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Sights of Blanes, Spain

Blanes is a town and popular resort in the Spanish Costa Brava.

Blanes attracts, as its sandy long beaches and small coves and attractions, each good in its own way.

Attractions Of Blanes. Where to go, what to see in Blanes

Rock Palomera CA (Sa Palomera)

Rock Palomera CA (Sa Palomera) - rock, part sea water and is a natural landmark and symbol of the city of Blanes.

Sa Palomera symbolizes the beginning of the Costa Brava. Before the rock is a metal arch known as the portal of the Costa Brava (Blanes Portal de La Costa Brava).

On the cliff is equipped observation deck, which offers views of the coast of Blanes, part of Blanes and sea water. Read more about rock Sa Palomera...

The fishermens quarter (Barri de s'auguer)

Quarter of fishermen - the so-called traditional historical town of Blanes, which originally lived fishermen and sailors.

The quarter is a typical Mediterranean building, lots of cafes and restaurants.

The neighbourhood along the Eastern coast of the centre of Blanes and is now the center of tourist life of the city.

Sea port of Blanes (Port de Blanes)

Port de Blanes is a popular destination in the city. The port is located at the foot of the hill, in the Eastern part of coast, the centre of Blanes, where it borders Playa de Blanes.

Near the port is remarkable building from the late 30-ies.

In the port, Monday through Friday, during the second half of the day there are fish auctions.

Berths the harbour yachts are moored in the port has a yacht club, rental boat. Near the harbour there is a car Park for car rental in Spain...

Along the port there are plenty of cafes and restaurants.

The Promenade Of Blanes

Embankment, or the promenade of Blanes - long sea Boulevard, which is one of the main places for walks and recreation among locals and visitors alike.

The length of the promenade of Blanes is more than 3 kilometers. A promenade runs from East of the port of Blanes, then runs along the Central beach de Blanes and to the Western end of the beach'abanell.

Along the waterfront: places to stay; bars, cafés and restaurants; shops, refreshment stands, ice cream and beverages, children's playgrounds, fountains, sculptures and monuments. Read more about the promenade of Blanes and its attractions...

The castle complex San Juan

The castle of San Juan or Saint John castle (Castell de Sant Joan de Blanes) - a historical monument, one of the main attractions and a symbol of Blanes.

The castle was built in the 13th century. Currently, the castle remained only the tower and part of the wall.

Before warping the towers of the castle of San Juan is a small white chapel of St. John (Ermita de Sant Joan Baptista de).

Is a castle complex on the summit of the hill of San Juan and it is well seen from many points of Blanes and the surrounding area. Also near the castle is the observation deck, which offers the city's best views of Blanes itself, the surrounding area and the sea. Read more about the castle of San Juan...

The complex of Santa Barbara (i Ermita torre de Santa Bàrbara)

The architectural complex of Santa Barbara is a complex of buildings consisting of a chapel of the 12th century (documented in the 14th century), built in the Romanesque style, houses hermit and the defence tower of the 16th century.

The complex is situated on top of a hill, near the castle of San Juan.

The Capuchin monastery (El Convent de Blanes)

The monastery was built in 1853 and since historic times, considered to be one of the privileged places on the Costa Brava.

In the walls of the building was once a monastery but now is a protected structure, where the conduct banquets, events and events.

Is the former monastery on top of a hill, surrounded by vegetation, near the port and the beach of Santa Anna.

Near the monastery there is a Playground, with views of part of Blanes, the port and the sea.

Marimurtra Botanical garden (Jardin Botanic Marimurtra)

This is one of the most important Botanical gardens in Europe, where you can see over 3000 species of exotic plants.

Marimurtra was created by Carl Faust almost a hundred years ago.

Garden Marimurtra is located on the coast, about 550 metres from the centre of Blanes, entrance from the street de Carles Faust (Passeig de Carles Faust). The entrance ticket costs 7 Euros.

Botanical garden Pinya de Rosa (Jardin Pinya de Rosa)

Tropical garden, located on the coast, was founded in 1945 by Ferran rivière de Carlton known industrial engineer.

In the garden currently consists of 7 000 species of plants, including one of the most interesting collections of cacti in Europe.

The garden is located on the Eastern outskirts of Blanes, at a distance of about 3 kilometers from the city centre. The entrance ticket costs 4 Euros.

The Church of Santa Maria (Iglesia de Santa Maria)

The parish Church of the 14th century in the Gothic style that once belonged to the complex of the Palace of the viscounts of Cabrera (Palau de vescomtal cadrera), which nowadays is preserved only the exterior walls.

During the history the Church was reconstructed from original parts left: the belfry and the main door of the 15th century.

The complex is situated in the historical center of Blanes in the Church square (Plaça Església).

Church of our lady of Hope (Capella de La Santa)

Hope chapel is a small Church, the first documentary evidence of which belong to the 17th century.

The Church has a single nave, divided into three sections separate the arches.

The walls of the chapel are statues of St. Elmo, St. Anthony the Great and St. Anthony of Padua.

Chapel is situated in the centre of Blanes, near the port, on Carrer de l Esperança, 67.

Gothic fountain (Font Gòtica /Gothic fountain)

Gothic fountain or Font Gothic fountain, built in the Gothic style, which is considered a unique example of Catalan heritage and is one of the symbols of the city.

The fountain of octagonal shape was built in the 15th century by order of the viscountess of Cabrera and producers Guild of wool.

The fountain has three levels, decorated with various elements, including images of gargoyles. The Central part of the fountain is decorated with the family crest Cabrera.

Behind the fountain, with his right hand, stands the theatre of Blanes (Teatre de Blanes) opened in 2003.

Located fountain and theatre in the centre of Blanes, Carrer Ample, 26.

The arched vaults on the street Ample (Voltes del Carrer Ample)

The arches represent the three stone arches (the remains of medieval buildings, restored in the 1950-ies) built into the existing urban structure. The two side arches located on the first floor of the two houses, and the third, medium is a part of the street and the aisle.

Above the Central arch is a niche dedicated to the local Holy Bones and Maximii, which includes two painted palm trees, flashlight, range saints and the date.

The portal of the virgin (Volta de la Verge Maria)

Arch, in the old days served as the Northern entrance to the walled Blanes.

Above the arched passage set in a niche of the virgin. This niche is one of the largest in Blanes. Has a glass protection, is decorated with two lights on the arched frame with moldings and pilasters. Niche forms the upper part of the medieval gate and connects the two buildings separated by a street virgin.

House Miralbell (Can Miralbell)

The building of the 18-19 centuries, located on broad street Ample and is a four-story structure, decorated with painted floral motifs and decorative elements.

On the upper floor is a row of seven arched Windows. On the ground floor - commercial premises.

House Oren (Casa Orench)

The building of 1926 is not only one of the most beautiful historic buildings of Blanes, but also a vivid example of the creativity of the architect Francesc Forgery.

This two-story structure with a covered terrace is located on the street Ample. On the ground floor is a pastry shop.

The Plaza of Spain and street Centre (Plaça Espanya, Passeig de Dintre)

The Plaza de españa and the prospect Centre - the second most popular in the centre of Blanes, after a promenade, a place for walking and recreation, which is a zone with a length of just over 200 meters, along which historical architectural monuments, places to stay, shops, apartments, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants with tables under the open sky. Read more about the Plaza of Spain and street Dintre...

In addition to the listed buildings (houses) in Blanes are also other buildings which are historical and architectural attractions. For example, the house of Ballio (Can Balliu), house Saladrigas (Casa Saladrigas) and the house of Rogelio Puig (Can Rogelio Puig).

Art gallery arcade game (L Arcada Galeria d'art)

The gallery was opened in 1991 and is a Museum of art, which hosts various exhibitions.

Gallery address: Passeig de Dintre, 11.

The area of Mare de DEU del Vilar (Plaça Mare de Déu del Vilar)

A small colorful square is located near the beach of Sa; One, surrounded by low buildings painted in bright colors.

On the same square there is a restaurant and cafe, located near the Sagrada Familia parish (Parròquia Sagrada Família). Read more about'abanell beach, Sa...

The Francesca chapel (Ermita de Sant Francesc)

A small chapel of rectangular plan with a single nave and a square apse and a bell tower over the front door.

To our days the ruins of the building, adjacent to the Northern part of the chapel.

A chapel on a hill near the beach of Sant Francesc or Cala bona. Near the chapel there is an observation deck. Read more about the beach of Sant Francesc...

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