State Collection of Antiquities, Munich (Staatlichen Antikensammlungen)

State Antiquities Collection is a museum in Munich that houses one of the most extensive collections of antiquities from Greek, Etruscan and Roman art in Germany.

State antique collection is part of a range of arts Munich - Museum quarter of Munich and the cultural center known outside of the city (in Bavaria and in Europe).

The Museum building, where the antique collection is located today, was built on the South side of the Royal square, architect Georg Friedrich Riblanda between 1838 - 1848 years in the Corinthian style of the temple by order of king Ludwig I of Bavaria.

Initially, the walls of the building had to pass the art and trade exhibition.

Between 1869 and 1872 years the building housed the Royal Antiquarium. From 1898 to 1912 Munich Secession. 1919 - New state gallery.

During the Second world war the building was destroyed. Then it was restored and reopened in 1967 as the Ancient meeting. The former name of the Museum - the Museum of ancient arts of small forms (Museum antiker Kleinkunst).

Today, the Museum building stands a columned portico with a triangular pediment, in which is depicted, including Bavaria with two lions. The Central part of the roof is decorated with Phoenix.

The collection of the State collections of antiquities goes back to the collection of antiquities of the dynasty of Wittelsbacher, and, in particular, to the personal collection of king Ludwig I.

The collections date back, including objects BC, and are of Greek, Etruscan and Roman art and household items. In particular: portraits, ceramics, vases, bronzes, terracottas, glass, jewelry and precious stones.

Practical information

State antique collection, Munich and is located in the city centre, on the Royal square (Königsplatz / Königsplatz), at the address: Königsplatz 1.

Museum hours, admission fees and conditions it is recommended to specify directly in front of the Museum visit on the official website.

The State antique collection: staatliche-antiken-sammlungen-muenchen.

P. S. On the opposite side of the State collections of antiquities (Royal square) is a Museum (Glyptothek), a Museum with a collection of ancient sculpture and glyptic, where Greek and Roman statues.

In fact, these two museums are located opposite each other, complement the collection of each other and in a broader sense, are one. More about Glyptotek...

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