferdinando, near the square Plebiscito and Toledo street.

The length of the street Kiaya is about 600 meters away from Piazza Trieste and Trento to Piazza dei Martiri.

This pedestrian street closed to the passage of the main flow of public transport. At any time of the year in the street crowded on both sides of the ranks lined the building on the first floor where an abundance of shops, boutiques, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants, also has attractions, some hotels and guest houses. Read more about the street Chiaia...

Near the streets of Naples is no less interesting and elegant street: dei Mille (via dei Mille) and Santa Lucia (Via Santa Lucia).

Pedamentina (Via Pedamentina San Martino) - panoramic stairs

Street Pedamentina, the full name of Pedamentina San Martino - one of the streets of Naples, arousing particular interest among the guests of the city and itself a landmark, being located away from the main tourist routes in Naples.

Notable via Pedamentina first of all, that is a ladder, say, consisting of 414 steps, running along the slope of the Vomero hill and connecting the old centre of Naples with two sites: a former monastery Certosa di San Martino and the castle Sant'elmo.

The street is fully pedestrian, built many centuries ago. Some points of stairs panoramic views of Naples, part of the Gulf of Naples and the surrounding area. In good weather you can enjoy the delights of Vesuvius. For these reasons, the ladder Pedamentina is also called a panoramic staircase. At the top of the stairs is an observation deck. Read more about panoramic stairs Pedamentina...

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