Shop of merchants Eliseevs, Saint Petersburg (Eliseevsky shop)

The Yeliseyev Merchants ' Shop (Yeliseyevsky Shop) is a historic and one of the most impressive buildings in the center of St. Petersburg.

Full name: The house of the trade association "Brothers Eliseev". The building is also known as the "house of Merchants Eliseev" store.

The building is a monument of early Art Nouveau architecture and within its walls today there is a shop of merchants Eliseev and a theater.

The building is also included in the list of city attractions and adorns Nevsky Prospekt-one of the most visited streets of the city.

The building was built in 1902-1903 on the site of the former house, designed by architect Gavriil Vasilyevich Baranovsky for the store of colonial goods of the trade association "Brothers Eliseev". The Yeliseyevs are a dynasty of merchants, entrepreneurs, and public figures.

The location for the construction was not chosen by chance - the intersection of Nevsky Prospekt and Malaya Sadovaya Street, was, and is, a prestigious and lively point of commerce, culture and walking in the center of St. Petersburg.

The store successfully sold fresh fruit, overseas wines, and colonial goods.

In addition to the store in the building, directly above the sales hall, there is a theater hall "Nevsky Farce" with a parterre and balconies. The theater in the building, as well as the store, still exists today.

The shop of the Yeliseyev merchants is adjacent to the neighboring buildings with two facades, and on the southern and western sides - the store is open to Nevsky Prospekt and Malaya Sadovaya Street.

The style of the entire building is modern with elements of eclecticism and classicism.

The building has large windows and powerful pylons, and its facades are richly decorated with sculptures, plant elements, ornaments and openwork lattice.

The main facade of the house, facing Nevsky Prospekt, has the appearance of a large arch, which is the focus of the composition.

West facade of the building

Special attention in the design of the facades of the building is attracted by four bronze allegorical sculptural compositions made by the Estonian sculptor A. G. Adamson. The sculptures represent the main themes of human civilization: "Industry", "Trade", " Art " and "Science".

Each theme is represented by a male or female figure with a boy sitting next to it and the corresponding attributes:

- "Industry" - an allegory of shipbuilding and the latest achievements in architecture, represented by the figure of a craftsman in an apron, holding a model of a ship;

- "Trade" - depicts the god Mercury, the patron saint of profit and wealth. At the feet of Mercury, an anchor is placed-a symbol of the conquest of the sea routes. The anchor was not an accidental symbol for the merchant dynasty of the Eliseevs - in order to maintain the volume of wine transportation, which the port of St. Petersburg could not cope with, the Eliseevs bought ships, founded their own merchant fleet and shipping company;

- "Science" and "Art" are depicted in female forms. Science holds a pen and a notebook, and art holds a palette.

Interior of the shop of merchants Eliseev

In the interior of the shop of the merchants Eliseevs, the canon of the Art Nouveau style is preserved-there are no straight lines.

Once inside, visitors enter a world of floral motifs, oak counters and mirrors.

An ornament in the form of golden sunflowers is scattered on the ceiling and makes up the decor of a small balcony on the second floor. The arched shape of the balcony follows the top of the huge mirror, which doubles the space of the store and is illuminated by many lamps. Previously, this balcony led to the reception room and the office of Grigory Eliseev.

In the middle of the hall there is a small coffee shop.

Also, the center of the store hall is decorated with a huge pineapple palm, which has appeared in the store since 2012 and represents a reference to the beginning of the Eliseevs ' trading activities, when they focused on exotic fruits.

From the very opening of the Yeliseyevsky store, from 10 am, "live music" is played in the hall from a mechanical piano that "plays by itself".

Today, it is a store of elite products, where guests are offered sweets, cheeses, pastries, cakes, sweets, cakes, drinks, alcohol, spices, caviar, fish delicacies, olives and other delicacies.

Photo of the shop window of the merchants Yeliseyevs

Theater in the house of merchants Eliseev

The building also houses the St. Petersburg Comedy Theater named after N. P. Akimov.

You can buy tickets for the performances on the official website of the theater or at the box office of the theater located directly in the building.

Practical information

The shop of the Yeliseyev merchants is located in the center of St. Petersburg, opposite the Catherine Square and the Alexandrinsky Theater (now the Russian State Academic Drama Theater named after A. S. Pushkin), near the Anichkov Palace and the Public Library, the Bolshoi Gostiny Dvor and the Passage.

Address of the shop of the merchants Eliseevs and the Comedy Theater of N. P. Akimov: Nevsky Prospekt, 56.

Website of the merchant Eliseevs store: kupetzeliseevs.

Website of the N. P. Akimov Comedy Theater: akimovkomedia.

The nearest metrostations are Gostiny Dvor and Nevsky Prospekt.

Entrance to the store and theater from Nevsky Prospekt

Not far from the shop of the Yeliseyev merchants, at the address: Nevsky Prospekt 15, there is a former house-palace of Chicherin, which during the history also belonged to the Yeliseyev family, by order of which the house was completely restored.

Today, the house is home to the Talion Imperial Club Hotel, and tours of the historic halls of the former mansion are conducted. Read more about the house of Chicherin (Yeliseyevs)...

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