Submarine "B-413", Kaliningrad (Museum of the World Ocean)

The submarine in Kaliningrad (Submarine B-413) is an original and unique museum vessel moored at the quay of the embankment of the Historical Fleet and part of the complex of objects of the Museum of the World Ocean of the city of Kaliningrad.

The submarine B-413 of Project 641 (Foxtrot according to the NATO classification) is the only one in the country and one of the few submarines in the world belonging to the pre-atomic period of the submarine fleet. The uniqueness of the boat also lies in the fact that it is preserved in its original form.

The robust and lightweight hull, superstructure, all main and auxiliary mechanisms, instruments and weapons appear before visitors in the same form as on the day of the ship's withdrawal from the Russian Navy.

The submarine "B-413" was launched and became part of the Soviet Navy in 1968. Until 1990, the boat was part of the Northern Fleet, later as part of the Baltic Fleet. In 2000 it was transferred to the Museum of the World Ocean.

Going down the ladder, we get into the bow torpedo compartment of the submarine

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We go further

A narrow corridor along which there are living compartments: the cabins of officers, commander, deputy commander and the mess room, which in emergency cases was the operating room.

Commander of the electromechanical combat unit

Cabin crew foremen


Diesel and electric engine compartments

Other photos of the submarine B-413 of the World Ocean Museum in Kaliningrad

Tactical and technical characteristics of the submarine B-413

The submarine has seven compartments: bow torpedo; bow battery and residential; central post; aft battery and residential; diesel; electric motor; aft torpedo and residential compartments.

In the second compartment there are cabins of the commander and officers, an officer's mess, a sonar cabin; in the fourth compartment there are cabins of officers and midshipmen, a cabin for petty officers, a galley; in the seventh compartment there are bunks for enlisted personnel, rescue equipment and an emergency hatch.

Practical information

Location of the museum submarine in Kaliningrad: embankment of the Historical Fleet of the Museum of the World Ocean, address: Peter the Great Embankment, 1, Kaliningrad.

A visit to the museum submarine in Kaliningrad: there are information tables in the compartments of the boat, plus an audio guide works. You can find out the time of excursions and the cost of tickets on the official website of the Museum of the World Ocean. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket offices of the Museum of the World Ocean.

Official website of the Museum of the World Ocean in Kaliningrad: world-ocean

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